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Good morning and happy holidays. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and happy Kwanzaa. Home Insurance Tulsa , this is the ensure you Oklahoma, all original content podcasts today brought to you by Midwest insurance. And we’re going to get into that and just a little while, but the insurance just doesn’t do home insurance, salsa. They all should do businesses and small businesses. We have a couple of outlets for small businesses popped policies, those insurance lingo for business owners policy. But these holiday seasons you might be thinking about getting married, uh, and uh, happy and cheerful. And that may for some of you listening include, uh, indulging and medical marijuana or cannabis. I know I’m not judging. Home Insurance Tulsa , but here in Oklahoma, uh, medical marijuana law passed and so there are medical marijuana places that you can pick up your medical marijuana from winter remain Aou, aches, pains, undiagnosed, lower back damage then causes pain.

But the damage can be diagnosed by MRI or ask him, I get it. You need some weed for that, that’s great. But being an independent insurance agency, we can absolutely ensure those businesses. So when you go to your local weed dealer and you pick out your pot, you’re wondering, Oh, if I slip and fall in my cupboard here, well, there’s a lot that you might not be, but sure. You Oklahoma, we could insure those businesses. Yes, we insure autos, cars. We insure home insurance, Tulsa. We can ensure motorcycles and RVs and cars and boats and planes and trains and automobiles. But we can also ensure a lot of small businesses. And what are the small businesses that we are able to ensure our medical marijuana stores? I’ve driven around a lot. I’ve never seen one. I see that CBD oil, which I just assume it’s snake oil.

It’s just the latest fad, latest plan. But I don’t see, anyway, I don’t see a lot of medical marijuana dispensary. Maybe they’re out there. I mean, it’s just not where I hang out, but we can ensure those now. It’s probably not cheap and I don’t know if we can show inventory. That’s a great question. Home Insurance Tulsa , so anyway, uh, we don’t test ensure home insurance Tulsa. We can ensure it all your Yori wedding ring. You’re fine. Piece of art. You’re Renoir or Picasso, we can ensure your wine collection, your motorcycle, you’re three, we were your four wheeler. If you have a six week or an 18 wheeler, we do insure. Yep, that’s right. We can insert trucks and we do. So we’re big into total. We are independent insurance agency. So if you need it ensured all you have to do is ask us and we can find a carrier for it and we can get a place and a lot of people, a lot of agencies can’t do it. Your captain made, we’ll see. Definitely can’t do it, but we can because we’re independent. The independent agent system benefits one person and that’s the client because you don’t have an agent that’s beholden to just one company and trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. You have us who can get you exactly what you need.

And uh, I agree. We were talking about, uh, certain cannabis shops and a string cannabis. Home Insurance Tulsa , so I’m not sure exactly where my piece of paper just went, where I was keeping track of home insurance, salsa. I’ve got to find that or it go anyway. Uh, so that was for and ensuring the cannabis shops. It is not something you cannot extend liability off your home insurance. Tulsa to that shot. You need a separate standalone policy and it has to cover liability coverage and probably some property in it. Now, uh, I’m not sure about inventory because inventory could be sketchy with that. Like if the whole place burned down, what happened Jim? Half million dollars of inventory on the firefighters gets sewn. I Dunno, I guess it could be that, but it’s not like another policy, you know, you need high liability, Kenneth, I liability limits and he got to make sure that you’re properly covered or else someone gets hurt in your place, they’re going to take it all.

They know that you have a half million dollars inventory there. You might be able to pay them off and inventory, but then you’re out that amount of money. So the point is we got to have the right amount of liability coverage and product and inventory coverage and then we can get you the right coverage and it’s not going to be cheap. You know there’s going to be an application fee. I’m probably $1,000 because quite frankly, we’re going to have to do a lot of work and we don’t know if you’re going to be in business six months, there’s going to be a policy fees and premium and quite frankly a lot of this it’s going to cost money, but you know you’re in an old cash, big business and it’s going to cost some money, man. So my accountant advised on a $1,500 application fee might do that.

But anyway, that’s it. I mean if you’re running in the cannabis business, it’s not going to be cheap. Can Be expensive. Now you might be able to buy a really nice house and when you do that, we can write the home insurance salsa for the night house. You might be able to drive a nice car and we’re going to be able to in the car for you. It’s like Saul Goodman or our place and it’s all good man. And when you take a lot of, when you make a lot of money or to be on invested for you to again put in a bank, but we can invest it and we can advise on investing in real estate or stocks, bonds, commodities, anything that takes, we’ll provide that kind of advice for you. Our owner and founder is not just an insurance and investment professional. He is also a certified financial planner.

So he is able to help you with a lot of things that you might need when it comes to your money, your future, your retirement, your wealth management. So if you want to, you want to go to ensure you Oklahoma visit, ensure you oklahoma.com we can advise on any of this. The cannabis business, just like any other business, it’s just you’re selling widgets. We don’t care what you’re selling, you’re selling widgets. So, uh, we can ensure the widgets and your liability from selling. So call us at nine 186-SEVEN-ONE-16, three zero no, don’t call that number. Call (918) 322-7100 or (405) 322-5501 and uh, we can help you out and we’ll take care of the insurance part. You don’t worry about the rent, we will get that in place for you. Whether it’s a home, auto life, mechanical breakdown, liability, general liability, inventory, business, business, auto life, disability, longterm care.

If you mention it, we can insure it. If you can burn it, crash it, lose it, get it stolen or have something run into it, we can insure it. So we’re happy to, happy to help at a time. And that’s about all we have for today’s podcast. We’re here looking at a client’s Kawasaki Mule that could be stolen in any time because he leaves it open with the keys in it, but at least we’re finally getting fiber optic high speed internet out here in the country, in South County. So that’s all I have to say about that.