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Hello and welcome to the insurer, you oklahoma, the insurance guy to say, say:servant leadership, going to tell you what you need:insurance company, safeco, insurance, companyfor, your auto you’re home you’re, busy, auto insurance and we’re proud of her sponsoring this podcast. Home Insurance Tulsa So thank you very much, hey dude holding.. It looks like it’s still in concrete flat roof and look more like how do you insure something like that? Have a sit down and they go through a process because companies like those go today show specialize in a million dollar girl season, 1 for high net-worth individuals.

That might also have some collectibles or some other things to ensure that could be a fine wine. Collector cookie are good bb gun collection could be life movie. People that have these kind of policies that have these big home. These people often will have a $10,000 bill, but because it’s a great value for him, so I don’t think it’s a little different. We can’t give a quote and then buying coverage inside and out and make sure that they are properly underwriting. Is that a good rent where they had faulty wiring cause a claim? They make sneakers what they want. The biggoron don’t have as many outlet lacey true company.

If you have less than a million-dollar out, then we can look at your candles rating company safeco with again I said, is sponsoring this podcast to expensive and her home and auto a good together at progressive, insurance and also told us. You want to make sure you have the right company mercury safeco allstate. But the point is:if you want the best for your insurance company, someone or something so I know where you live. We may have different rates for the company so oklahoma and take a look at your home for the best coverage for the best price for you and for the best company. They only represent a+ rated company, so you’re not paying a claymore.

The great thing is we haven’t had a lot of claims lately haven’t had any bad weather in the last couple years, and insurance rates have been stable for a while call company of your home insurance, also a virus 6% of the year. So oklahoma we’re probably going to call our clients. Home Insurance Tulsa We need to look at different companies and see if we can help you out here:john farrar clay, all of the companies that we ride home or is recall in the universe tulsa auto in clothes. Together. And try to find you at all right, but you know you need your home and auto insurance together, call the guys industry oklahoma and sit down for insurance review, one of the policies dollar.

Your uncle could be less because of the night smoking policy, rather than buy them in the one policy and make sure you’re the best thing for a covers for your insurance oklahoma shop, different company. They want to sit down with you and make sure you know what you have and you’re getting what you need. The last thing you need is something because certain company pays higher commissions or bonus visit. Send you on a trip somewhere for home insurance tulsa call. You call my buddy sean matter who you oklahoma at 918-322-7100, I guarantee you I deserve it and I guarantee to make you smile at least once while you’re home and good toaster and what is not covered on the policy say. Maybe you want to buy that so I can’t call it sure you oklahoma rock you by safeco, insurance company

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