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To the next installment of the insure you Oklahoma, uh, insurance blog contribution for today, I’m driving by a neighborhood full of some beautiful home and have a Spanish or Italian architecture to them and they all have a clay rough the shingle and these people no doubt as late, enjoyed a nice discount on their Home Insurance Tulsa a policy because a Clara or shingles like that would be considered hail resistant. We’ve been overcast all day to get a little darker out and you never know in Oklahoma when the hail storm or a worse may hit, and so you always want to make sure your home insurance Tulsa is in place and you have the coverage that you want to have the coverage that you need before that claim or before the storm hit. So now I’m driving by a neighborhood and they have regular asphalt shingle. Quite frankly, they look a little anemic compared to the clay shingles, but they are also.

They do make hail resistant as called shingles as well. Any hail resistant shingles will give you a better rate on your Home Insurance Tulsa, but a 30 year asphalt shingle in Oklahoma. It’s still probably only 10 or 15 years shingle or whether it’s just hard on roof and because of that, we want to make sure you have the right coverage. Your home insurance doesn’t do you any good if it’s not in place when the storms hit, and here we are late afternoon. It’s 4:33 on a Monday and it’s just one of those days that it looked like storms are starting to gather out west to here and they’ll be here in about an hour or two and hopefully they’re not too strong, but if they are the clients of ensure you Oklahoma will be fine because they know what kind of coverage they have. If you’re interested in reviewing your insurance coverage, give us a call at nine.

One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero. Let’s sit down and take a look at your home insurance and make sure you have the coverage that you need and that you expect and not just a coverage that was cheap, satisfied your mortgage company by having insurance. There’s a difference between replacement cost coverage and actual cash value when it comes to claims and especially on a roof in Oklahoma, uh, your actual cash value is going to pay you depreciate it cost on the roof. So $20,000 you might get eight or $10,000, whereas the replacement cost coverage on your home insurance will give you a new rough, replaced a winter of 20,000 or even $30,000 because of Labor or materials. The other thing we need to be aware of is that oftentimes on in home insurance policy, you will have two different deductible, no deductible for anything that can happen, had anything but he named Harold. Think on the policy that could affect your policy or, or caused the claim.

And most policies have a separate when held it up. So if there’s a claim to the roof or the house caused by wind or hail at usually a higher deductible, this is a way to get the policy cheaper because unfortunately, you know, call them over. You have a lot of wind and hail claims. It’s not just the rough that can be affected by hail or wind. It could be siting at a house, it could be gutters on the house. We’ve seen an air conditioner unit destroyed by Hail, and if a air conditioner can’t be combed out, content can’t be combed out. The air conditioner has to be replaced.

We replaced a new unit, could be five, seven, $10,000, and if not, replacement costs covered gymnasts then again to take actual cash, you’re appreciating value. The air conditioner unit is not covered for normal wear and tear. That would be a warranty policy. You could also talk to your professional insurance agent acting sure, you Oklahoma to look into a warranty policy as well, but that’s not what home insurance tosses for Home Insurance Tulsa, if you cover you and your home for something sudden and accidental, in other words, uh, you weren’t planning on happening and happens quickly. It didn’t happen over a long period of time. It wasn’t appreciated. It wasn’t normal wear and tear. It’s other of normal wear and tear or not a covered claim would be a termite. Termite do not have been suddenly or accidentally, it’s because of neglect of the homeowner, not getting their house checked for termites or not getting their house protecting from Jeremiah, so you want to make sure that you’re keeping your house in good working order is because the house is always in good working order and that you are keeping up regular maintenance.

This could mean trash is kept away from the house, that if there’s trees hanging over the house or trimmed back, if there’s junk around, the house insurance company will occasionally send out inspectors to look at and insured the home and if there’s a lot of junk crap around the house, they’re going to take this to the homeowner. Doesn’t have pride of ownership and it might. It might a resend the coverage. If there are trees overhanging the house, it just, it can lead to backup gutters and in the wintertime when there, when there’s freeze, could lead to ice damming and coverage damage to your rough and damage inside. They want to make sure that the trees are not hanging over you, the roof of your house or your neighbor’s house, or that they don’t cause a hazard to the rook trees, honor of governors, you damaged shingles which will cause leaks, which can cause another claim.

So it’s normal wear and tear. We want to make sure that’s taken care of. If there’s a loose shingles, if there’s painting that needs to be done around windows, there’s a cracked window needs to be replaced. Oftentimes we’ll see. We’ll write a new home insurance Tulsa policy for a new home owner or a, um, uh, some of the refinancing the house off in games that get insurance, but if they’re, if they’re getting a new homes, their mortgage company wants a one year paid policy in force. I’m a new homeowner. Needs to be able to take care of the house and keep it a working condition. You may buy a house that has a stairs leading to the back door that doesn’t have a railing. Well, you can go ahead and buy that house for the insurance company. Wants to make sure that, that it’s safe.

And so they may require that you put up a railing and it’s 30 railing that. So for the Home Insurance Tulsa, it could be a railing on a, it could be really a a railing on a deck or a Veranda so someone doesn’t fall off it and get hurt and create a ha a liability situation. If the insurance company thinks that there could be a chance of a liability claim and it can be mitigated with just small the Home Insurance Tulsa company just going to ask you to put that on. And if you don’t cancel the policy so you’re professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma is going to have to look again for another policy. One that would probably be more expensive because you haven’t fixed the problem. The other thing is when we talk about car or Home Insurance Tulsa daughter, there’s two costs. There’s the cost of the policy.

There is the cost of the claim. There is no such thing as chief insurance because cheap insurance going to cost you more at claim time. If you want to make sure you have the right policy, make sure you have the right coverage and the cost is going to be winning, that you are transferring your risk to the insurance company from yourself, and that’s going to cost some money. So the more coverage you want, the more it’s going to call. If you’re a consumer higher deductible and the insurance company isn’t paying for the first $2,500 or even $5,000, then you’re going to get cheaper insurance. So when it’s time for a home insurance policy review, call your professional insurance agent asking sure you, Oklahoma named one eight three, two, two seven, one zero zero again for Home Insurance Tulsa. Call your professional insurance agent at nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one year old set for today and ensure you Oklahoma, uh, original podcast.