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Alright welcome to the next installment of the youth crew. You oklahoma podcast and insure you oklahoma just call at 918-322-7100 today’s forecast in broadview by insurance, company, seattle, mariners call park, safeco field just go, buy a beautiful new house. Home Insurance Tulsa They did the night job on the extra trim and have a nice night roof on the house and now I’m driving by another older house, definitely probably 40 or 50 years old. Very well, it’s very nice. So insurance companies like new home tonight bro and the extra cost a little more than a play. Then typical subdivision homes in the neighborhood mma, older world, cup titles with the knife and the knife lawn.

There’s, not a bunch of garbage up against the house had a bunch of junk around it. Well kept and maintained. Address companies, love well-maintained homes, because that tells us a lot about owner of the house that they’re having this house me and some people don’t have a lot of crazy i. Just sit back with your michelob ultra and contemplate your house in the home insurance tulsa after your agent finds the cover, comes out, look at your room and they see that you have trees hanging over the roof and hanging on the roof, and maybe some more throwing up there and you haven’t done anything to maintain your. It might even just put a update and shake shingle roof, and if so, what date will people do it? If they had a hail claim, they would actually replace it with asphalt, how to have to rip up everything and put down jacket and put on a cheaper than the wood shake shingle after they did that that you’re concerned about when were talking about in general maintenance of your house, someone could have an older house cuz, they keep up on it and their pride of ownership.

They like to keep the bathroom look, nice or the kitchen remodel, or maybe they have some new paint and wallpaper. It’s still cheap, owning a home. But not if you keep your house nice you’re, going to have your time with home insurance office it just in the reason that people that keep their homes night are better client to ensure I’m betting. They also pizza cars, nice and clean, and they keep the oil changed and a good drive. So all in all week or car insurance and how to make pizza vehicles are there trackers on and then do they use the bumpers to bump or do they use them for protection? You know, I know the called pump something. Every time I tell my wife I mean her car is all scratched to hell and dented it. But. You guys are pride of ownership when it comes to and I barn are horses and everything else. He drives a honda pilot and I only put it in the house in the garage. When it’s going to hail outside work, we have home insurance tulsa and we are out of summer nights.

Why would you need a new garage door will have to get those soon? After the last couple years we put in a new hot water, heater and air conditioner, refrigerator snack, that’s going to matt’s going to go through them or any other hot water. Heater and air condition will probably go, but you buy some sort of warranty, contract and professional independent insurance agent and improve oklahoma about maybe adding at your policy I know it mercury insurance at mercury insurance. We can have that on for just $30 a year, anyways one step at a time and new one, but it’s better than nothing is going to you. So it’s pretty good coverage. Your basic home insurance is meant to cover big things that have snow. The ideal. Insurable interest item is something that nothing would happen to it very often, but if it did, it would wipe you out financially, you have a house, fire doesn’t happen, burn down the house all the time, but if it did, it wasn’t sure they could wipe you out. Don’t want to do. Is we want to share that with what we’re going to pay them money and they are going to take the risk of the house burning to the ground and how is it going to? But you don’t want first out so I’m sitting here with my buddy brent adams and brent moved from colorado to oklahoma, and his home value here is literally about half of what it was in. Oklahoma are in colorado, but is insurance premiums are higher here, because a lot of things happened in oklahoma that don’t happen in colorado, if you’re in the denver area, not a lot of tornadoes or not a lot of hail. Now, if you’re north of denver, of course, there’s more hail, but home insurance tulsa just cost more than home insurance in colorado or pacific northwest. So we were talking earlier about what we talked about pride of ownership, so they had and they built a brand new house here so they’re pride of ownership. Their house is beautiful. They are not builders grade they’re nice, marble countertops, they have a nice roof and a pool. Then they want to make sure everything’s covered correctly now. If they were going to cover everything from first dollar, it would cost a fortune, but they’re not they have a high deductible $2,500, because brent was smart enough to call the guys down here at insure, you oklahoma and at 91322 7100, and he got a great policy he’s willing to take on $2,500 of that of the of the first dollar. So the insurance companies love it. Cuz he’s not to have a lot of claims unless it’s a large claim. That was. That also includes his personal property. That was personal property, has a $2,500 deductible as well, including if something is lost, stolen burnt, but it does not cover mysterious disappearance, so friend’s wife, amanda loses ring.

I still not have a ring, it’s not covered unless it’s schedule, so it’s $25,000 ring and it would be subject to deductible and of course, only coming for a few thousand dollars. So if you schedule is it on his home insurance, tulsa policy, it’s covered for mysterious disappearance or if she looks down and there’s a stone missing, she’s covered. So what brent did was call the old boys down there and sure you oklahoma at 918-322-7100. We got him a great policy with a high deductible to the insurance company’s happy and his premiums little lower than it was in colorado. So until next time the insurer-you oklahoma podcast this one brought to you by safeco insurance signing off when it’s time to get your home insurance tulsa. Give us a call

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