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Welcome to the next installment of the insure you Oklahoma podcast today, brought to you again by mercury insurance, mercury insurance for your auto and home need. Mercury has great pricing today in uh, Oklahoma as why ensure you Oklahoma’s decided to pick up this a plus rated company and, uh, Home Insurance Tulsa offered as an alternative to our clients. Uh, just one more company. We have to shop as an independent insurance agency that benefits you, the consumer by allowing us to shop as many companies as we can for your home insurance quote. And the, we also want to thank a total lending concepts, the best mortgage company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Uh, and coming on as one of our sponsors and strategic business partners, give total lending concepts and they’ve come to the call today for your own or refinance me. So today’s topic course, home insurance, salsa, what to look for in a policy.

And boy, what to avoid. A lot of companies are adding things into theHome Insurance Tulsa calls up a policy and it might not be things you need. And what they do is they keep raising the prices of the home insurance and it’s just, you know, turns out some of them are just ways for them to collect extra premium to help their profitability. There’s nothing wrong with insurance companies being profitable, but there needs to be a balance between a profit and value for the consumer. So when it comes to home insurance, salsa, what do you need and what don’t you need when it comes to add on to your policy? Well and ensure you Oklahoma. When we’re writing a home insurance Tulsa policy, we always want to ask you, do you have any jewelry in excess of three or $5,000 depending on the company that we’re writing with?

If you do, we suggest that we schedule a. If you have a wedding, ring it for $10,000. It’s relatively cheap to a schedule that it might be. Some companies are $9 per thousand, some are $10 per thousand. So let’s say a $10,000 raise, $10 per thousand dollars shirt for next year, $100 a year. You’re ensuring that ring for anything that could happen to it. It’s an all risk coverage with no deductible and, uh, and, and incur and includes mysterious disappearance. So if your wife is wearing her wedding ring, it’s a beach and she looks down and see that the center stone is missing. That is covered. If the rain was scheduled, schedule that is not covered. So we want to make sure that the, uh, any jewelry, nice jewelry is a Eo. Inexpensive three to $5,000 is scheduled on the followup. Just could include a nice watch.

It could be any nice jewelry. Now it’s a, a rustic cuff. You know, we probably don’t want to insure rustic cuff and 100 and $200 for a bracelet and certainly covered on the policy subject to deductible and a named peril. But on your home insurance, Tulsa, you’re probably not going to even claim a rustic cuff. This is, or your wife’s tennis bracelet or a wedding ring or your Paddock Phillipe watch or your role or your breitling, something like that that you want to make sure it’s okay. What’s next that we want to make sure we have covered? What about first? Now firms have kind of gone out of style and you know here in the south we don’t have a lot of them insured on home insurance also, but a lot of northern cities, Chicago, Minneapolis, Troy, New York, Connecticut, Boston. I know Connecticut’s not a city but know hurt for tourniquet.

If they would have ladies that have fur coats and a coach, a knife, one is 10 to $20,000 and that’s something you’d want to get covered too and not very expensive and especially the insurance companies know that these are mostly stored in the summertime and what could happen to him under store besides maybe a fire or something, but besides that, nothing really, but one of you’re walking down the streets of New York or Chicago or Minneapolis and some social social justice warrior decides that you shouldn’t have a fur coat on. So they come in, throw red paint on you and ruin your coat. Well no, vandalism is covered, but it would be subject to your deductible. Home Insurance Tulsa So you might want to schedule that. So it’s not subject to deductible and you just get a nice new. Okay. Enough about first, what about collectible baseball cards? If you have an onus, Wagner baseball card, probably the greatest shortstop to ever play a.

just look up. The stats are phenomenal, but if you have an owner’s Wagner baseball card in your home, insurance, Tulsa, uh, you probably want to keep it in a safe place, but you also want to have in because a poor value on us ragnar card, I think it’s valued around, uh, 80 to 90,000 a good a condition one is little over 200,000 in very good condition. One, there’s two or three are a million or more. So this is something you definitely want to insure and your tell you the truth. Your home insurance was the carrier might not even an offer this coverage, but since you’re with a good independent insurance agency like the shirt you will, you will be able to able to be able to shop and find coverage for you probably from Lloyd’s or another surplus carrier. So definitely, definitely talk to your agent if you have an onus wagner card now moving on from a baseball cards to gut, Home Insurance Tulsa you know, in Oklahoma we do have quite a few people with guns and we have people with Nice, nice gut.

I had the opportunity to go shooting sporting clays court not too long ago and the course and they had guns for us. This was at Hillsdale college in Hillsdale, Michigan. Uh, and the gun I was shooting was about a $4,500 gun was made for these crap core earnings, sporting clays courses and uh, and that is definitely one shirt because otherwise it might be insurance for about $1,500 on your home insurance policy. So if you have guns and a nice gun collection in excess of a couple of thousand dollars, definitely talk to your insurer. You won’t call my agent about getting them scheduled on your home insurance, social policy. Uh, so we, we’ve covered now collectibles gun jewelry first, Home Insurance Tulsa what else might you want to list on a policy? What about fine art? Now if you just have an answer, Adam’s poster framed in your home and that’s what you consider art and that’s great.

More power to you, uh, and it’s covered on your home insurance calls to follow. But if you have more than that, if you have a nice John Lennon Lissa graph, if you haven’t called her, if you have a costco, a, if you have a, maybe a remington statute, maybe a Georgia O’keeffe may be a, Oh, what’s his name anyway, but a lot of these great artists and people have a lot of their great American artwork and you want to make sure that if you have that, you’re telling your region and Home Insurance Tulsa. All right, so fine. Are a great American artist or you know, some French impressionists if you’re very rembrandt or a, a Davinci, you know, man, if you had an intervention, be awesome. Home Insurance Tulsa I would love to get A. I mean obviously it’s called the renaissance man for a reason, but anyway, if you have some fire, definitely talk to your professional, independent insurance agent added.

Sure. You Oklahoma nine one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. Okay, I think we’ve covered all the things that you might want to add to a policy to make sure you’re correct. You’re, you are insured correctly. If you have all of these things we’ve talked about, you know, Home Insurance Tulsa it’s going to be quite a bit more money, but you do have nice things that you want to make sure are covered and uh, in case anything should happen to them. So these are the things you want to add. The other thing could be a common cause deductible. So if you have a fire and you’re in your house burned to the ground in two cars were in the garage, instead of paying three different modes, you’re going to pay one. This is a good one and for pretty cheap, you can add a home warranty policy for appliances and, or you can add a identity theft coverage.

These are relatively cheap and uh, you know, they’re a good idea when something happened. Associate Daddy fast and if you have coverage up to $25,000 on your home insurance policy, you’re going to be glad you did the next episode of the insure you Oklahoma podcast. We’re going to talk about things you do not want to add your policy or things you don’t need on there. They’re just costing extra money. So until then, uh, this is Mark Morley signing off for the insurer. You Gas. Give him a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero.