Home Insurance Tulsa | High Premiums

All right, today we’re going to talk about why Home Insurance Tulsa is so high in Oklahoma. Why are the insurance premiums high in Oklahoma for both auto and v actually, when I moved here from Portland, Oregon and the average home premium there is about $500 a year where the average home premium in Oklahoma is 16 or $1,700 a year. Holy Moly. That’s more than three times as much for Home Insurance Tulsa, that it wasn’t a Pacific northwest. Well, tell us that we have a lot of things that happen. A lot of things that go on here. We have bad weather, we have spring storms, you have a lot of hail. We also very intense sun that can cause wear and tear. And so when a claim happens it makes it even worse. But we have tornadoes, we have bad weather, we have earthquakes now. Uh, we have rain and then drought, so the, we have a lot of movement in the, in the soil so we can get cracked foundation and broken pipe that way.

So there’s a lot of things that when we are still higher Home Insurance Tulsa premiums and other places, your best bet is to be with a good independent insurance agencies like the guys down there and ensure you Oklahoma, give them a call at nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. Because what they can do is they can shop multiple companies with you. You’re never going to have one company that always has the best rate or even a good rate because they, they move and they fluctuate so much that it’s best to be with a good independent insurance agents, agent or agency. So you’re not having to call around the four or five different companies to get quotes. She just called one good agents who knows what they’re doing. And, uh, they can quote, you know, three or four different companies for you.

And then you’re covered, uh, you, you’ve now covered all your bases when it comes to shopping for insurance. Now, if you have any home claims, boy, it might be higher, might be more to ensure you’re a home insurance call center because uh, older homes or people who have claims tend to have more claim, a newer homes don’t. We have a lot of new homes in the Tulsa Metro area, but you know, they’re the architecture here. For some reason, we have very large roof, which means when there was a roof claim that it costs more to fix it or replace it. I was just talking to someone that mercury insurance, they will offer replacement cost coverage under that’s seven years old or newer ones. It’s more than seven years old. It’s going to go to actual cash value because although in Oklahoma, although your roofing company may tell you that you have a 10, 15, 30 year roof that doesn’t really exist in Oklahoma, that might happen in Oregon.

We’re all in this rain and nothing bad happens. The homestead, there’s just not a lot of home claims. They burn but they don’t get bad weather and so that’s why their insurance premiums are lower. But for home insurance alter where we do get, whether it’s going to cost more now in Oregon, all it does is rain. They don’t get all, they don’t even get thunderstorms for a lightning strike that could burn a house down. Uh, we actually had a client a couple of years ago whose house got struck by lightening when their daughter was home and it was a total law burden, was the total loss. I’m pretty glad. Good news is she got out okay. And it was not a, there was no damage to a life or limb. It was just personal property and property can always be replaced, you know, memories can, family members can, but a personal property can be.

So we want to make sure it’s insured correctly and ensure you Oklahoma at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. We can, uh, get you up to three or four different quotes on your Home Insurance Tulsa closer and we can make sure we’re getting the best companies, you know, we represent different companies like progressive, mercury, safe code, and allstate and those are really the top four companies in Oklahoma. And so when it comes to home insurance, those are the ones who want to get quotes from because we’ll have the best opportunity to get a gun. Good. Good coverage for a good price. Now, good coverage for a good price is the key right there. It’s not cheap insurance. You don’t want cheap insurance. It’s like you don’t want to chief Sushi, you don’t buy cheap Sushi. Holy Moly. Going buy a big house here.

Big New House that it’s going to cost a fortunate. Ensure that one, but it looks like it’s concrete steel, so maybe not a bad can happen to it anyway. If you wouldn’t buy cheap Sushi from a gas station, you shouldn’t buy cheap insurance. Just like Sushi insurance says, you get what you pay for. If you want good insurance, good Home Insurance Tulsa, you need to be able to shop different companies and sit down with a professional insurance agent, guys that ensure you Oklahoma, and they will get you the best insurance value. Which means you gain the coverage you need at a good price. You know there’s a. there’s a three legged stool when it comes to buying something. There’s, there’s good, fast and cheap and you can always have two at a time, but never three. So if you want a good and fast, it’s probably not going to be cheap.

If you aren’t a good and cheap, it’s probably not going to be fat. If you are fast and good or fast and cheap, probably not going to be good. So it takes some time for professional insurance agent to get you the coverage that you need. A, the guys that ensure you will call me, can do it. They will get you the home insurance Tulsa that you need and a at a good price. And now if you have a nice home, newer home and you can, um, uh, you also have a few off vehicles, cars, and your good driving record. Boy, if we can get full auto and home insurance together, we’re going to get a nice multi policy discount. If you also can get the auto and home together and have good pay discount. Uh, you know, we’re always looking for discounts to increase the value of what we’re buying at a home insurance calsa everyone good Home Insurance Tulsa to do is ensure the autos and the only guy number at the same company.

Uh, we have great companies like mercury insurance or Safeco insurance. Mercury just had a rate decrease on auto insurance so that could bring down the overall price of the package, which gives you better value, but more important than price is coverage when it comes to insurance. Tulsa, the coverage is what we want to make sure we have because unfortunately in Oklahoma, if people do have claims and claims, uh, when not insured correctly can be a very frustrating situation for someone. We also want to make sure that the claims, uh, you know, if we’re going to have a claim, how much of the claim the insured wanted to take responsibility for and how much do you want to pay the insurance company takes responsibility for and ensure you, Oklahoma, we’re going to advise you to take a higher deductible on your home. So you assume first dollar coverage up to whatever you’re comfortable with.

It could be a thousand, could be 2,500, $75,000 on your home insurance policy, and that, uh, that means you’re accepting first responsibility and insurance companies like that. That means you’re sharing responsibility for fixing the, um, with the insurance company and insurance companies like sharing responsibility, not taking off. So when you do that at your home insurance, Tulsa, you’re getting a better rate. It’s cheaper, but it’s a better value. If you don’t have $5,000 in savings, you might want to go into the thousand dollars enough. But if you do that, you’re paying more for the insurance policy each month. So if you’re on your Home Insurance Tulsa at a good rate, make sure that you have your auto insurance and home insurance together you’re talking to a professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma. Give him a call at nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one June zero. And the best thing I can recommend is don’t just try to get something cheap over the phone, but sit down with the agent and review what you have. The time to review coverage is before the hail storm or the tornadoes under way and until you have one of those things are happening. So for home insurance, Tulsa, call the guys down there and sure you will call them and they’ll take care of it. Until next time, signing off.