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Good morning. It is, uh, let’s see, January 21st, 2019 as we continue the ensure you Oklahoma or ensure you America five gas. That’s right. You can find a set, ensure you oklahoma.com or you can find a set, ensure you america.com and both will take you to our website. There’s a, there’s some testimonial videos from clients you can see on there and get to get a couple, Home Insurance Tulsa, to see what others think of us. You can click on get a quote and will you just send us some information and we will get you the quote you need. Um, you could also look around there, see are, you know, different information about insurance. Definitely information about us, who we are, what we do and you can see information. Or if you are a captive insurance agent or someone who would like to be an insurance agent, you can Home Insurance Tulsa, click on the join our team button and that will give you some information about joining our team.

Uh, and if, if that’s the case for any of those things, feel free to call the agency at (918) 322-7100 or (405) 322-5501. Home Insurance Tulsa, we were pretty proud of our website. We’re always making improvements. We’re trying to make it as user friendly as possible as well as entertaining. You might click on there and listened to our most recent radio ad that cert on 1170 in Tulsa, 1170 am between noon and two on a dry patch show. Uh, how, let me a little shout out for the primetime show. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, I highly recommend the thrive time show on your radio or go to their website and download some of their podcasts. And then if you have the time, well, you know what, if you don’t have the time, I suggest you make the time to attend one of their conferences. It’s a two day conference.

They do a fantastic job. It’s like drinking from a fire hose out. They will give you so much information and help you with so many things. I guarantee that you will come away with some ideas that will help your business if you’ve never worked with them again. Then conferences worth every penny of it. They do a great, great job. So back to the insurer, you America or is sure you Oklahoma, uh, bobcat. This is all original content. No one does what to we don’t go a report is this for us? No one transcribes it for us. This is us. This is who we are at Oklahoma. We are the Premier Home Insurance Calsa Insurance Agency for mortgage brokers in town. Why is that? Well, we provide white glove service. We provide, uh, the ability to call what agency in shop up to five or seven different carriers.

We can keep shopping until we get exactly what we need rather than calling a captivate to see that is, that has one company to shop with. We are a, Home Insurance Tulsa, independent insurance agency, which means we represent multiple companies. In fact, today this morning I’m going to meet with our representative from mercury insurance. We played quite a bit of home insurance telson with mercury, but mercury does require the auto and home together. So people have to be willing to move their auto and home, which quite frankly is not a big deal because if you don’t use your, your auto and home together if you don’t bundle it and the progressive for that term. But if you don’t fund all your auto and home insurance, you’re not getting the best insurance value. The best insurance value is the best coverage for the right price. You know, we’ve talked about this in podcast whore, you know you can have great coverage but you may be paying a fortune for it or you may have real shirt rubbed, chief insurance, but it’s providing you a no coverage because all your agent did was rip policy apart to give you a policy in name only and then you don’t have what you need.

But it’s cheap so you feel good about it.

So when it comes to home insurance, salsa, of course I’m sure you Oklahoma, we provide the best insurance value by shopping different companies in the devil. Companies that we represent are all safe mercury, SAFECO, aggressive, mid America, equity travelers, metlife. So you see we have o amtrust, we have a large large selection of companies to choose from when we’re shopping your insurance coverage to make sure you’re getting what you need. You know a lot of times when you have a mortgage, the mortgage company is going to estimate what the costs will be and if the cost is too high for your insurance, you might not qualify for the coverage. I mean for the mortgage and that’s the last thing we want. So we will sometimes provide that policy, that home insurance, salsa policy that’s a little stripped down to get your clothes. And then we want to meet again to review your policy and your coverages to make sure you have what you want and not what mortgage company required.

What do you care what the mortgage company requires. You want the coverage that you want today and case or when the storm comes, the fire happens, the locus invade, whatever it might be. So wanting to go to ensure you america.com ensure you oklahoma.com and you could even just send us a message or call us if you would like to review. We’re not opposed to sitting down with someone and reviewing coverages are reviewing current policies to see what they have is good queer insurance advisors where an insurance salesman. So if what you have is adequate and it’s good, we’re going to tell you we had someone just the other day. She had been with state farm for quite a while. She was referred to us by a local wealth manager, Doug Scott. Shout out to Doug and um, what she had was good. I really liked it.

I didn’t even run close to see if we can be cheaper because I think what she had was good. So you’ve been with a good company for a long time. She was a single woman and never had claims. Is price on both auto and homeless exceptional. And what she had was good. So the advisors say with where she is, but an umbrella policy, she needed an umbrella policy. So her home insurance, social good but so did everything else. Um, and quite frankly she was older, maybe seemed a little confused and I didn’t want to confuse her a little more by you know, trying to switch up for insurance or whatever. It’s, it’s all right, you know, and ensure you Oklahoma, we don’t get rich by writing one or two policies, but we are rich when we help people get what they need. And so we feel great about what we do and how we help people and that’s how we sleep at night.

I have, Home Insurance Tulsa, as of now have 28 years of experience in insurance and financial services. I started doing this in 1991. Uh, in the meantime, I have received my certified financial planner designation. Um, I’m not in this business to take advantage of people to have to desperately build a business. I have the experience and, Home Insurance Tulsa, my favorite thing about this business is helping people and it’s about insurance value in insurance education. So give us a shout out and ensure you america.com or ensure you oklahoma.com give us a call, but it’s just set an appointment and come on in. We’ve, if you go through our website and click on get a quote and you just need an insurance review, she has right there, we’ll pay a $50 for insurance if you will, to compare rates. All you have to do is click that button, make an appointment to come in with your current auto and home insurance.

Tulsa, we’ll sit down in our conference room, we’ll review your coverage, and if we can do better, great. If we can’t, great. But either way, we’re going to pay 50 bucks for that symptom. So that dent, my name’s Mark Morley, m. O. R. L. E. Y. I’m the owner, founder, president of ensure you will call them and.com and we look forward to trying to earn your business. We look forward to helping you make sure that you have the coverage that you need when the time comes and the claims happen, which we live in Oklahoma and they do happen. And that’s why, Home Insurance Tulsa, insurance costs here are not cheap. So that’s it for this podcast. If you would like to transcript of it, you can just go to the website and request a transcript and we’ll go ahead and send it to you. Until next time. This is podcast one six zero I believe.