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All right, here we are Thursday morning, a podcast, one 2,120 podcast. That’s right, my friends, that’s how we roll at insurers, you, Oklahoma, uh, Home Insurance Tulsa, we podcast. One 40 means we are filling your brains with insurance information to help you defend against the high priced captive agency, unscrupulous agents, the agents who will do anything for a buck, the agents who are hungry and starving. And we’ll just call and call and call and do whatever it takes to get your business. They will cut coverages to get you a better price because all they know how to do it. So I’m priced. Let’s face it, let’s face it. Your average insurance agent is an 88. Your average insurance agent has been licensed for less than five years. Your average insurance agent of those who are not like five years at 58 years old. So what is the public supposed to do?

Here’s your choices. Some young guy who’s starving and will do anything to get a make a sale or some old guy who doesn’t care if a sale and is just out there and waiting to retire and just taken his renewals as a pension and not actually doing anything. What is someone’s supposed to do? Well, we have your answer. Your answer is Home Insurance Tulsa where our owner is not starving. He’s been in this business since 1991 and he’s a lot younger than 52 years, 58 years old. He has started this agency to do the right things, right and fill a void in the marketplace and that void is good advice from professional agents, shops with five or six different companies to make sure you’re getting the best product. The best policy for the price. And this is a. This is a guy who doesn’t need to make a lot of money.

This is the guy who’s just building something. So what? What’s. What are you to do? You’re going to call your average state farm agent. Yeah. Good luck with that state farm. Good luck even talking to an agent, not just for CSR. What do you want to do farmer that farmer? Really those guys will hire anyone. I’m here to tell you, send in an application for your dog and your dog will get a job interview and probably be hired to be a farmer’s agent. Allstate, you’re in good hands. You know what I’ll say? Doing the right things, right? I’ll state has a state, has a captive and an independent site and they’re independent side. Home Insurance Tulsa You know when you have a company that’s competent enough to have a independent agents compared their rates with other independent agents. Do you have a good company? They’re. Yeah, I think you are in good hands.

With allstate I was still shopping. They’re not always the cheapest is not always the best state farm’s just to Vegas. You know what if the biggest for something, a Miss America, 200 pounds and elephants were rural and world so biggest doesn’t mean best. We’re talking back and we’re talking to companies like mercury. Safeco all say progressive encompass metlife travelers. Mercury, you know, if you do want it does sound like a. You know that’s the best, Home Insurance Tulsa has been in building the business model to provide the consumers the best policy at the best price, so when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, you could either call one of those others or you call the best you call the best and forget the rest. You can call all the other ones to make 10 phone calls and then try to keep everything straight or you called one agent, ensure you Oklahoma and get quotes with six different companies and that agent can help determine if you have the best coverage for the price or not

and they will give you the best coverage for the price because they’re shopping all the different insurance companies. We’re not a high risk company. We don’t insure a mobile homes yet. We’re trying to get foremost, but we. We do have some of the best policies available. In fact, effective October first is when we’re gonna have encompass now for small business. We always. We also have amtrust, but when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, you need to have the best and because you’re. You’re insuring your home and you’re insuring a, probably your largest investment. You’re gonna make text. It’s such a big investment. Most people have to get a mortgage. The mortgage company requires that you have coverage. If you don’t have coverage, they’re going to force place coverage because a mortgage company needs that to know that, uh, uh, your home is secured with home insurance salsa because then if something happens, Home Insurance Tulsa you don’t just walk away and they’re stuck with a mortgage for some of the, uh, that’d be bad debt and that wouldn’t be good for the mortgage company.

So with that said, we work hand in hand, like a hand in a glove. That’s how well we work with local mortgage companies. Home Insurance Tulsa those low, low local mortgage companies know if you want something done, you want it done right, you call ensure you Oklahoma and mortgage companies know who provides the best home insurance because they have to get it done at least four days in advance to get a mortgage. And if they don’t submit the entire packet to the underwriter, including insurance with four days to go, then alone won’t close. We give you an example, yesterday was Wednesday the 25th and they are hoping if we have a client hoping to close on October first, well, the mortgage professional knew who to call. They knew that if you call it ensure you, Oklahoma, actually we’re in their office, walk across the hall, uh, that we would get it done.

We wouldn’t wait for tomorrow. We wouldn’t put it up because if you had an insurance agent that couldn’t get to it or was going to play golf or just didn’t get around to doing it yesterday, then the long one closed on Monday. Does that make sense? Yeah, it makes sense. Home Insurance Tulsa does it make sense that you work with an insurance professional who knows what they’re doing and not jerking around and isn’t just in this because you know, it’s a nice lifestyle and they can play golf all the time. Up to your average insurance agent. Get the book of between 125 and $150,000. And they stopped working and they hired an assistant to take care of their business and they sit back and they play golf and hang out at the country club and just basically don’t work. I’m a $50,000, a hundred $50,000, booker business, $50,000 in expenses. The agents taking on $100,000 for taxes, but he’s got a ton of expenses so it’s not even paying tax on all of it. And all he’s doing is relaxing because he’s got a lifestyle. It’s not a great living, is not making a fortune, but you’re making $100,000 a year. You don’t have to work.

We are a large independent agency in Oklahoma. We have offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Our phone numbers are nine. One eight, three, two, two seven. One zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. What the heck is going on up here? Uh, anyway. Home Insurance Tulsa, something’s going on anyway for your best in home insurance. Tulsa, you need to call in. Sure. You, Oklahoma, he won’t get jerked around. And there’s some sort of traffic deal going on here and it looks bad to me, I’m going to go around it, but for home insurance, Tulsa, you know who to call, ensure you Oklahoma, and you’ll get the best policy for the best price. But even above that, you will get world class service, world class, white glove service, and not be in a mess when you have an insurance claim. That’s the goal right there folks.

Uh, so until next time, this is Mark Morley, owner, founder, an agent. I get in there and get my hands dirty. I will work for you if you want the best you call me. Forget to rest. I will make sure something gets done and you have my word on it. I made a sign something to one of my agents to work on it, but you know that you have my gold seal of approval on that agent and you are going to get the best. Forget the rest. That’s what I’m talking about here. So ensure you Oklahoma for all of your personal lines and a small business needs. We could even do large business needs, but we’ve focused on small business entrepreneurs. Those are our favorite clients, a small business entrepreneur because they will eventually have a liquidity event because entrepreneurs get rewarded for their hard work, which is great. That’s America baby right there. Alright, Home Insurance Tulsa that’s this podcast over and out later.