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Good morning and welcome to podcast number 146 of the insurer. You Oklahoma blog. My name is Mark Morley, president and owner of ensure you Oklahoma and today podcast is brought to you by encompass insurance. Compass is a relatively new company. It is actually owned by all state and Home Insurance Tulsa, they do, they’re doing a home insurance tall set very well and Home Insurance Tulsa, there are coming together on their auto insurance so we’ll be able to offer the package soon. Unfortunately for encompass, a lot of times we ride home insurance. Tulsa, I’m at a great price and even without the multi policy discount and we go and we write the autos with progressive insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa, but if we have progressive home then they would be getting that business and not encompass but progressive home is stingy and doesn’t know what they’re doing. So we don’t have that right now anyway.

But when it comes to home insurance salsa, you have some choices to make you call your regular captive agent. And here I am, uh, I’m down in old Polk, I old Moby office and I see a farm bureau building here. I think there’s also farmers agency and maybe a couple others you can call. One of them coined called farm bureau insurance, farmers insurance or whatever else you want and you will get one price for your home insurance tall and that’s what they have to sell you. And they’re just hoping they’re the cheapest. So they cut out a bunch of coverage and they say, how does that look to you? Let’s get together, let’s get your insurance. Then I have your mom and your dad insured your uncle. I had your grandparents and shirt before your grandfather was in that crack or accident and your grandmother, uh, burned up from that combined pyre. So we should insure you because we’ve ensured your whole family. It doesn’t matter if it’s good coverage, if it’s reasonably priced coverage, we should just assure you, because Jamie, you know, we’ve insured your whole family. You all lies. You owe us some loyalty. Well, you know what, that’s not how it homework.

If you call it good independent insurance agency like you, sure you Oklahoma or you visit it, sure you oklahoma.com. Then they will shop your insurance probably with the five best companies that they know that Home Insurance Tulsa, would be good for you, but they can shop up to like 10. So why would you call one place when captive agency that has Home Insurance Tulsa, one company to sell you and then they’re going to try to force a square peg in a round hole. Or You could call the guys and ensure you Oklahoma and get a great price on good insurance because they can keep shopping. You. Now let’s say that you weren’t smart enough to call an independent insurance agency and you went with one of the captives and maybe because it’s a friend of yours started selling farmers insurance here, I give him a shot and I’m paying a premium anyways. I might as well get,

I might as well pay it to a billing love over there and farmers insurance. And so you give it to him and then next thing you know, farmers Jack your rates up 10% or 15% or whatever it might be. And you called Billy left and you go, Billy loved, this isn’t easy. I thought, you know, I would get this one time, I’d be done. I didn’t know my insurance rates would be on fire. They’re going up so fast. It’s like a space shuttle reentering the atmosphere and uh, burning up. So I’ve got to look somewhere else. Billy Love. And he went away, away away. Home Insurance Tulsa, I’ve known you since you were a kid and your mom just make me peanut butter and Jelly and cut off the crust and, and out of them chicken soup for your house. And your dad was my cubs go leader.

I didn’t know your grandfather before the track correction unfortunately, but I knew your grandmother before she burned up in the combined fire. I’m sorry, Billy Love. I got to look around. And then you finally get smart enough call ensure you Oklahoma and you say, Hey Shannon, Jeff, mark, whoever you get to talk to, I need some home insurance, Tulsa. And we say, oh, that’s interesting. Why you need Home Insurance Salsa and why now? What’s causing this? Well, I was with Philly la over it, farmer’s insurance and I had my, I was insured and they checked my rate. I didn’t even do anything. I didn’t have a claim. I have a giant tent over my house so hail will never heard it. It’s not the best. It’s not the best in the west. If I have a good building, I supply them profit. I have a couple of Chevrolet’s that I ensure them too, but they keep jacking my rates.

We said, all right, okay. It’s all right Jamie. Jamie, come on. It’s okay. Calm down. And we give Jamie a hug and that warm hug, she owes like independent representation, independent rates with good a plus companies who will show you the log and say we want you, we’re not we, we cover agents captain and we also want to keep our clients chapter. That’s what farmer’s does and country, it’s safe farm and AAA and all of them. That’s what they do. They want to hold you captive and then just do it because they know most people are too lazy to shop around even when the rates go up. And I don’t mean some people, I mean like 75 80% of people will not shop rates when the rates go up. So you come in to ensure you Oklahoma and we give you a warm insurance agent embrace and we’d say, well help me out. And we do, we get your good coverage with a good company and we tow bag company. Look, you better not sure grown Jamie here. Home Insurance Tulsa, because January is one of our clients and if you know that your Jamie route,


oh we’re going to do is we’re going to do the same thing we did.

Yeah. We’re going to shop and then move over to one of our other companies and then if I could jubilee they, it’s a big part. Hey, rates got jacked up 25% yeah, but oh yeah, but we’re shopping them and work open his coverage to someone else because that’s what we can do. That’s what independence means to you. The consumer who wins when they talked to independent advice, you do the consumer, the policy holder insured, Gulu says captivate agents, trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. It’s not what you need. You need good independent advice. And believe me, those captains are brainwashed into saying that they’re the best. You know what insurance companies are held to a standard by the state, in this case, the state of Oklahoma. And if they don’t pay, you have recourse. You go to the state and say, Hey, just come. He didn’t pay. Don’t tell me that they’re the best. All they want to do is, it’s like a call. It’s like something else. You get people in and they want to be a part of something and they don’t want to lose your friends or leave their friends so they don’t leave that company. And so an agent is stuck to the rest of their life selling an inferior product to a client, but they’re praying wants to, believing it’s the best just because they don’t want to leave or they can’t be.

So what do you want to do? Do you want to be with some captivation who is a member of the camp, the agent calls, or to be a member of a good independent insurance agency that isn’t some fly by night company or agency. And we’ll give you the best coverage you need at the best price. Call it century. You will call me at nine 1832027100 or (405) 322-5501 better yet, visit our website and ensure you oklahoma.com click on get a quote and we will be in touch as soon as we can within probably 30 minutes. You can’t you the best policy at the best price. Until next time, have a great day.