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All right, good morning, welcome to the insurer. You all original content podcast where we help you save money, live better, ensure you, Oklahoma. That’s what we’re all about. We’re about providing you the best insurance coverage for the money and we’re about getting good agents to represent us and build agencies for themselves or they can just come in and be an employee in the office not employed or self employed. But if you work out of our office, we pay your expenses and you just worked with us there. Home Insurance Tulsa, if you’re a captive agent and you want to take a shot at independence and just give me a call and you just change the shingle where you are and we will make you a lot of money. You know, I don’t understand people staying with the captains one company and one product to represent. It just doesn’t make sense.

I don’t understand people using captivation having just one company, one product and these people forcing product down their throat. If you are buying a car today that do go to one dealership and just look at Chevrolet’s or do you get online and you look at different cars. You look at a Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru. Afford a dodge, a cheap Mac, a Nissan, a GMC Flintco of all a Porsche, BMW, Honda, uh, an Audi or a Mercedes Benz c 3:50 a? No, you don’t. Because variety. Oh, cheap. A variety is the spice of life. Variety gives you options. If we wanted to be with just one company, we could be communists and everything could be black and white or gray and we would have one option. Home Insurance Tulsa you know, when you go to the store and Russia there only one kind of bread to buy. You can buy.

There’s not like 12 different kinds of bread. Which would you rather have the one where you have the different brands to choose from or just one bread that someone else determine is for you. Of course you want the variety and to get the most bread choices. That’s what an independent insurance agent can provide you. Choices and breck you want bread choice. You don’t want just wonder what if you went to the store and we were communists and you were, you wanted to have a cookout with hot dogs and you went to the store and all the head was hamburger buns because they said that’s what you need. Well, Home Insurance Tulsa the store is going to try to convince you why you have the hamburger buttons and why those are better than hotdog buns and why they fit your needs even though they don’t fit your needs. He’s going to tell you why the hamburger buns fit your knees and hot dog buns.

You know anyone can have a hamburger, but so is that what you really want? Is that what you want to be? If you are with the captive agency, you are being forced to buy hamburger buns when you need hot tubs. Does that make sense? When you call an independent agency, we have hamburger buns, hot dog buns. We have brought worst bonds. We have philly cheese buns. We have a. We have just roles if you want roles. We have a barbecue sandwich buns, so we have every kind of button you could want and not just a hamburger buttons being shoved down your throat because hamburger buns are good for brought worse. They might be okay for barbecue, Home Insurance Tulsa but they’re not. They’re not what’s best. So what you want is the one that fits you the best, so and ensure you Oklahoma when it comes to home insurance.

Tulsa. You could either call a captive agent and get their hamburger buns or if you want the best home insurance. Tulsa, you’re gonna call ensure you Oklahoma, and we’re going to get you a hot dog. Bun passage. Need a hamburger bun if that, such a brought war’s been fast, but you need a crumbly cheese button. Effects with a barbecue sandwich fund if that’s what you see. Are you getting the point? That variety and choice is what matters and helps you the most enlightened because you get what fits. Another example would be if you wanted home insurance, Tulsa and you went to a store to get new shoes and they just had sneakers, but you didn’t want sneakers. You need to dress pants, dress. Home Insurance Tulsa the guy only has sneakers, so he tried to tell you why sneakers are so great, but you don’t need sneakers.

You agreed. Sneakers are great, but you don’t need sneakers. You need dress shoes. Well, that’s the same experience of going to a captive. If you want dress shoes, you need to go to a store that sells dress shoes and sneakers and track shoes and basketball shoes and softball. Shoes and socks. Shoes and tennis shoes and basketball shoes, and a tap dance. Shoes and equestrian shoes and boxing shoes and wrestling shoes. So the point is, if you need shoes, you need a specific reason. Home Insurance Tulsa You don’t just go to the store that sells one kind of show. Yeah, it’s the shoe. But it’s not true. You need, if you’re shopping for home insurance also,

you don’t just need home insurance tall. You need the home insurance that fits your needs. You know what someone else’s shoe. You need the right shoes, you need the right insurance, the right policy. You need the right agent and going to someone who only sells one shoe, doesn’t cut it. Or are they only sell one kind of hamburger bun? You know, it doesn’t cut it. Yeah, I get it. It’s bread. All bread. But you don’t want to just bread. You want the one that shaped right. Here’s an idea. Sometime when you have three kids, serve two of them hot dogs on a hot dog bun and serve the other kid, they’re hot dog on a piece of white bread and you’re telling me how good that goes over. It doesn’t go over good. You’re trying to force your solution on their problem. That’s not what people want. People want their solutions to their problems. Home Insurance Tulsa They know what they went on, they know what good looks like. So why did they go to captive insurance agents? I don’t know. I don’t know. Going to a captive insurance agent is the same as putting a hot dog on a piece of white bread. It’s bread. I get it, but it’s not a button.

Are you starting to feel me yet? I mean if you went to starbucks Home Insurance Tulsa

to get just a a or to get a a uh, I dunno. Carmel Macchiato Latte and they just gave you a cup of decaf because that’s all they had, but they told you that the Dope Cup of Decaf is just as good as the Caramel Macchiato latte. A. You wouldn’t be happy, but maybe they say, well, we can add a little cream to it, so it’s Kinda the same. No, Home Insurance Tulsa it’s not the same. It’s not what I want. It’s not that it is not my solution to my problem. It is your solution to my problem. So call a good independent insurance agency like ensure you Oklahoma or go to ensure you oklahoma.com and start to see why. If you need a Carmel Macchiato Latte, then that’s what you get from ensure you Oklahoma, because we’re all about the solution. White Glove Service, World Glen, World Class Service, providing you the solution to your problems. Go get the coffee you want.

Get the hamburger button. I’ve got buttons you want. Come on. People get to choose. You need not to choose that. They’re trying to sell you, not the buttons they’re trying to sell you. That’s ridiculous. No. If I, if I went to the store and I needed a truck because I have a farm and a nice to do things on the farm, but the guy was trying to tell me why in minivans just as good because you can put things in the back because that’s all he sells. That’s not what I want. I want a truck. I want a hotdog. Buns. I want the right shoes. Dress shoes. I want a Carmel crampy Macchiato Latte. I don’t want decaf. A little bit of cream. Alright, you’re picking up what I’m putting down. I get it. Yes. You get it. That’s why you’re going to. Next time you shop insurance with should be tomorrow. You’re going to call it a good independent insurance agency, like ensure you Oklahoma.com or just ensure you Oklahoma. Let’s go. People give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One, zero, zero. This has been our podcast signing off later.