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All right, good morning and welcome to the all original content, ensure you Oklahoma podcast. I’m Mark Morley and today’s podcast is brought to you by progressive insurance companies. Last night I had a lady, her name was betty and she needed home insurance and auto insurance and we were able to help betty out and pay for a bunch of money already is a, a woman in her sixties and she had a new buick and she was just paying way too much where she was. So we were able to help her out and get her a great price on a her auto insurance. So thank you. Progressive Insurance. And Betty, I’m so excited that you’ve become one of our clients. Uh, you will not regret it. You will, Home Insurance Tulsa uh, you will love our white glove service that we provide all of our clients we make, we get people to be customers and we make them clients and friends based on our white glove service.

So when it comes to home insurance, salsa, if you want a cheap policy for your closing, you go right ahead and buy cheaply and then you will regret it at claim time because you had an agent that wasn’t professional, doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and just put something in place because they wanted to sell a policy well and ensure you Oklahoma. We don’t do that. We will get you the best home insurance policy we can for the money and there won’t be surprises at claim time because you are going to know what you have. Isn’t that refreshing advice rather than a salesman trying to sell you something to make a commission. Now, don’t get me wrong, we get, we’re compensated. Home Insurance Tulsa The more clients we help the federal work compensated or we do it the right way, we do it by helping clients get the right coverage in place in their home insurance culture, especially new homeowners.

It is especially refreshing when we have new homeowners and they’re very. Their pride about owning their first home and we get them the coverage they need and they can sleep well at night knowing that when they got their home, when they got their new home, that it’s going to be covered if something should have good, something catastrophic. So that sort of home insurance closest for, you know, a lot of young people look at them first mortgage and they see 360 month. I’m paying a mortgage month after month after month and that’s a lot of money pay. You’re paying for a house, don’t you want to make sure that it’s covered correctly, don’t you want the best home insurance? And also of course, you know, I may look at two or three or four different companies for my client and then when it comes right down to it, Home Insurance Tulsa we don’t always go with the CISA.

We go with the best insurance is cheap Sushi I recommended against it. It may be good. You may be happy when you buy it like, uh, a few hours or a few years later. Or are you going to regret it? Going with a young, inexperienced agents is going to give you the same result if you have a young, inexperienced agent and they don’t know what they’re doing and they just tried to cut some corners and reduce your price, they only reduced price or taken away, and the young inexperienced agents who are not advisors, who are not able to tell you what you need and advise you properly, all they want to do is sell a policy, validates or contract well and ensure you Oklahoma. We don’t do that and ensure you Oklahoma. We’re going to get you the right home insurance policy that you need for you. Mr Mrs. Homeowner for you, Mr and Mrs.

Client for you, Mr and Mr. client that are buying a house together, we want to sit down with you and make sure you have the right coverage from the right carrier. Speaking of carriers, we only represent a plus rated carriers. Why is this important? Well, the a plus rating refers to their financial strength and their ability to pay a claim when needed. So if there’s a catastrophe, these companies can still pay their claim because they have enough in reserve now when it comes to home insurance policy, and the last thing you want is some company that, uh, if something big happens, they can’t pay their claims because they don’t have enough reserves or they don’t settle their claims correctly because they don’t have enough money or they’re not as financially solvent at an a frustrated company. So what you want to do, make sure you get with the guys down there and ensure you Oklahoma.

Give him a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And get the right home insurance coverage for the price. Make sure you’re getting value, not cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap. You know, you don’t want a cheap, uh, you don’t want cheap healthcare. You don’t go to the cheapest doctor, you want the best doctors. And the same thing is true when your home insurance, as I drive by this beautiful home with a huge rush, I hope they have the right home insurance because that’s big, beautiful home needs to be covered correctly, not cheap. And that’s what an advisor can gain. They can give you the best advice for what you need. Now, Home Insurance Tulsa in a couple of podcasts, go, we talked about what you don’t need on a home insurance policy or what we talked about, what you do need the policy. And now we’re going to talk about what you don’t.

If you live on a hill. And uh, there was no flood plain. You don’t need flood insurance if you live, um, you know, somewhere where there’s no earthquakes, there haven’t been, you don’t need earthquake coverage. You can buy these coverages and it will provide you coverage. But what are the chances of ever having a claim? What you need to do is assess your, uh, they assessed the situation and make sure you’re having the right coverage that you need. And you don’t pay for something you don’t need. The other thing you might not need his identity theft coverage. Now a lot of insurance companies offer that, but you know a lot of people have it through other means as well, Home Insurance Tulsa so that would be an overlapping coverage that you have that you might not need both of them and that’s something you don’t have to pay for it, so it can save you some money on your home insurance.

Also, if you’re buying a new home or you’re buying a, if you’re a first time home buyer. A lot of the companies, a lot of these realtors and salespeople and companies, developers that develop and build home are they provide a warranty policy for your appliances and for the home for things that can go wrong, well why would you need a warranty policy from an insurance company added to your policy if you already have that from someone else? Now it could just be $30 a year, but hey, that’s $30 a year. That’s 250 or $2 and fifty cents a month. There was a cup of coffee at starbucks, so we don’t want that overlapping coverage. Now on the flip side, we also want to make sure that we have the coverages that we need. If, um, if some pump and sewer backup is an extra cost on your policy and you don’t have it, that could represent a hole in your program as a whole in your program can cost you a lot because it’s something that’s not covered that you might think it, and if that’s not added on the policy, then you wouldn’t have covered for it.

So I think that’s something that you want to add, but the thing to do is talk to your professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma Nine, one, eight, three, two, two 71, zero, zero, or go to their website, ensure you oklahoma.com. Click on the get a quote button and put all the information in there and your professional insurance agent will get back to you quickly and be able to help you with that. A home insurance policy that policy a year. You won’t regret talking to these guys. Home Insurance Tulsa They say as servant leaders, they help their clients get what they need and usually that’s the best home insurance policy that you provide.

It’s also gets back to timing. You know what insurance companies don’t like to see as you trying to time when to have insurance and whatnot. This is not saved you money. It prevents you from getting coverage or prevent you from getting a discount. You need to have continuous insurance coverage year round, you know, just buy it in the spring. Winter can be storms in Oklahoma, you buy eight year Robin. You might have a fire or something else could happen at your house. So this is Mark Morley, signing off of the insure you Oklahoma or original content podcast this week, brought to you are today brought to you by progressive insurance. Give us a call at nine. One eight, three Juju, 71 June. I want to see if we can help you out with progressive insurance. Until next time, Adios.