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Good afternoon welcome to the most heavily heavily and participated you oklahoma, podcast 7100, brought to you by allstate insurance company, insurance agency, call 818-322-7100 and keep in colton right now, and so what happened to your homie current tulsa when it’s a hundred two-degree, especially if it’s a flat shingle roof a lot of insulation in your attic, properly vent a damn. It look like you can suck, but she doesn’t. Home Insurance Tulsa Why paint on holmes and cruise i, just don’t last as long in tulsa say your home address off and is not coming it. Also. Your air conditioner isn’t working overtime when it’s not like that, and so you have to make sure that you have replace the air conditioner filter. Where was I i. Think I was talking about the wear and tear on your keys and are most of your air system for years.. Make sure your air filter make sure through one of the companies like mercury and as at your home warranty. So you can do homework when it comes to replacing home insurance tulsa. So your point break, so you can call someone to get a check or replace because because the core of the earth inside your self, if they are for they, this will save you a lot of money and energy cost to run your air conditioner all day. Air filter again, like i, said $30 a year and what a great coverage, because calling you recall that he was 15 years old. You are a window error, vandalism or anything like that, would be covered. Home Insurance Tulsa All your home appliances. You have air conditioner, furnace, frigerator, stove or range oven. You have hot water heater, yet you have all sorts of things that could be covered under home warranty might want to consider getting it maurice water and it does a lot of damage. That’s going to be covered by your home insurance, hot water, heater, shorted out a bunch of appliances that would be home, warranty, home, insurance tulsa at least a week in advance before you need it. Insurance companies get leery about people who get drunk at the last minute and get the insurance they need more than a week in advance. So definitely want to do that are premiums by having a less than $1,000 and $100 worth of park. So you can settle claim and make sure you have a good idea schedule time to review your coverage, a college sure you oklahoma and stacy correct

Home insurance tulsa springs of funny time in tulsa when it comes to the storms and tornadoes most people don’t know. But last year we had 2 * 72 tornadoes last spring in oklahoma. The average in the spring is only 47 in the month of may. In 2017 we had 57 in the state so spring is here it’s 2018. What does it look like? Well, nobody knows yet, although it’s been pretty mild so far, but we have a week of bad weather coming and what would that bring little bring tornadoes? Home Insurance Tulsa Will it rain storms will it bring hail? Is your home insurance tulsa adequate? If you need to file a claim home insurance is the one thing that everyone who owns a home must have, because you are protecting one of your most valuable assets. Your second most valuable have said behind you, your ability to earn a living this past winter. We had a lime in ya, lahwi, climbing your pattern. It was cold and wet for northeastern oklahoma. We did have some cold snap. What is relatively dry winter until we got to february lanina has now weekend and it has faded away, but the effects will linger into spring. Looking at past week, lanina springs those years we saw an average of 20% 21%, less tornadoes, then the average spring.

So will we have 21% less than average, which was is 47, so that would get us down to about 37 or 38. In for the state of oklahoma for the spring forecast, we actually have some meteorologist in tulsa, saying we’ll see average purchase precipitation. So every time I ran across most of state and temperatures look to be above every so far. That’s what we’ve seen and your home insurance tulsa needs to be in place for this kind of weather. The home insurance tulsa doesn’t need to be in place after the weather comes and needs to be in place before so now is the time to set an appointment with your insurance representative and cover and go over the coverages that you have so there’s no surprises when claim time comes in the spring home. Insurance is the one thing we don’t want to mess with. We want to make sure it’s coverage is in place and it’s done the right way. It’s more important to talk to a person buying a policy about what is covered rather than talk to a claimant, about what is not covered. The drought in our state continues to the westin the far north-west. We could easily see above average tornadoes for march and april, but likely to below-average for may and june, and good news is we’re already here in the june overall, most meteorologist degree of a below-average count on tornadoes as summer arrived and that’s always seemed so far below average number of tornadoes. Although we have had a few storms with damaging winds and hail, and we have had home insurance claims because of it, and we want to make sure that home insurance tulsa is covered correctly.

