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Alright, welcome to the newest podcast, ensure you Oklahoma gas where they insure you, Oklahoma. Today’s podcast is brought to you by mercury insurance. If the big day for the agency we just brought on a new carrier, Mercury, got our new code and we start writing auto and home business through another carrier. Whenever you’re looking for a home insurance Tulsa, it’s great to look at an independent because if it’s agencies like ours that have the ability to look at multiple companies at one, saving you time and hassle of trying to call around and get great rating. If you just call us and ensure you won’t call them up or home insurance, we can shop three or four different companies for you and make sure you’re getting the right policy and the right rate. How refreshing that you only have to make one call to a professional insurance agent to get quotes from three or four different companies and all a plus rated company.

All a plus. Meaning financially strong. If there is a financial crisis, which there will be someday, if this company can withstand that, a crisis and still pay their claim, an a plus rating, especially on home insurance call centers, usually derived from a, their, their reserves and they’re, uh, the reserve ratio. So you want a company that pushed back a lot of money into was herb. They invest that money at grows. So if there’s a giant catastrophe, which could be like a hurricane in Houston, it could be like the, uh, so back to talking about home insurance. Also with our a plus rated company. The benefit of the independent insurance agency is you have a seasoned professional who may have cut their teeth with a captive company, but now are independent and true advice, favor the client. It benefits the client when you were looking for a Home Insurance Tulsa that you are getting the right coverage from the right company at the right price.

There. You’re captive companies or they’ll call them exclusive, but the agents are captain. They are not allowed to look at the Scott or even thinking about placing your business with another company or change when they ready to race a raised the rates. They know that only 25 percent of people will shop when they’re raised to raise 75 percent of people are going to stay with them. Whereas if those clients or with a good independent agency like ensure you Oklahoma, that see your agent will do that job for you and your rates go up, or uh, they start canceling policies or they don’t want to write a lot of dentists. Whatever company you’re with in Oklahoma anymore, your professional insurance agent and sure you Oklahoma, well shop your Home Insurance Tulsa policies for you to make sure that policy mess rate, that’s company. How refreshing is that?

Can you imagine if you had a claim and all of a sudden your rates are going up 50 percent and you had to do all that work yourself? Well, when you pick the right insurance agency to begin with, you don’t have to do that. You pick the right insurance agency and they won’t do it for you. They’re professional insurance agent, they know home insurance cost like no money up and they can make sure you’re getting the policy you need a, you know, our refreshing that if there is one big captain company that was the only floor not insuring a lot of homes in the same neighborhood because they don’t want to totally concentrated position. And if they do, they search to limit the coverage. You that like they don’t offer a replacement cost coverage on a rough because if one neighborhood gets hit by hail, they’re going to replace everything in there.

So, uh, when it comes to home insurance to also make sure you call the guys down there and ensure you Oklahoma nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero and a mark or jeff and the guys will make sure that you have the coverage that you need. I’m great. So anyway, back to the difference between independent and a casket. A captive company will ask their agents. So of course their agents to sell different policy. They have quotas on different kinds of policies, life insurance, disability, whatever it is, auto insurance, home insurance policy. But in true captive company doesn’t do that, they are advisor and they’re advising you, the independent agent represent you as the client, whereas the captive agent represents the company. Now. So would you rather take a true independent who represents you or a captive agent that represents the company that they work for.

And so when looking for insurance, home insurance, especially, be sure you look for, um, a good independent agent, one that is part of the independent agents association, the Big Guy, because they are professionals, they are committed to providing you the best coverage for your Home Insurance Tulsa Now not all independent agencies represent just a bus company, but home insurance to also represent just a plus company. Often Times if an agency has companies that are a plus, it might be because there are substandard company, which isn’t bad for substandard risk. But if you are a good insurance risks, in other words, I’m your pride of ownership. You have a nice home, you take care of your home, you have good credit score, a good driving record with newer vehicles, you should be with an a plus rated company. Now when an a plus rated company has a claim and if you have a claim on your Home Insurance Tulsa, you want to make sure that you are getting the coverage and the claim is settled quickly and fairly according to the policy language.

When you have a company and you have a total roof claim, you can bet you’re going to be covered for that claim and hassle if you know a company is the rating, you know, they have to worry about her financial strength, which means they’re not going want to pay out as much money and maybe one that got an a plus rating. So, uh, your current independent agencies represent a plus companies that have a good financial strength. If one of them doesn’t have good financial site, that agency can drop that company and pick up another one that I see plus rated. If a captive agent works for a company who’s rating gets downgraded from an a plus to an a minus or a b plus, no, they can’t leave and they can’t place your business with someone else. So that’s just another reason to have your Home Insurance Tulsa

Also with a good insurance agency like the guys there to ensure you Oklahoma as we drive around Carlson. Yeah, we’ve definitely benefited from lack of storms and lack of a claim. So you know, insurance rates shouldn’t be bad right now and last year with a captive companies who might raise rates in anticipation of storms in the future, so they want to get as much premium as they can now before the storm hit. But again, you’re independent insurance agent will look at that. Hey, no, no, no. We’re going to look for a better company for our clients because we represent our client. So for Home Insurance Call Center, I want you to call mark and Jeff and the boys down there and ensure you Oklahoma nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero risk their website and ensure you oklahoma.com. Click on the testimonials page or if you’re listening to this and you might want to be an insurance agent, click on the join our team, but that’s ensure you Oklahoma for Home Insurance Tulsa ends on time. Uh, this podcast has been brought to you by mercury insurance company.