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Podcast number 74 of the insurer you, Oklahoma, all original content blog posts where we aim to save you money and educate you on the Home Insurance Tulsa auto insurance, and we want to make sure you have the best coverage for the best price. As a fully independent insurance agency, we have the ability to shop anyone’s coverage from as little as one or two companies all the way up to five or six depending on the situation or what’s needed. Now, usually we know what’s the best company for the situation is going to be so we don’t have to keep shopping, but if we do, we have that ability where unlike other age insurance agencies where they’re stuck with one company to represent, we actually represent many companies or independent insurance agents with over a quarter of a century of experience. Putting the right people with the right companies and recommending the right coverage until we’re past the days when we’re trying to make it in this industry or trying to build a career or just get by.

Uh, you know, our clients are some of the, uh, our area’s best people. They know what good looks like. They know what good advice looks like. They know what unbiased objective advice looks like and when it comes to the best and the Home Insurance Tulsa look no further than ensure you Oklahoma and ensure you Oklahoma. We’re going to always do what’s best for our client because that’s who we work for. We work for ensure you Oklahoma, representing our clients who do not work for the insurance company. We leave it to the captive agents and let them worry about who they work for and who pays them and what they’re pushing this month and what it takes to win one of their trips or whatever it is. Well, we deal and we want to provide white glove service to our clients and prospects and show them where it truly enjoyable and insurance experience can be objective, unbiased advice, telling you what you need and what you don’t need based on your individual personal situation.

Now, I don’t know your individual personal situation unless I get to know you a little bit. I can make some assumptions based on the car you drive in, the house you have and the coverage you’re requesting because if you’re requesting bottom line dirt, cheap coverage and you have a nice car, I’m guessing you’re overextended, but if you have a nice house, if you’re a homeowner and you have two cars and a couple of kids, white picket fence, the kids in the yard a couple of hours and you have decent liability limit and you’re willing to entertain the thought of an umbrella policy because it makes good financial sense. Then I started to know who I’m dealing with and I’m going to make other recommendations financially to, not just for Home Insurance Tulsa but your home insurance policy. You can tell us a lot about it.

Can tell us who you are, what you’re looking for, and what you value. You know, a $300,000 house with no mortgage might be more valuable to someone that a million dollar house with a half million dollar mortgage. Uh, but it just tells me where your values are and what you’re willing to pay for. What’s more important is that the car, is it the damage that can happen in the car or is it the liability that you could cause if you call it an accident and you put everything and everyone and all of your money at risk because of the fact that if you have a $30,000 vehicle and you total it and it’s not covered, you might not like it, but you can recover from that. If you have a liability claim that’s a quarter of a million, half a million, $5, million dollars, how can you recover from that?

It’s very hard. So what we recommend to people is buy insurance for the things you can’t stand to lose your nest egg, your life savings, your home, and take us higher deductible deductibles. You can afford to carry on the things that don’t matter as much. The car, the boat, the jet skis, the motorcycle. Yeah, I know these are nice thing, but if you lose them, it’s not the end of the world. If you get sued and you can’t cover the nut of your, uh, of your, uh, inheritance or your net worth, because where you can be sued for is what you have. What’s your earn stand to inherit all of that red. Do you want that to be at risk? No, you don’t. That’s why you buy insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa So if you record car and it’s not covered, that’s going to be hard to recover from.

But if your house burns to the ground and cover, that’s going to be even harder to recover from. So what we do is we recommend high deductibles and high liability. We want you to take his avenues are closed. You couldn’t afford and carry as much liabilities you can to carry. And that will they your sleep well at night because you’re not quite bulletproof, but you’re close. You know the average good driver has an app for pain memory 27 years, every 27 years. Why are you carrying a $500, Dr on any part of your car? If you can save $200 a year by having a higher deductible every 27 years, that’s $5,400, same and you might not even have that accident. So those are the. Some of the things that we pointed out. Our founder and owner, Mark Morley, is a certified financial planner. He’s trained in all aspects of financial and wealth management, financial planning and wealth management.

So when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa, he knows what to recommend and it comes to longterm care or life insurance or disability. He knows what to recommend. Now, right shirt right now, and sure you Oklahoma doesn’t write those other policies. Now we specialize in home insurance, goes up, we get the best coverages and the best rate for our clients, for their home insurance daughter and their auto insurance, but we do it in a nice responsible way. We’re not out to gouge you or that out. You get all the money you have, you know, because quite frankly, the truth is you can take all the money you and your insurance company, anything. No, scratch a piece of furniture. It will be covered, but you really need that coverage. You really want to give up all your money to make sure that you have that much coverage.

You do so as advisors and insurance advisors and insurance, a concierge, and as your consultant, we’re going to tell you how to save money and then we’re spending the money the best way you can. That’s insurance value, not cheap insurance. We don’t talk about cheap insurance. We don’t do cheap insurance. We have valuable insurance coverage at a great price. Cheap insurance is like a bungee jump or cheap insurance. A cheap Sushi or a cheap parachute shoe feels good when you’re paying the bill, but shortly after you’re not going to be so happy with your coverage, so and ensure you Oklahoma, where we specialize in Home Insurance Tulsa doctor, we’ll take care of what you need and then we’re also gonna Bundle you, your auto and your home together to get you the best discount. Now, we helped a a, a a great lady today in Glenpool and by bundling auto and home insurance together, we’d saved her $600.

At first we’re just talking about her home insurance salsa and she thought we weren’t saving her money because we couldn’t help her on her auto insurance, but when we combine her Home Insurance Tulsa and her auto insurance, we were able to save her $600. That’s a lot of money. That’s $50 a month, $600 a year on your Home Insurance Tulsa. Now they haven’t been ever brand new rough. They have a nice house, nice neighborhood. Uh, and so these things gave her the best coverage possible for a great price. I’m not that we were lucky and so we know how to build policies and put together policies for our clients and do the right day. So for Home Insurance Tulsa, we definitely made her happy and happy customers make us happier around the office. I mean when we have a happy customer and we just save some money at home insurance to herself or maybe we didn’t save the money, but we got them better coverage than we are. Your sirens going off the office. We are happy we’re ringing the bell because we just help some clients and we made some people happy. That’s all we do. We get what we want by helping other people get what they want. The more people we can help the Api we are. Until next time on a blog blog post 75 blog post 74 today brought you by mercury insurance. We’re over and out talk to you that side.