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Okay. Uh, ensure you Oklahoma, all with real content podcasts, talking about home insurance. Tolson I’m talking about our expansion and new web domain name. Ensure you america.com as ensure you america.com as we expand from one state into the second, uh, we will be ensuring homes would you be doing home insurance? Tulsa in Colorado Springs and Colorado has a lot of the same issues that we have here in Tulsa. Have Hail. They have when you know, they, they don’t have a lot tornadoes except maybe out in the plains, but it’s not where our office will be. They will have snow and you know, as the year goes on they could have more weight of the snow, could get heavier and you know, say a problem with that. So

home insurance, Tulsa is not as expensive in Colorado Springs as it is in Tulsa, but we’ll be working, we have a mortgage company that we work with and they will be requesting a home insurance quotes for their clients because they need it for their closing on their home. And so that’s what we’ll be doing for them there. And the home or the insurer, you America, um, website, it’s probably good default to our website, but it’s going to be a national website. Uh, we saw are looking for Google reviews. The more the merrier. We need 15 more in the next 10 days. We have a, we need more video testimonials. We know that our client in Glenpool, Amy is not going to give us one, Home Insurance Tulsa, because we’ve dropped the ball on something that she has to do and we owned it, but all is good now.

All is good in the hood. I’m driving on South Memorial, I’m driving right by the east China buffet, which someone told me x years isn’t bad. They’re open on Christmas Day and the now, which is kind of strange, each China buffet and they serve Sushi, right? Anyway, so today for lunch we went out to a little kids grow or as the hip people there, call it the LG. And uh, we went to the country kitchen, our country cottage, one of those and it was excellent. Great. We’ll say in fried chicken. Um, some pulled pork smokes, Baloney, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy corn. Um, uh, barbecue sauce to go with it. They had some sweet taters, but anyway, it was excellent. And what the people in the LG liked to do. And my friend Brent to this today too, I didn’t know that you take a scoop of mashed potatoes, put a scoop of corn in the mashed potatoes and then put the gravy over that.

I’d never seen that before. And again, we are in Oklahoma and Home Insurance Tulsa, they call that the diabetic flatter apparently because well all of one’s crap. And this is my name’s Mark Morley. I’m the owner, founder and president of a issue. You ensure you America and ensure your home and ensure you LLC am kind of a big guy. But in there it felt skinny. I mean there was some big folk in there and while we were there, we visit one of Michael’s clients in a house and I asked him if it was an a or a B on, we said it was acute, which is interesting. It was replacement cost plus additional 20%. And it looked to me like a, it was a double wide, but they haven’t shared that with foremost but with country financial. So it’s actually really good coverage for that house because it didn’t look in the meat, that cruise ship for me.

Yeah. Some vehicles. He had no chicken though, which I was surprised though in locust grove you’d have chickens but they did not. He does have home insurance. Tulsa on his home does have auto insurance. Um, and the thing that really struck me in locust grove was that all the people there in the restaurant were older. And um, I think the younger people are all on crystal meth and they’re not hungry because you look around that place and it is, it just looked like the meth capital of the world, which is too bad. You’re talking about people being addicted to a degenerative disease. Uh, drug addiction. Take Q and rips the life out of you makes you look old. And I’m glad we don’t live there. I live outside of Tulsa or there might be messier, but I don’t know anyone that does sec. So we don’t have that problem here.

The homes for the home insurance. Also, I’ll look a little better here to actually, um, and so we have a, we don’t have a problem ensuring those for replacement costs. We need to get, we’re going to start doing reviews. So if you’re a client, you know, listen to this podcast, please note that we are going to start calling soon for annual reviews of your insurance policies to make sure everything’s Okay and you have the coverage at Uni and that you want on your auto or your home insurance to Olsen. MMM sure. You America and ensure you Oklahoma. We take the local small town feel and attention that you want. But we can, even though we’re a large agency, we can take that across many different agencies or different parts of the country as we expand and um, and Home Insurance Tulsa, grow. And we scale this thing to a multistate operation.

And year two of us being in business, which would be great, but we still need the freemiums. We still need to grow as the need to clients. And it just can’t be one state operation because we really want to grow up. So all I have to say about that is if you need a quote on your insurance cost, Shannon Harris, Mark Morley, Jeff loud or whoever our next new agent’s going to be and we will get back to you with a quote and it will be within your budget because we have a lot of options and because we’re an independent insurance that we can manage many different agencies or many different companies to get you the best and the best is what you want. And Home Insurance Tulsa, you want the best bang for your insurance dour it does it me cheap insurance means the right insurance at the right price.

So you could also, we also have motorcycle insurance, so we are more than happy to write your motorcycle and or dirt bike. You know, you automatically have liability coverage on your dirt bike if it’s on your premise. But if you just go up and over the road, you’re not on your premise, you have no liability coverage to that. Let’s say you shoot up over the road, out of a ditch in over the road and like Lora technically and I did at that time, Home Insurance Tulsa, and we landed a soybean fields and uh, uh, let’s say we caused an accident with your bike would have no coverage for that because you don’t have coverage for it. Well, if you had liability coverage to it, then you’d have liability coverage and Jenny accent, you may cause, but you are out on the open road. My friend, I had a little mini bites. So if you go off the road or cause an accident, no Elle cover Joe for you. Oh and that’s all I have to. Same of that. So if you need coverage, give us a call at (918) 322-7100 or (405) 322-5501 and one of us will get back to you soon as I can or come to our websites and sure you, oklahoma.com and soon you’ll be able to go to ensure you America Dotcom. So that’s all I have to say about that. Until next time. Mark Morris signing off later.