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Alright, do you ensure you all original content, podcasts slash blog posts? Home Insurance Tulsa, I didn’t quite finish the earlier one today and I know with our hundreds, if not thousands of fans, they’ve been waiting for me to complete this. And so I’m going to do this now as you know, ensure you. Oklahoma is an independent insurance agency. We are the premier, a independent insurance agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We also do work in Oklahoma City and we work by referral and uh, we get a lot of referrals because of the White Club treatment that we provide for our clients. Uh, they appreciate it. And if you’d like to know more about that, please go ahead and check out our number of google reviews. Um, if you haven’t smelled from me, you, there’s a link on there, but you can just google injury you, Oklahoma and when it pops up and show you how many reviews we have, we get quite a few referrals from clients because of the service we do provide by a motorcycle cop here on the Creek Nation Turnpike.

And he was pulled someone over and he was giving them a kick in the day before thanksgiving. Nice guy. What a jerk. Anyway, that guy went to the police academy to be a tax collector and screw with people. I have no respect for those guys. That’s terrible. How about, how about slow down please sir. And have a nice Thanksgiving instead of, you know, officer square nuts. Oh, went up with this guy and given them a ticket. What a jerk. Anyway, you know, I did this to the last podcast to fight by Penn. Home Insurance Tulsa, but then I eventually found it. So I’m jUst going to wing it and not take notes while we talk here today. So it’s a beautiful day. Degrees. It’d be a great day for an additional day.

But instead we’re going to be here on the podcast. Talk about home insurance, salsa. We 99 percent. All right, so I’m talking again. You know what? Here’s an idea. Apple, you had a good voice recorder and then you went and had screwed it up because you thought you were improving. how about this? Why not make some products people want to buy Instead of screwing with the original ones that you have now? No one likes, no one likes to mess with and they have to relearn it and redo it and that especially when it’s not as good. It’s not as cut. Your voice recorder sucks. If I was selling home insurance, tulsa policies and changing them and making updates and tell me you didn’t work, you know what? No one will do business with me. Just the thought, just clooney and alone and what you might want to do to make your product better and more user friendly because that’s the whole thing about technology is making our lives easier, Home Insurance Tulsa but apple doesn’t do that and I’m sorry, tim cook is is.

No a Steve jobs. Steve jobs was a vIsionary. Tim cook just screws and stuff and tries to make it better and they wonder why. Right now they’re worried about a future iphone sales we want. We want to know why you need to be worried about it because you haven’t improved the iphone. It’s the same. Home Insurance Tulsa There’s no reason for a new one and the cameras suck every single time you’re next to someone with a, a, an android phone. Other pictures I place is good. So apple may have invented this market but name and changed your mouse trap and their most traffic isn’t perfect. All they want to do is screw with it. Don’t make it a good improvements. just you can’t scroll into systems. Just my guy just tried to make it better, just try to do better instead of just changing it up, you know what I mean?

Offer different things. Don’t just keep changing what’s ham and makes the camera better because the camera sucks right now. Alright. So again, like I said, if I was selling home insurance, tulsa without vision of what the customer or client wanted, I wouldn’t be in business for so long yet. Apple was one of the first trillion dollar companies. Um, and I don’t know why. I guess I do know why, but you don’t want to happen to the appletv gone. so the only thing apple is now is a phone company and a watch company. And I got two words for you. Apple, beta max. Yeah, betamax was better technology than vhs recording, but they didn’t show me that want to share their technology or make it seamless across different technologies and different platforms and that’s what you’re doing. So you want the iphone and all your proprietary software just for yourself. Well, Home Insurance Tulsa it’s people who share and are generous and get ahead of this world and android is taking you over because because they can ever samsung phone the motorola phone and they can all these different phones and they share their technology across all the different platforms, not apple. You want to keep it all to yourself and guess what? Apple is one stock that is tanking and drawing down the technology sector and thus drawing down the market.

You’re a big company, you’re a gooD company. I get it. But without innovation you’re going to have to do something different and the iphone just isn’t enough. LIke I said, the camera sucks. Pictures suck. And that’s all I have to say about that. So let’s get back to home insurance. Tall. Stuck. Fourth time I’ve said that right now I’m in south tulsa by oral roberts university, a, uh, matthew elliot. I was uh, going smile maribel, and by the turn of the busiest walmarts in the world, I think you’re at. Home Insurance Tulsa Let’s see. We’re at 81st and lewis, but it’s also the one where like people make crystal meth in there and crimes are committed in the parking lot right here by the nice for you students. a couple of miles south on 61st and lewis, which is going to be a bad part of town, like 61st in peoria.

Same thing. And, But we’re right here by the main center at oral roberts university. You know, you would think oral roberts could get enough money and change the ugly gold everything. Make it a little more modern instead of just like this kooky banking seventies architecture everywhere. Baseball team, good baseball stadium for a lot of the other stuff. Just kind of go, you know, you hear about goofy stuff here, you know, if you’re in school here and you get a boyfriend or girlfriend and other afraid of even hook it up. but where I’m going, I’m going down the street here to the southern hills marriott, or I’m going to talk to someone about home insurance, tulsa. We have an Home Insurance Tulsa we had a referral from a local mortgage broker and what we do is we take care of the home insurance policy for someone’s closing and insurance mortgage brokers like us and they trust us to make sure we get it all done right, get it done the first time at a great cost and the interest and worry about the insurance for closing because they just work with us and we get done for them.

So if you wanT the best and home insurance all say you want to call, ensure you Oklahoma, go to insure you oklahoma.com. Click on some testimonial videos or just us out. Check on a salad on the google with a google reviews. Uh, we’re still collecting them. Were so many more. If you are a current client, you haven’t left this one, we sure would appreciate it. Let us know if we’ve done a good enough job or how we may improve. We appreciate five stars. Be click right down there, Home Insurance Tulsa so that’s all about all I have to say about that. I’m over here by the iop and the old good, fresh mexican food, but I’m still fast food mexican food, so we’re going to go over shock had today at 41st and sheridan and get some good. Get some kibbey in. Grape leaves, cabbage rolls, homer, Some other good food. alright, well that’s all I got for this one. We’ll talk more later and we’re going to name this one. Why the iphone sucks and industry you oklahoma’s great.