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Good morning, welcome to the 83rd, uh, ensure you Oklahoma podcasts, the all original content podcasts where we talk about home insurance, telephone. We talk about how to best cover your personal property or your rough. We talked about why you should join our team and what a great thing we got going on. And it’s true. You will call them up for a great career, make money time freedom, money site times a better. So anyway, Home Insurance Tulsa, as we get started here, our, today’s podcast is brought to you by progressive home insurance. We are currently now I’m representing progressive for home insurance, which is great. He gives us one more outlet to help our clients. Do you have the more companies we can shop with for our clients to better offer our clients our instead of calling a captive agent and having to, um,

and I kept having to get a quote from one person and then call one person and one person. When you call ensure you, Oklahoma, you’re getting quotes for five different companies at once and we can find the best fit for you. So ensure you Oklahoma. When we talk about home insurance, Tulsa, we’re talking about the best home, uh, coverage for you to make sure that you have the coverage you need at the price you want. And then we combine that with the auto and we get a great package deal. We have a couple of companies that will only write auto and home together and that’s fine. We do a lot of that. We want to write auto and home together because it gets your maximum discounts. Uh, Home Insurance Tulsa, uh, the companies like it because you are committed to one company or premium from you. So when there’s a claim on one, it helps to offset it because they’re collecting more premium. But when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa,

you can’t get better than ensure you won’t come home because we have professional professional agents that are trained specifically to help you with your personal lines. Insurance. Personalized insurance is so important because that’s what everyone has. You know, there’s other independent insurance agencies and all they want to do talk to people about the commercial insurance because quite frankly it’s bigger and to make more money and ensure you Oklahoma, specialize in personal lines, insurance and by specializing in one thing, we’d become the master of it. We become the experts in it. The last thing we want to do is spread ourselves too thin and not know what we’re bringing on and not or not being experts in what we’re doing. So what do we do? We specialize in home insurance, Tulsa, and that keeps US experts in the field. Now, Home Insurance Tulsa when you’re looking at an agent, why do our agents work so hard for our clients?

Well, quite frankly, we paid better. We pay better then any other agency in town and that keeps our agents happy and it keeps them active and writing insurance. When our. When our agents, right? A lot of insurance, they’re happy, they’re making more money and our clients aren’t happy because agents are well taken care of. That’s our philosophy, to keep our agents happy and have them make a lot of money because quite frankly, you don’t want to lose them. We don’t want to have to lose insurance agents that should still be with us, but for some reason or another are not. Now the fact is that it’s not. We’re not cut out for. It’s not something you know, Home Insurance Tulsa not every agent on every person can be an insurance agent. Not every insurance agent can write home insurance Coulson, and because of that that we have to find a special person.

We just brought two new agents on, Jeff and Shannon and Stephanie Shannon, our expert insurance agents who know what to do, how to insure your home and what’s carriers to look for based on what you have and what you’re looking for and who you are. You know, different companies have to advertise for things. I’m a company, may want business in St Louis, but they don’t want business in Kansas City and the agent needs to know that. The agent needs to know if you have a home in Oklahoma City that there are certain carriers that we want to go with and if you don’t have, if you’re not in Oklahoma City, if you’re in Tulsa, then there’s another carriers that we want to look at because when it comes to insurance, you know, insurance agencies or insurance companies are trying to guess just like anyone else where they’re gonna have the least amount of claims and that’s of course where they want to grow the most if they grow, Home Insurance Tulsa where they have the least amount of claims and they can keep their rates low and profitability high and that keeps the shareholders and the insured’s happy.

So what we want is the insurance company, Happy Insurance Company clients. It’s really that simple. They’re just trying to make money by not having a lot of claims. And you know, the good thing about Oklahoma is we haven’t had a bunch of claims this year. My, a lot of bad storms. We’ve had some water and stuff, but you know, no tornadoes, no pecialist, no locus, you know, a lot of things. We just haven’t had them this year. No wild fires will make me some, but I don’t know as much damage, so the fact is that we are looking good as a state when it comes down home insurance, salsa and hopefully rates will stay low for a while with our carriers. Now if they don’t, Home Insurance Tulsa the benefit of you being with ensure you Oklahoma is that we will shop you with someone else if someone raises the rates and there’s a reason for them to accept.

They talk about, you know, getting money in reserves for when the claim comes and you know, instead of claims experience or trying to predict the future. Well if we have a company like that, we’re just going to drop them and move to a different company and start writing other insurance companies. It’s just not our thing. If you’re with a camp agency and those things start happening, you just don’t have a choice. She, her stuck. Those agents can’t do anything because they’re just going to keep having rate increases as well and ensure you Oklahoma. We make sure we don’t do that. We like to, we like to have good carriers that don’t Jack around with grace and are jerks about it, you know, look, we all want insurance, we all want our stuff covered, Home Insurance Tulsa but we want it to be reasonable. I don’t want to be with some company that’s gouging me or my clients and as an independent insurance agent, that’s what we can do.

We can make sure that, uh, that we’re not being gouged or someone’s taking advantage of our clients because we’ll just move on to someone else. It’s that ease and uh, it takes no time and all we have to do is just switch people and send that other company message quick, jerking us around. And that’s the better one of the benefits of being with an independent insurance agency with good, strong independent insurance agents. The insurance agents, Home Insurance Tulsa, uh, the ones we hire experience, they know what they’re doing, they know how to insure homes and cars and whatever else it might be. We also have the advantage of being independent, but we pay our agents so well that they are incentivized to help our clients and to bring on new clients. That’s how we grow and that’s how we were going to continue to grow. And if you know anyone who might want a new career or a second career, whether that be um, you know, part time, let’s say you have someone who has kids in school and they just want to work three, four hours a week and you know, quotes from insurance here, they’re right, some extra great, we’re here for them to come on with us, but, you know, we might not pay them as much because, you know, we have to service their clients.

So anyway, uh, just thought of that. So anyway, that’s it for this podcast. Until next time it’s ensure you Oklahoma signing off.