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Alright, okay, good morning. Ola Guten Morgen a welcome to the podcast or blog post 73 for the insurer. You, Oklahoma, a Home Insurance Tulsa. All original content blog posts. Today we are talking about getting the right insurance and the right coverage for our clients when they’re buying a new home. And why is it important to make sure you have the right home insurance? Also when you’re buying a new home? Well, you know, when you’re buying a new home next to usually a reason why people look and shop for insurance because other than that, people are usually pretty happy with their home insurance policy, even if they’re not a regularly checking, the rates are shopping around, which they should every two to three years. That’s a good trigger when you buy a house. And so if you’re buying a house and uh, you’re not shopping, you never know because different companies and different advocates when it comes to risk and ensure you Oklahoma, we look at six different companies for your own insurance calls the need.

And so we can discover, we can find out which company has the right appetite for it rather than just being stuck with some captive agent who has a, one company is shopping, maybe it’s good, maybe it’s not, maybe it’s mediocre, but shouldn’t you expect the best, especially when it comes to your, your home and your Home Insurance Tulsa. So, uh, the other thing is if you haven’t shopped you raised in a couple of years and a year rates keep going up and you haven’t had claims, you’re wondering, Hey, what the heck? I’m in this insurance for five years now. I’ve never had a claim and my rates have gone up. Fifty percent, 50 percent. That’s what a lot of them have gone up. So, uh, you know what, here’s my advice. Shop the insurance shop, the agent. And if you’re within the independent agency or isn’t taking the time and effort shopping for you, you need to shop the new agency.

If you’re with a captive company and they’ve been shopped you, which they can, and yet you need to shop them as well. So give us a call at ensure you Oklahoma. Now you, one, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, 55 old one. And let us go to work for you. Let us work for you and ensure you Oklahoma. When it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa we ascribed to provide white glove service. What is white glove service? White glove services. Returning a phone call within an hour and a providing fast accurate quotes with top value in mind. That’s not cheap, but it’s cheap. It’s cheap coverage. It’s she premium for exceptional coverage. We want, we don’t want cheap insurance, that’s for sure. We want good insurance at a good price. You know, you wouldn’t know except the jeep, bungee jumping.

She wouldn’t shop, bungee jumping based on who’s the cheapest or you wouldn’t shop a. all right. We’re, we’re, we’re, we’re talking about, uh, you know, you wouldn’t shop. Parachute jumping by the cheapest because she was a frightening experience. A bungee jumping. She might be because it’s not a good bungee. Cheap Sushi might be because it’s been sitting on the shelf and they want to get rid of it. So the movement they market now. But cheap insurance is the same thing, cheap insurance crap and bad insurance. Uh, you know, if a, if a company is buying the market and providing real cheap insurance and you don’t, um, and, and they’re getting a whole bunch of clients, well what’s going to happen is there’s going to be claims and all of a sudden they’re going to Jack. The rates are high and then they started cutting and coverages and cutting class.

And that’s not what you want. Uh, we want to be with a good company that provides good service and at a good price and it’s consistent. Now that doesn’t mean that we want to string too much for insurance. Just the opposite. We never want to do that. So when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa when you’re, if you’re getting a new mortgage or a new house, congratulation, you need a new coverage or you should always shop your coverage. Where the guy yesterday said, you know, I liked my agent, but I just came in and I don’t know if I’m getting the best deal or great. That’s the only opportunity we need to help and provide the best coverage we can and we can prove ourselves in that process by providing white glove service to our clients and prospects service that they don’t expect for, have never received from an insurance agent, will actually ensure you will call my for the best and the home insurance door to go to ensure you oklahoma.com.

Go to a and, and check us out. Check out our google reviews and see how many people we made an MP in the past. Jack Out, uh, or give us a call at nine. One eight, three, two 7,100 or four. Oh, five, three, two through 40 5:55. Oh one. And as we pull up to the office today, we have appointments to help fly in and save them money and get them the best you can. So we’re going to continue this podcast. All right. Where was I? We were talking about home insurance. Uh, just help the great lady, a carer with her auto and home insurance. And she thought she goes, I know you’re. Oh my God. Here we go again. Before I was rudely interrupted, when the phone of, hey, we’re helping karen who lives down in Glenpool and she thought for their own good, but I don’t, I can’t move my auto’s over, so she wasn’t going to get the home disco on for the auto insurance because she’d been with this company for like six years.

No one can do better. There’s great. Well, you know what I’m hearing date, we did better. We saved her a bunch of money at her own insurance, Home Insurance Tulsa stalter by $600 a year and then we ensure autos for right by what she’s saying now. So it’s a whole package. We save her $50 a month at $600 a year. We saved her a lot of money for a young family. We’re really proud and happy that when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa, we can shop the best coverage for our client. We got a replacement cost coverage under her roof because we’re only a year old and got her better coverage on, uh, on the rest of the property. Is replacement cost coverage on the home place of cost coverage on the personal property? Uh, same barrels on the personal property and greg have a loss on the home, which is great.

So Kara and won and the coverage that they want and we’re saving them money. I’m just thrilled about it. There’s just nothing better than staying late to get some work done and helping them plan for their home insurance cost, saving them some money and making them happy and you know, that’s cashing checks and breaking that fat is, that is awesome. That is helping people. That’s what we do. And ensure you Oklahoma, if you want to be part of this revolution, if you want to be part of the wave of, you know, good insurance for the price and no longer just having the man telling you what kind of coverage you need and tell you what you have to pay some high overpriced. Then you need to get with, ensure you Oklahoma, a, call us for your Home Insurance Tulsa need for home insurance officer and we’ll take care of that first.

And then we’ll take care of the auto and the life and whatever else should need. But we are here to help. We’re here to make our clients happy, saves the money, and provide white glove service. That means returning calls and getting quotes for people. We know that the number one complaint of our insurance agent is that they don’t call back well. We do call back. We make sure you get the right coverage at the right price, the home insurance costs or rates you can get that’s ensure you Oklahoma. Go to ensure you Oklahoma. Come poke around in there and see what we got going on. Looking at the video of our founder mark, see why he started in a what he wants to do and he wants to help you. We’re building an agency that is going to be the largest property and casualty personal lines agency in the state of Oklahoma and those that means providing white glove service and getting referrals if we don’t get referrals will never be the biggest. We wanted me to figure out the quickest, the fastest service agency you can get. So if you want that kind of circumstance sounds good to you. Get on down in Oklahoma visiting [inaudible] dot com and get your Home Insurance Tulsa from the guys who care the white glove service of insure your home.