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wow, holy cow, one podcast, podcast number 105 coldwell banker realty company, Home Insurance Tulsa but if they want to get their more of their homes, uh, closed or sales closed, then they better be using ensure you Oklahoma. There’s only one agency in Tulsa that is professional white glove, world class, premier, independent,


independent agents. Home Insurance Tulsa that’s true you, Oklahoma. And we do get,


home insurance, Tulsa clothes for people when they need it for their closing under mortgage. We work closely with mortgage brokers and realtors are great people that count on us to get to the insurance part of their closings. Done. They don’t get paid unless this is just, this is one of the boxes that need to be checked and now it has to be checked like four days in advance, which is no problem for us. We’ll get it done. Home Insurance Tulsa as matter of fact, we’ve worked closely with some mortgage brokers that if they will get us, if the people would just give us the okay, that will never have to worry about or think about it again. We’re going to get them a great. We’re going to get great coverage for a great price and then we will coordinate everything with their mortgage brokers or for the title company for their closing and it’ll all be done.

So for the best and home insurance tall. So there’s only one to call and that’s home insurance. Insure you Oklahoma. Right now I’m behind a school bus who isn’t a real familiar with the rules of the road and we should be disturbing, but I guess school buses think they own the road and they got kids on board. Have you ever been around a school when schools went out? There are no rules of the road. It’s complete anarchy. Mothers lose their minds. They don’t know what to do when they are trying to pick up their kids. It is craziness. Absolute craziness. But anyway, here we are in kind of a cloudy overcast day. I don’t think it’s going to get too hot, which is nice, but it is.

It is cloudy and overcast. I don’t think it’d be a good day for coffee. Wouldn’t rain, but I think it’s wet and it’s going to rain. So it’s not a good day for golf. A good day for meeting people and selling insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa I’ll tell you what, uh, you know, we have a great agent over there. Uh, Shannon Harris gave Shannon the call at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven. One zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. We also had the man from progressive and yesterday talking about us right in their home. Insurance. He wants to become one of our top a home companies that we represent and we’re happy to do it. Give us the product, give us the price and we’ll do it, you know, right now, save, post hurting because they just haven’t given us a race.

It’s a great increase in Oklahoma City. Sometimes it will look really good. So when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, uh, and we do have multiple options. We’re also waiting on the encompass, encompass a appointment to come through. We filled out some paperwork for them yesterday. I hope that all goes through quickly and that just gives us some. Give us two more options to quote with the quote people and I think people are going to be pretty happy when they’re looking and we are voting multiple. We continue to get more company would continue to help more people and the you have. The biggest problem we have is it’s not priced for product. If people to answer the damn phone, I mean you, Home Insurance Tulsa you request information you heavily and then send us information via the web and next thing you know, we can’t get ahold of you.

You don’t answer your phone, but uh, whatever, whatever. Or we can save people time and money. I get it. It’s a hassle. I get in saving money on insurance, hassle, you know, if you’re shopping and every two to three years and, or with a good independent insurance agency, you know, then chances are you’re paying too much or you have covered, you don’t need or you don’t have courage that you might need and you need to do something different. You need to talk to a good world class independent insurance agency like ensure you Oklahoma, where all we do is personalized. And that’s what we specialize. We know personalized insight, Home Insurance Tulsa so personalized includes your home insurance, your auto insurance, an umbrella policy, and that’s really it. I will reach out and grab and go do a Bob here and there. In fact we need to have some Bob carriers.

We need to get some good bob carriers, even some CPP, commercial bankers, policy carriers because we’re about to enter into an agreement or we’re going to be getting a lot of referrals for those and if, when right now with direct business auto and if there’s a fleet of vehicles, finally we can write that, but when it comes to the business saying carpet cleaning business or a mortgage office or dentist office or whatever it is, we can’t, we can’t do it and we need to be able to do a ton of referrals for it. I have to know a lot of people in Tulsa, the Tulsa area, and they want a lot of businesses and that’s everyone who starts a business, has crazy life anyway. Um, driving by the coldwell banker office now. It’s a nice company. It’s a strange building. The hip here. I would love to buy it for veterinary office in there, Home Insurance Tulsa you know, St James Presbyterian church right down the street, but all these nice neighborhoods, we’d like to ensure the autos and 60 animals. There’s the Bethel Baptist church churches on this big piece of valuable land and it’s a little church. How did they survive? How many people go there? And then here’s the first baptist James, another huge, huge

a church Baptist church right down the street from a little Dinky Baptist church. How does a little thank you once arrive? Why is there so much traffic here in Jenks? Oh, I want to do is get to the office and help some people make some calls and help some people.

I want to make some calls, get the referrals, help some people with their home insurance, Tulsa or their auto insurance or an umbrella. We haven’t written a lot of money, but we want to. We’re slowly getting into the swing of things. Uh, I think we have enough. Progressive was a little. I’m a little shocked on who we are and what we do and the systems we have in place and the processes that we go through. I don’t think he said we’re not cookie cutter. We’re not like others. Yeah, no kidding. We are building something that’s going to be bigger and better than what others do. And we need as the Google reviews and um, some video review to get that. I knew some video reviews on the website. That’s what’s called social proof. That’s good proof that we’re who we are. We say, well, we’re going to do so when people shop for home insurance, salsa, they, if not just a website and people saying, telling them what we do and what we do. Great. We’re not some fly by night. We’re not some cheesy company like, you know, I’m your insurance and blah, blah, blah. No, Home Insurance Tulsa it’s sure you Oklahoma. We have offices in Tulsa and Okmulgee and that reminds me, I need to get down to a Hoagie and pay them a little monet for our rent down there.

I should’ve taken a smaller building. They’re smaller but couldn’t. Home Insurance Tulsa, I only have a new agents that we’re interviewing for dominant air, but that would only help in serving more clients and more diverse space, more diverse areas throughout the state, which helps us with our loss ratios and more. We spread it out more profitable we can be if there’s a tornado in Tulsa and that’s okay, and then we’re going to be profitable. And that’s very important. Driving through Jake’s do not speed through tank. Don’t go more than 40 miles an hour, but they do have those Bs red light goes red arrows that I hate. Everyone knows I hate him, but anyway, so that’s it for this podcast one. Oh, five in the candidate night.