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Alright, podcast one five three one 53 we’re getting up there. Home Insurance Tulsa, so I mean sure you Oklahoma, all original content podcast on Home Insurance Tulsa, December 10th day of our Lord 2018 man, how the time flies. I remember when we were just kids, everybody you get this old, remember buying our first house and Home Insurance Tulsa, my wife and I were young. Let’s see, we were, it was a nice 23. It was the year after we got married and so we were 26, 27 years old and we bought our first house together. I had owned a house before that and the house is 20 years old. Little town in Indiana. And Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, first thing we had to do for the closing is make sure we add the home insurance, Tulsa. And we did, I remember at the time taken for a 20 year old house. That’s an old house, 1993. So it was built in 1971. So it’s 22 years old. I was thinking about how old them was. Of course I was only 27 so 2123 year old houses old. You Blink, you have another house, Sunday, wake up the next morning you have another one, you lived somewhere else and you wake up from a dream and you have another house and we got the house. Bigger packet, pull more stuff, more stuff that needs to make sure it’s insured correctly. You have the right home insurance, salsa. Well, what are you insuring and all you’re insuring his stuff and more stuff. I think you can’t live without it, but she didn’t have that stuff 20 years ago. Have that stuff two weeks ago. It’s just stuff.

Oh, there’s some stuff you don’t want to live without your clothes. Maybe some jewelry, maybe some computers, all your records on it. But here we are coming up on Christmas and there’s going to be just more stuff. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to buy and sell them more stuff and give it to each other and we don’t know what to do with it all. So we’re going to stick it in the closet. No, we’ve got to make sure we’re insuring it. So we have the right home insurance called some for that. You know what I don’t need, I don’t need more stuff.


nothing I need. I think Sam, what? There’s nothing I need. So maybe we shouldn’t, sure. Just the things we need and that’s the things we want.


Because all of it, what we need is getting us back to where we were for Home Insurance Tulsa. Makes us whole again. It makes us laugh.


I dunno. Is that really what we need to ensure? It gets us more of a philosophical,


Question and then a practical question.


Yeah. I want a nice bed. Oh, I needed a bed.


I want to add, if Felipe Watch Timex just does good. I like new set of golf clubs, but you know what? The clubs aren’t. My problem is that I suck at golf. That’s my problem. I’d like a remote control golf cart. So I asked tomorrow, I don’t need a golf cart. Zach walk out of my front house and turn right or left and go for a walk. So I dunno. We ended up ensuring all of our stuff ended up costing a lot of money. So maybe you sit down with your independent insurance agent, you talk about your stock, how much do you need, you know you’re starting to think about what you’re actually ensuring on your home insurance salsa. You might be shocked that you’re paying for something you don’t need. Yeah, you might want it. Don’t need it. I’m talking about the stuff. You haven’t taken the goodwill yet. I’m talking about this stuff. Why do we have stuff that we put in storage? You sat and thought about that for a minute. We fill our houses with stuff.


Stuff we don’t use and then the house can so full that we can’t use, we don’t have a space for the stuff we don’t use, so we rent a place to store the stuff we don’t use, but we don’t have room in our house because we are more stuff that we don’t use. Yeah, strange. We’re definitely a consuming society and what are the things I guess we’re consuming as home insurance, salsa and we get that to ensure stuff. Do we really need all this stuff and sure. Or do we want the house insured and then assessing what if we had a policy that’s just and show your house, your furniture or your clothing.


but not all your stuff. Yeah, your kid, Home Insurance Tulsa, drum set.

He hasn’t played in three years that needs to be insured because I’m here to tell you if your house burns down and you make a claim on your home insurance salsa, you’re not going to get the value for that drum kit unless you replaced it. Now your son is in play drums in three years, so why are you going to go out and replace the drum kit? They’re just going to give you actual cash value for it anyways since kind of strange. It is strange. So if you have anything you haven’t used in awhile, then maybe you don’t need to insure it. Maybe you don’t need to put in storage. Maybe just get rid of it. Well maybe someone else can use your stuff instead you keep buying stuff that you don’t need. Paying insurance to insure your stuff. And then we are houses to both stuff.

You’re taking this storage and you are now paying for insurance on the stuff and you’re paying a storage fee for this stuff and insurance. Oh my God. It’s mind boggling. My wife actually won’t. We just got back from a trip to Grand Cayman and my wife didn’t take her jewelry that we’ve been fortunate. I don’t get it. Why do you have stopped it? You don’t use, but you’re paying for insurance. Get rid of the stock man. Holy Cow. Yeah. We’re on a control as society. I think here is going to be Christmas and get more stuff. You know what I want for Christmas of golf balls? Something I’ll use. I don’t want anything else. There is nothing else I need or want. I don’t want more stuff. I need you to read stuff. That’s what I’m going to do starting this afternoon. Are we getting rid of stuff and not insuring stuff?

Why do I even have collision coverage on an old car that’s only worth $5,000 it’s ridiculous. Hey, all this money for this job, managing how much money you would have if you didn’t buy stuff. You didn’t insure stuff. You didn’t pay to store stuff. You weren’t worried about your stuff and it’d be a lot simpler. All right, well, so anyway. You know what? I actually have an old car in the garage. Oh, trunk in the garage that I insure. Talk about stuff. It hasn’t been driven in four months, six months since May. Holy Moly. I got to get my shit together. Okay, so stop insuring. Stop. Start. You can’t afford to lose. I can afford to lose my stuff. I can’t afford to lose some stuff. I can assure you I can afford to lose the stuff that’s just stuff from, doesn’t matter.

You know? I mean I, I can’t, I can’t afford to lose the walls and the windows and the paints and draperies in my house. I can assure you I can afford to lose one damn pro pill like God, we have a lot of stroke. Are they insured? Probably. Anyway, the stuff in my freezer really, you know, home insurance policies to cover stuff in your freezer. If you really need stuff in your freezer or your refrigerator, cold, refrigerated products. Hi God, how much do you have any refrigerator? Hopefully not enough to cover your $5 $1,500 deductible. But it could be, but if he didn’t, shame on you. Start being smart with your money. Talk to your independent insurance agent and ensure what needs to be insured and forget the rest. That’s it.