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Good morning and welcome to the insurers, you, Oklahoma, all original content podcast number 50 today brought to you by the new ensure you Oklahoma ophthalmology location where we just opened this week and we’re excited to serve clients out of that location and expand our agency to another city. And today I wanna talk to you about our expansion and why you might want to join the insurer. You all call my team? Uh, we do have two new agents in Tulsa. Home Insurance Tulsa We have talked to a couple in Okmulgee that we hope join our team, but why would you want to join the ensure you will call them a team. Why do you want to make career out of a home insurance? Tulsa? Well, let me tell you, home insurance salsa is the best thing for you. Any salesperson to sell. There is no inventory. There’s no cost of good soul.

There’s no accounts receivable, there’s no billing. All we do is sell a high priced product that pays a high commission. And not only is it a high price product that pays a high commission, it pays the salesperson or the agent every time the client makes a premium payment, whether the agent is on the golf course or in the office. So home insurance, Tulsa, sold that, ensure you, Oklahoma is a great career. Whether you are a captive agent looking to branch out and be Home Insurance Tulsa independent, or if you are a part time, let’s say you’re a teacher and wants some extra income, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. Years. You’re going to start suddenly making more money than you’re used to and we’re soon going to eclipse that teacher’s salary and you’re going to realize that the sky’s the limit because it truly is an independent stream side.

When we’re winning, half the time, we, uh, we can build large books of business that have quite a bit of money that pay the agent quite a bit of money and ensure you Oklahoma. It’s our goal to be as generous as we can with new agents selling home insurance. So we pay a very generous commission up front, a higher than anywhere else in the metro areas and we pay renewal commissions as you keep working. We also have trips as incentives. So when you do your job well, not only are you making more money the more you sell, but uh, you have the opportunity to earn trips for you and your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend to exotic locations every year. Home Insurance Tulsa And these are trips that are out of, out of a reach. Everyone can earn them. They’re great trips and we want people to earn them.

We want happy ages writing a lot of business and being happy. And so when you write a lot of home insurance salsa, you’re joining a winning team of high producing agents. We are high producing a hyphen. We have a lot of fun in the office, in the agency. We work strictly on referrals. And so what that means for a new agent is it’s going to take some time in the beginning to build up these referral sources. But as you do and you sell and serve these referral sources, clients, you are making not only the clients happy by your centers of influence, happy. So, uh, when it comes to home insurance, salsa, Home Insurance Tulsa no one does a better than ensure you will call them. We have a, a plus rated companies that we represent and it’s, they are, uh, allstate state farm or allstate, Safeco, Mercury and progressive.

And we can fit a w when we get around paper, we found her, we pint around hole. When we find a square peg, we find a square hole. We don’t try to force a square peg into a square hole and give our clients something that they don’t want or need. So if you want to be a nice base insurance agent, if you want to help people join our team and ensure you Oklahoma quota, the ensure you Oklahoma website. It’s ensure you with the capital you not Yoou, but ensure you oklahoma.com. And Click on the join our team button or link and you’re gonna. See why you should join our team if you want to be in business for yourself. But not by yourself, if you don’t want to have to be the person that builds the agency, you just want to go out and sell and make money and build a lifestyle for you and your family, then look no further than ensure you Oklahoma.

Uh, and sure you, Home Insurance Tulsa as 18 years of experience providing careers for agents and uh, uh, salespeople that want to become an agent and not just a transactional business. We’re not just a transactional business. We start with customers and we turn them into clients and once someone sees that you have the heart of a servant and you are willing to help them with any of their insurance needs, you will be building clients and friends for the long term when they have, when you have a good clients and ensure you Oklahoma or you have people with home insurance, salsa, you’re going to be filling your bucket with a lot of drops instead of a fire hose. And that means you have a more stable career and renewal income. What happens a lot of times is, you know, our agents will get to a $100,000 income and that that seems to be a good lifestyle for a lot of people and they they seem to our agents in general throughout the insurance industry when they, when they have a net income of $100,000, they tend not to keep working as much and keep building their business because they’re comfortable and they built a lifestyle, but ensure you Oklahoma.

We help you build a business, a sustainable ongoing business, writing home insurance, car insurance, umbrella policies, boat Rv, any recreational vehicle that you might come across a, we can ensure small businesses, small restaurants with a bob or business owner’s policy to help accommodate our clients. They may also be a contractor or subcontractor, so we help ensure those as well for them, but anyway, when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, and building a business for you and for your family, look no further than ensure you oklahoma.com and ensure you oklahoma.com. You’re going to find that we’re going to teach you how to write Home Insurance Tulsa, I’m a policy that every homeowner needs, you’re gonna end up writing their auto as well because you have their auto and home together. They get a discount when you have auto and home together. People don’t leave and especially when they get rate increases and you’re able to shop them with another company because maybe some company went crazy and at a 20 percent rate increase and our clients don’t like that.

So we’re going to talk to a new company because when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa, we can find the best coverage at the best price for our clients and ensure you Oklahoma. We know how to build successful agencies. That’s what we do. We build agency and if you want to build a successful agency for yourself, if you want to join a successful agency, one word, you’re not worried about expenses, you’re not worried about staff, just give us a call or email us@InfoandensureyouOklahoma.com and we’ll get you all the information you need. I’m building your business. You know, each one go to a state park or another company and they’re going to require a lot of out of pocket, uh, money from you to start an agency, get a building by computers, staff it before you’re even running business. Let me tell you, that is a lot of freaking money and you’re starting behind the April or it come over to ensure that you won’t come home and not come. You Start Riding Home Insurance to also business. You start making money from the jump and you’re starting to build a career for you and your family and a lifestyle for you and your family. You know, you build a, you make a living by what you do. You build a lifestyle by who yells. So come to ensure you oklahoma.com, Home Insurance Tulsa. And join our team.