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Alright, let’s go. Alright, if the ensure you won’t call them a podcast. Original content. Good. Good. Good stuff. Where we talk about home insurance, Tulsa, we talk about having a great new career. We talked about auto insurance, a insurance quotes, Tulsa. I’m, I’m right now leaving the office. It’s a beautiful day. No home but 91 degrees on in August, which is a beautiful day in Oklahoma because it could be 101 throwing 91 and in and out to the oaks country club with Josh. Josh is a mortgage broker in town and one of the best, uh, I have no problem referring people to Josh. He is a pro and he’s just not good at is business man. I mean this guy, Home Insurance Tulsa volunteers through American cancer society. He’s raised a ton of money. I’m saving to over $10,000 this year. This is just a good guy. I like. I do business with good people.

I don’t have, I don’t have the time for people who aren’t good people. Attitudes on him. You know what? Life’s too short. You can be a great business person and being an asshole on that, but if you’re a good person, I don’t like you. I’m going to do what I can to help you. So anyway, that’s my deal with Josh. Josh it a m mortgage, give him a call. His wife Jean was a sweetheart. You cancer survivor. Beautiful woman. Anyway, uh, I am mark. I am the owner and founder of ensure you, Oklahoma. Ensure you is your premier independent insurance agency. And we help people from anywhere in the state of Oklahoma from the Kansas border, Arkansas. Home Insurance Tulsa, I guess this isn’t working. Can Hang on. All right, let’s talk about more about these tree. Oh, okay. Now we’re on just working. So.

Alright. So where are we talking about Josh and Jamie and a few nice people. So I’m now just cross the artists in our river. I’m on my way to the oaks country club for their Friday lunchtime barbecue of faith, which I wanted to go to because I smelled it last night when we were out there and they were working on the hasty bakes and I was talking to someone about their home insurance, Tulsa when I was out there and they’re very excited about the value proposition of being able to vote seven different company to make sure that they get the best price, the best, uh, for the money. And that’s what we do at assure you, Oklahoma. We are professional, independent insurance agents. Home Insurance Tulsa It all we do is look out to the best of our clients. No, you can’t have home insurance, auto insurance. You need auto insurance with home and companies just make it impossible for you to have separately.

So when you look for a home insurance also, you definitely want to make sure you have your auto insurance with the same company. Makes lot of sense. Um, and your professional insurance agent, when you’re looking for insurance quotes, Tulsa will help you with that and make sure you’re getting the right coverage at the right price. Like I said, it’s a beautiful day the day for some golf, although my son dragged me out there and we play 18 last night, finished in the dark, but it was a k nine, nine or 18 holes. I shot a 93 little higher than I like to shoot. Anyway, check out our website, ensure you oklahoma.com. We appreciate any positive google reviews you might need us. Home Insurance Tulsa um, uh, also if you want to get a quote on your home insurance also just click on the part in the website that allows you to get a quote and then we’ll get back to you right away.

You’re going to be surprised with how fast we call you back and what a, what a white glove service really is and what we provide. Ensure you Oklahoma. You could also check out, we have a good facebook page. Ensure you Oklahoma facebook page. We have some good reviews on there and we are always looking for new clients. Serve and show people what is Sharon can be what? So your then recognize what you have now is not what you need. And you know, quite frankly, and insurance policies and insurance policy, they all pretty much covered the same things, but it’s the service of the agent that’s going to make the difference in your experience. So, and, uh, ensure you Oklahoma. We provide what we call white glove insurance service and that is insurance service like you’ve never had before. And when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, that’s what we provide white glove service and the best home insurance Tulsa rates in the county.

And we’re not kidding about that. Uh, we are the premier independent personal lines insurance agency in Tulsa County and we have an office down in Okmulgee county as well. And our goal is to serve the people of Oklahoma better than any other insurance agency in town or in the state. And we do that by calling people back by getting the coverage state need by helping with rate pricing. And, uh, there’s someone with a dog hanging out the window. And if you need great pricing, if you need great service, if you have a claim, you want to make sure that you’re getting the right service and ensure you have home is the people you’re going to call it. So call us at a, Home Insurance Tulsa in the eastern part of the state. Nine one eight, three, two, two seven. One zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, seven, one.

Oh No. The western part of the state is nine one eight. Nope. The western part of the state is four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And there johnny lodgers pulled someone over, ruined their day. I bet that’s why that guy became a cop to be a tax collector and just give tickets out to people going a little over the speed limit. Speed limits were made when back in the eighties, in the nineties maybe. And um, what bs? I mean, how much better our cars made now then when those speed limits for me, you know, uh, my truck has magnetic suspension and you know, a high performance engine and you know, handles great at top speeds are Mercedes is even better. You know, what if handled fine a hundred miles an hour, but feeling attendant changed bit, heaven forbid we do, we keep speed limits artificially low, uh, as a revenue source for the county, state or municipals, Home Insurance Tulsa you know, you have a cop that pulls you over and he’s got tomato, state, county, municipal, old fender data systems so he can look up anything and anyone and see if they’ve, uh, our offenders and isn’t it be.

Yeah. So I mean, let’s face it, I can get out of a ticket when my attorney, he calls the courthouse and the DA and all I have to do is pay a little money and I’d spent on my record, I got pulled over the other day and the cop goes, well, I’ll let you go since you haven’t had a ticket since 2012 or something. Well that’s not true. I met lots of times. I just get out of them because I can afford an attorney. You will make a phone call for me. I’m not a poor. People can’t do that. So they get nailed and they get taken on the record and then their insurance goes up, they buy a new car and their insurance goes up again and you know, these are the people who can’t afford it. And then we actually had the city, state county municipal police officers coming down on them and they become the revenue source. So it’s actually picking on the poorest of our society that ends up hurting them even more and it takes them. They can’t leave their job to go fight this, but you know. Anyway, that’s how it goes with police giving you bs. Ticky tacky tickets. All right. That’s it for this podcast and the 89th podcasts. Until next time, signing off.