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Good morning, good morning, good morning. It is 10:00 in the morning on a Saturday and we just got an email from a client who originally wanted Home Insurance Tulsa insurance, a quote for us from us and saying that we couldn’t beat her auto insurance premium because they had been with their company for so long and no one could ever beat it. Well, boom, guess what? We got the best home insurance talks to rate for her and then we also picked up the uh, auto insurance with the same company because if you have auto insurance and home insurance and just doesn’t make sense to him with you. Different companies, it’s going gonna cost you more than the companies want. Have both of them together and they give you large discounts to do it because clients are, have auto and home together, have good home insurance and auto insurance also, um, as better loss ratios. In other words, they have less claims and they stick with their agent longer. And customers who have loyalty, who will put both cars together as a stick with one agent and they liked that agent for the advice they give our better clients and have less claims and they pay on time. They don’t like apps, they’re just good solid client. And so that’s what insurance companies want and that’s why they’re willing to bundle auto insurance and Home Insurance Tulsa.

So, uh, this is also our second client in a week from Glenpool overall are very happy about that. Love, Love, love our, uh, clients and friends and Glenpool, great community. Just south of Tulsa, great community for Home Insurance Tulsa Some were we, uh, we write a lot of home insurance costs and Glenpool, uh, it’s a nice little town. And so we’re going to keep prospecting and looking for clients. They’re, uh, some of the other things that we’ve been talking about this week are a golf. And what happens on the golf course when you injure someone or damaged property now at the oaks country club and Tulsa, uh, these people built a home right on the price behind the green. I’m the sixth hole par three. Now what I mean, it’s crazy crazy that they’re so close to the black house wondering how that works with the only order, some food here. So yeah, I want to order a scrambled egg and one sausage and a, a medium coffee with two creams and a small black car.

No, no, thank you. Thank you. So we’re. Where are we? And these people built the house there and they parked their cars just on the other side. Well it’s 129 yard par three. So I mean if someone gets ahold of something it’s just going to go right over and smashed her windshield or hit the house or do they have a basketball net there and it could hit the people. It could, it could hit people playing basketball. Hang on. What is that? How much? All right. Where were we? Um, my eggs and my share. But we were talking about the people who built the House on the sixth hole at the oaks country club. It’s just beyond the green and a little. Not much privacy, but anyway, they parked their cars right there and there were houses right there. Of course when you go, folks can do a lot of damage to a house or two cars or to people as they’re playing basketball. Kids, Home Insurance Tulsa they can definitely get hurt if they’re playing and someone hit the golf ball, goes over there. In fact, we were playing golf there one day and the guy I was playing with hit a ball over the fence and there was little girls there and they were fighting and golf balls and selling them to people. So for a dollar a piece and she went and got his ball and sold it for a dollar.

Told what happens if you have, if you are playing golf and you hit a ball and you break a windshield, well that’s actually covered on your home insurance policy covered on your home insurance policy. If you break a windshield while you’re playing golf or you do damage to someone else’s property is covered on your home policy so you can get ahold of the person. Uh, you can leave a note on the windshield, whatever. But I would almost think in this case, as the insurance company will say, no, you kind of set yourself up for it. I don’t, I don’t know, maybe it’d be shared liability and there’ll be some on the comprehensive part of the auto insurance also. But for Home Insurance Tulsa at, that’s what your liability coverage cover. If you are liable for damage to someone else or someone else’s property, well not driving a vehicle, then you’re covered for that.

If you hit someone, if you break a windshield, if you, uh, if you’re playing on the golf course by a road and you missed and you hit a car and caused an accident that is covered on your home insurance tells her liability coverage. If you don’t have enough of it, then you’re responsible for the rent and Home Insurance Tulsa, we’d like to put $300,000 in liability. Unfortunately, most people like to go with less because they see his wing, it saves money. It’s literally a way to say 12 or $15 a year. But people still do. And they’ll go with just $100,000 liability anyway, APP for home insurance. That’s just one of the other benefits of having that policy naming a good volunteer with one of the eight plus a preferred companies that we represent. A, we’re not a substandard shop. We’re not a fucking shop.

We don’t write crap insurance, we’re just not interested in it. We write good coverage for people and we want to make sure that they have the right coverage in place. And you know, good clients are ones that aren’t going to leave and they, they pay their bills on time, they don’t let them lapse. Fergus not interested in working with people who might have a, you know, issues like that. And there was another independent agency that, right. All that stuff. It’s just not us and there’s nothing wrong with those people, but we just want to make sure we’re building a good solid book of business with good, responsible insurance people. So we do a lot of subjective underwriting, a lot of field underwriting before we write a policy and the we want to make. We’ll always make sure that we’re ensuring good rest, a good risks, you know, include homeowners that have no pride of ownership and a will pay their Home Insurance Tulsa bill on time, or maybe they have their Home Insurance Tulsa premium escrowed.

So the insurance company, a mortgage company pays it every year. We liked that as ideal, but anyway, when it comes to home insurance, if you’re a good risk, if you’re a preferred risk, we want you, we want you to be our clients and we want you to experience the white glove service that you’ve never experienced before from an independent or any insurance. You know, for years insurance companies, insurance agency have existed on the premise of you need that and you have to have insurance or you have to go to that well and ensure you Oklahoma. We don’t look at it that way. We look at it as we need you and we want to provide you with the best coverage at the best price for providing the best service that we can. We need you. We want you. We are here to serve you at and ensure you Oklahoma for the best and Home Insurance Tulsa. Call your friendly white club agent at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one year zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one, and we are happy to help you. Thank you. Have a great day. We’ll talk to you soon. On the next podcast, the insurer, you Oklahoma podcast.