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l right, welcome to podcast is sure you, Oklahoma all original podcast number 49. My name is Mark Morley. I’m the owner and president. I’m ensure you Oklahoma. You can visit us@ensureyouOklahoma.com or give us a call at nine. One eight, three, two, two seven, one zero, zero. And we will help to ensure you Oklahoma. So today

a podcast is brought to you by ensure you Oklahoma Okmulgee, our newest location and just opened up south of the Tulsa Metro area and Okmulgee, Oklahoma. We are proud to open our second location. Things are really booming and ensure you will call them. And as we help people to, uh, get Home Insurance Tulsa, we’re happy to announce that we now have another carrier. We now have all state and we have two locations, one in Tulsa, one in Okmulgee. We have a new agent starting in the Tulsa office and we’re interviewing two new ones for the old fogy office.

Before we were so rudely interrupted. Oh, we’re talking about Home Insurance Tulsa we can help you with your Home Insurance Tulsa, Bob, the business owners, a home insurance policy. We can write your personal umbrella policy or what they call it, all state of pumps and that kind of funny to call it a pump. I guess it a personal umbrella policy, which is great. So anyway, we are A. I’ve been going in to location South Tulsa on mingle memorial and we have a second location and the Macola building on the fifth floor API to be serving our customers and clients. Five slash 20 slash seven there. Hopefully we’ll get a google to identify and soon with a, uh, sending us a postcard and we will verify regardless for home insurance, told us that you want to talk to us, sending sure you Oklahoma where we ensure you will call them.

Uh, uh, especially for Home Insurance Tulsa. That’s what we really specialize in. Getting people the right coverage at the right price. And the great thing about insurance, you, Oklahoma is one call and one stop is all you need. You don’t need to call four or five, you can just call us. And we are writing with Safeco, mercury progressive, and allstate. So we have four, eight plus companies that we’re going to be able to get a strong quotes from, what one company might not have an appetite for, maybe another hour will accept. And a good example of that might be dogs. You know, some, uh, some companies don’t like dogs, others don’t mind on personally. I love dogs and uh, but when it comes to a Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, a one dog bite x across your insurance company or you a portrait. So you want to make sure that you have a nice friendly dog or the no one had access to that dog because if they do and they get a dog bite, you know, quite frankly what insurance companies do is they just saying because you were at fault, it doesn’t matter if you’re a little kid and was in your back yard causing mischief.

If you have a dog that bites your fault. So that will be a claim on your home insurance. If you have a dog bite claim, you will never get insurance anywhere else unless you get rid of the dogs are put the dog down. So just be careful if you have a dog sexually, you want an, a, you know, biting breeds like a German shepherd or a rottweiler or pitbull because on your home insurance to all Cisco makes a big deal. So, uh, and ensure you, Oklahoma, we, we can find markets for it. A progressive, I don’t know, mercury, probably not safe code, not a chance, but, uh, allstate, you know, if it’s the right risk, they’ll take it. So a great company in Northbrook, Illinois, and one of the sponsors of today’s program, along with ensure you Oklahoma Okmulgee, uh, our second location. We’re really excited to be in Okmulgee, great people down there and great risks to ensure, uh, and we’re, we’re getting two new agents down there to represent us, which would be great. Really looking forward to, um, expansion down there and then maybe even some more other cities beyond the Mobi. So, uh, when it comes time for Home Insurance Tulsa give us a call at nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero. And we will get you.

We’ll get you fixed up the right company at the right price, or most importantly, like covered what we really don’t want cheap insurance extended before. I’ll say it again. Cheap insurance is cheap suit. Uh, you may sense you’re getting a deal when you first get it, but it won’t be long before you’ll be regretting that. So for home insurance, so be sure you talk to an experienced agent

and you get to drink water. It’s hot summer in Oklahoma, July in Oklahoma. Uh, you need to have the right coverage. I didn’t mature. And also because around this time you’re going to have kids shooting off fireworks and it’s hot and it’s dry. And if some mortar or other firework lands on your rough, it could be time, it could be a big fire. And if you’re not covered right, boom, no coverage and now stuck a for it yourself or destroyed. And you’re not covered, right? Man, you are not going to be what you want is right. Coverage at the right price with the right company, not cheap insurance. Again, say it would be not cheap, like cheap Sushi. You feel like you’re getting a deal to start with.

Anyway. What I’d also like to ask is for our clients, satisfied customers, friends, family and country men leave us a Google review and share you Oklahoma Dotcom. We sure appreciate it. Uh, the more reviews we have, the more satisfied customers who have more, we’re going to be able to help other people and ensure you Oklahoma and get their Home Insurance Tulsa covered correctly with one of our four companies were actually, uh, you know, it’s probably a little premature to a now it says, but we’re also adding a fifth home insurance companies soon. And, uh, once we do that, just more opportunity for us to sell and service our clients and keep them happy and covered correctly because actually a company should have a big rate increase. And when they do, you can either start making phone calls or your current agent can shop you with someone else.

Oh, isn’t that nice to know that when you’re always ensure you, Oklahoma, that your agency is going to be always looking out for what’s best for you. And when I say ensure you, Oklahoma, the EU, it’s just the capital you, it’s all one word, ensure you will call them a.com home of the fastest insurance quotes on the planet and uh, you will be happy that you gave us a call for your home insurance also because we specialize in home insurance. Also making sure you get the right policy at the right price, the right company for you, and that trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. The last thing you want is the wrong coverage or cheap coverage that you think you have better coverage than you do. And you don’t know when it comes to claim time, your nerve credit. So, um, anyway, we’re expanding to cities now.

Next thing you know, three, four, five cities and then the entire state of Oklahoma as we become the largest independent insurance agency in Oklahoma, ensuring Home Insurance Tulsa cars, commercial boats, rvs, recreational vehicles, you name it, we insured if you can burn it or lose it, if it can get blown away or just go, we will insure it. So for professional insurance advice, so you aren’t worried about that check coming in the mailbox when it’s time for the claim to be paid. You call ensure you Oklahoma with a plus rated companies and get the best coverage for the best price. You know what she’d do? Cheat sheet insurance for home insurance called Home Insurance Tulsa Call the guys that ensure you Oklahoma.com. Until next time with five casts 50. This is Mark Morley saying goodbye and keep it covered.