Anything can happen. You can have damage to your yard. Barn to your outdoor furniture, directional barn to the kids, playset and we’ve even seem damage to swimming pools because of hail. Shingles on the roof are probably the most susceptible to damage in oklahoma, they may say we have a 30-year roof, but on average, if your roof last 10 years, then you’re lucky hail, damage can be severe without you even noticing it takes a trained professional to get up on the roof and the look at the hail damage and access from there. We’ve had many instances where someone didn’t think that they had hail damage, but their neighbors dead and wanted professional got up on the roof. They saw that the roof was damaged and did need to be replaced. If the person didn’t have the roof looked at for a year, then it’s time to file a claim would have been passed in the same would be denied. The last thing you want is a claim to be denied, because you didn’t have someone out so when there’s a bad storm, if you feel that there could be damaged, that’s when you call your insurance professional call, your insurance professional. Have them look at your home insurance tulsa and take their advice they’re there to help you they’re there to make sure that you are covered correctly. Home insurance tulsa can be tricky, because if you have a bad claim, if something bad happens, you are required to make sure that there is not any more damage done to the home. Your quote-unquote mitigate the claim and stop it from deteriorating. This could be anything it could be a tarp over a roof or could be photographing and videotaping any damage that you do see.

Your insurance professionals here to help the home insurance tulsa is there to make sure that if there’s a claim that you are reimbursed and covered, if you aren’t, why have the policy have the policy make sure that you use it when it when you need to, because that’s what you’re paying the insurance for home insurance in tulsa is very important. It could be the difference between having a $15,000 roof replaced and having an only be covered at actual cash value or the depreciated value that can be a heavy burden on someone’s pocketbook. So insurance is important. Home insurance is very important to your mortgage. Company will also want to know about the coverage that you have and they’ll want to sign off on it once it’s done once the repairs are done. You also need to check around windows chimney, flashing and anywhere, where water may get in from a damaged roof. This could prove this could cause damage to carpeting, to walls to hardwood floors or two electrical. If you noticed water’s coming in be sure to get someone out immediately to make sure that that water is stopped and you don’t continue to get leaks in the house, the end inside will be covered from this kind of water damage if the roof is covered and it was caused by a covered peril.

But once again your home insurance tulsa is there to help. You make sure that you take the proper steps to the insurance company can help you call your insurance representative call the insurance company. The last thing you want is a nice piece of artwork damaged and it’s not covered. If something’s not covered, you need to decide whether it’s something you needed or not. If it is covered, it’s your responsibility, then, to find a adequate replacement, for it be sure if you do, if you do have to replace something before talking to insurance company, you photograph it videotape it and save all receipts. Home insurance tulsa is important because you want to make sure you have the right coverage at the right time be sure you talk to your agent before the spring storms are going to start before any winter storms may happen before any fires may happen in the summer time or the winter time. It’s time to review your home insurance tulsa with your agent, a seasoned professional, hopefully a professional who has experience in the business and can advise you properly make sure you get an agent that is a professional. Has experience, isn’t just selling insurance, because car sales are home, sales are slow, insurance is a professional industry and you should have a professional agent that is an advisor and not a salesman. You need an agent, that’s looking out for, what’s best for you, I recommend an independent insurance agent for your home insurance tulsa or for your auto insurance tulsa, home insurance is very important. Auto insurance is very important. You want to make sure that your bundle them together to save everything you can 181 professional agent can advise you on your home insurance tulsa, your auto insurance tulsa, your business insurance tulsa and make sure that you are properly covered for when the time comes, and there is a claim when there’s a claim. The last thing you want to worry about is:if you’re covered. The first thing you are bill to worry about. Is your family and then your things. So once you have reviewed your policy, your home insurance, tulsa policy with your agent and you know, you’re covered properly. You can sleep better at night

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