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Alright, podcast one, three, nine, the ensure you Oklahoma. All original content, podcasts, stuff you can’t get anywhere else. I don’t think you’d want to get it anywhere else. We are the single experts on insurance in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You cannot get better advice or coverage. Then you get an insurer, you Oklahoma, go to ensure you oklahoma.com and see what sets us apart. Go to a google reviews and see what others have to say about us. Give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And we look forward to working for you and servicing you with white glove service. So back to what we were talking about earlier today, we were talking about home insurance, Tulsa and why it pays to shop around our agency. We’ve closed four different home insurance Tulsa policies this week as number two because we provide the best coverage for our clients and I’m the best coverage for our clients and we get insurance for the closing when it’s needed today.

We had someone come in and they want them to close their insurance or they needed to close your insurance to get the CD to underwriting so it can be under it and they can close on their home and uh, we got it done for them. We got done at the right price and they’re going to be able to get the policy insurance, Tulsa know the mortgage underwritten to be able to move into their own home. So we’re not just providing insurance, we’re providing dreams and we’re making dreams come true. But how are we doing it? We’re doing it by eliminating red tape. You know, when you’re, when you’re working with your mortgage professional. And if Casey Jones that Tlc, you’re lucky to have the best. I’m she is the best I’ve ever seen a Steve Currington good. Or what makes Steve Good is he recognizes the best and surrounds himself with the best.

And the best is Casey Jones. She will help you get what you need for the closing. Now I’m rats. Home Insurance Tulsa I gotta change his policy. Maybe an ACV policy gets coverage just right. So anyway, that’s what we do. We help eliminate red tape from your closing. I know Steven case, you’re asking for your first firstborn and track everything you can imagine to get a home close, Morgan’s closed. What were you aiming to do is just eliminate some of that red tape and get it taken care of so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. And that’s what we do is through you, Oklahoma. Uh, we help eliminate the red tape from your home insurance, Tulsa and your closing. I think that’s number three. And why work with us? Why are you won’t go home? Well, we are a truly independent agency, which means we represent you, the client and customer, and we help get you the best that you need.

Oh, we don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole like the captains do. Another captain again to tell you they can help you, but all they can do is get you one quote. We didn’t get votes with up to six different company, different companies. Now we just shows that we just got a new company and we’re trying to try them out, see what they can provide us. Uh, and what kind of coverage that they can give us, a good carpenter and a good price. We’ll use them because that’s what our clients demand and that’s what they need for their closings, for their home insurance. Also for,

this isn’t a casino, this is serious stuff. This is real stuff. This insurance on your house that you’re trying to close. And if we can’t help you, believe me, no one can. And if they do help you with the standard coverage or a policy that isn’t what you need as gambling in a casino and his gambling with your home insurance, Tulsa, Home Insurance Tulsa something you really want to do. Number five, it’s not insuring your house, someone’s home and home ownership is the epitome of the American dream and it’s things that don’t happen in other countries. We are the American, this is the American dream and it’s the Nice House, the white picket fence and a dog and kids playing in the yard. You want to put all that at risk just because you needed cheap insurance or you didn’t need the issue. Couldn’t have insurance.

I have insurance that will cover what you need. And what’s the need is good coverage on your policy. Unfortunately, uh, sometimes the mortgage broker needs even cheaper insurance, but we’re not always able to provide that unfortunately or fortunately for you. But you know what, quite frankly, if you can’t afford the insurance on the house you’re buying, Home Insurance Tulsa maybe you shouldn’t be buying the house. I don’t know it. Uh, you wouldn’t buy a Lamborghini if you couldn’t afford the insurance on it. So if you can’t afford the insurance, and if you can’t afford to insure something that you own, maybe you shouldn’t own it. You can’t afford the insurance. You sure as heck can’t afford to replace it yourself. So then you without the right home insurance salsa, then not, you don’t have the right cover. You don’t have a, you shouldn’t be buying the house and told you that your realtor, your mortgage broker should have told you that.

It’s just not something that we can do. I can’t afford something. I can’t give you the money to buy it. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it and shouldn’t be buying. Why are you? Why do you want a brand new car? If you’re trying to buy a mortgage, a home and you can’t afford it, you know, Home Insurance Tulsa one of the other, do you need, do you really need the loan on your car and a loan on your house and credit cards. You know, we’re turning into a destination where people just want to finance everything. Well, maybe that’s not a good idea. Maybe we need to pay off your car before you buy a house and maybe you shouldn’t buy as much of a house. Don’t know, just saying what’s wrong with renting. There’s nothing wrong with renting rent for awhile before you own and so you don’t have to worry about your camper and your parent’s back yard and it’d be a great price.

You can even skip payments because they’re your parents. Kick you out. Anyway, that’s about all I have to say about that because if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t have it. You can’t afford insurance then you shouldn’t afford the house. You can afford the house. We can’t afford the insurance, so just take a step back. Maybe save for a couple more years, a little more money. I don’t know where it’s going to come from. You tell me a mortgage.com, but I don’t know if that’s what you want to do anyway and ensure you Oklahoma. Home Insurance Tulsa, we will get you the insurance you need, but I can’t pull a rabbit and give you insurance for free. I just can’t make it financially sound company in order to stay in business.

So. So if you can’t afford insurance carrier for the house. I actually had someone asked me today the average home premium and our agency’s $785. I actually had someone asked me today we can get their coverage down to $900 a year so they can afford the mortgage mortgage default on the mortgage and they don’t give them insurance. They can’t afford it. Oh God. Why is this like this now? All right. So I’m going to pause this for just a second. No, I’ll talk for 20 more seconds. I don’t know why the gates closed up my house and it was the horses are looking at and why there’s a lawn tractor stuck in my pasture. Home Insurance Tulsa I guess that’s what happens with some people’s homes kind of you, but that’s all right. Anyways, that’s it for this podcast. Number 39. We’ll knock out 1:40 later.