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Welcome to the ensure you Oklahoma, all original content podcasts because chase homes, uh, we are driving in the car, my partner and I, Home Insurance Tulsa I’m not 101st street in Tulsa over to the legacy financial office. There are no better wealth managers in town and legacy financial and I highly recommend you talk to mark Morley, you know, it was more about money than most people will ever know and are collective life. So oakmont estates and Kendall Parker right here. He’s in a beautiful office at 101st and Yale were just headed down a 111 and people are starting to be at Redeemer Church and stopping to talk and cause a traffic jam. People go into the church, going to understand the concept of signal break term. They think it’s brake signal turn and of course we all know is not. So anyway, I’m coming up on the beach and then I’m gonna stop and get something from the office.

There’s a walgreens here. Anyway, we just helped a nice couple this afternoon, save thousand dollars by switching their coverage from where they are today with liberty mutual to allstate. We switched her auto insurance, save quite a bit, switched her home insurance also saved me even more happy with a thousand dollars of savings. I’m here to tell you, but whenever you saying some of the grants, they tend to be happy people, happy people leave school reviews and happy people, uh, make good clients. So going by guaranteed rate and cooper medical. I’m building right now and available. I wonder what’s available. Anyway, beautiful building. I’m headed down South Gail. Now. Look at all these beautiful south Tulsa homes except for those ones with the wood shake. You do not want wood shake roofs. It’s just a big claim waiting to happen. And builders put on crappy 10 shingles. Home Insurance Tulsa so there are two.

They just get torn apart like 12 terrible. There’s a nice home right there. I know the doctor that lives there and I’ll tell you what, when they replaced that, they’ll go to composite shingles. There’s another would shake. It doesn’t even look that create after it all fades. You know, it gets wrinkled and gray. It’s not that great. It’s not sexy. But, uh, if you have wood shake on your roof, chances are getting old enough where it’s not going to be covered by your home insurance salsa. Home Insurance Tulsa what you need to do is start shopping for better insurance or replace. That would shake. All you have to do is they’ll just put down decking and then they’ll put on asphalt shingles for you. Here we are at the legacy financial office. South Yale guys know what they’re doing. I’ve never been happier in my life with all performance back in just a minute. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The Democrats, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, republican middle class. Anyone who isn’t sick of politics by now I’m not saving people money, working hard, give them the service and support that they deserve and they want. And they expect from a good independent insurance agency representing only a plus companies. So when it comes to the finest and home insurance, salsa, the finance and insurance service, white glove, what’s his name’s house for sale.

His name anyway, when it comes to any of that call at nine, one, eight, three, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, and we will get back to you as soon as you can with a quote or at least an answer to your question. That’s the kind of white glove service we, uh, that we guarantee we provide. So here I am turning left on a hot dog, but anyway, so anyway, there’s the villages of Tuscany, my friend Tracy and Steve just bought a brand new house over here. They’re thrilled with it tonight house. It’s closer in and where they were way out. Tracy’s going to move forever. Steve. TREX feet. I’m not so sure that she didn’t just buy the house and then tell them they were moving and then tell them where the house was. Hip on moving. Home Insurance Tulsa , Judge Linda Morris. Geese in the field.

Anyway, again, back to why we’re here talking about home insurance and ensure you won’t Tahoma we have ofsted, Mogi and Tulsa if you are looking for, if you’re looking for, uh, the best insurance coverage, the best at the right price, you’d call it Fomo. If you need a mortgage for a new house, you call Steve Currington and total lending concepts. And if you need a good real occur, you call Aaron Butler, we got you covered. That’s covered on Steve Currington can get you the best mortgage because he knows the best places to get money. At Oklahoma, we represent five different increments rating companies to get you the best coverage at the best price. That’s not some fly by night company, the Department of Insurance for. So when it comes to home insurance, also the most expensive thing you’ll probably ever buy.

You need to talk to someone that you know, like, and trust. We have all name brand companies, founders over 27 years experience in insurance and financial services business. He also owns a wealth management firm. So you’re talking to an experienced person. He’s a certified financial planner, which is a big deal. So anyway, a lot of, for some reason I’m at an intersection and everyone’s in white cars and these lights do not work. Why are there red left turn Arrow lights? Why should you not turn left if the light in front of you is green, but there’s the left Red Arrow and there’s no cars coming and you’re still not supposed to go. There’s a red arrow. I don’t do what I do. Look around. Make sure there’s no cops going through it, that that Arrow should never be red, yellow, or here’s an idea. It shouldn’t exist. Home Insurance Tulsa There’s guys at life church, that’s our church Wednesday afternoon probably should go today anyway, driven by a thousand houses.

These are all how to ensure we want all of these homes. We want to ensure there is room for everyone unfortunately won’t pick the best, so just pick some fly by night company or some code or some captive agent for their home insurance salsa and that’s too bad because that captivating, so they’re going to shop one policy for you and a or one company and you’re going to get their price and they’re going to try to low ball it by stripping away coverages or as as sure you Oklahoma, we don’t do that. We make sure you get the best price, but I do work with captains on different things. They like to give me referrals when they can’t do things that I throw them a bone every once in a while, but you know, let’s face it, a independent wealth management, independent insurance benefits, one person, mostly consumer. It benefits you because you don’t have an agent that stuck with one company or agent can do what’s best for you. So for the bed in insurance, for our eliminating red tape, from getting your mortgage, from saving money because you haven’t shopped your insurance in awhile, you don’t need to keep your agent, your insurance company on at home or go to Home Insurance Tulsa. Till next time. This was podcast went on one.