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All right. I don’t know what happened to the insurer. You Oklahoma podcasts. I don’t know what happened to our last podcast. Number 1:31 because apple, when they update things, they think being an update means change it and not making it any better and then I lost the podcast and so apple suck. Does anyone else switched from an iphone to an android? If not for any other reason than just just to have a good camera. I mean why does the iphone camera have to suck so bad and all my friends, cameras on their androids are freaking awesome. So I, Home Insurance Tulsa I don’t know why that is what’s going on, but I am dissatisfied with apple. I can’t believe their stock keeps rising.

What is the last thing that they’ve been innovative with? Watch. Big freaking deal I made with drops his life. The iphone was a big deal. I mean that was revolutionized everything, but what was the last I met? Today’s been great or the iphone? Jake and great. I don’t, Home Insurance Tulsa I don’t get it anyway. I think android in the future. I think android is going to be asked. That’s all I’m saying at fram today. I still have my iphone partly because you know, I don’t want. The hassle. Friend of mine switched from iphone to android and he lost a bunch of.

Lost my contact. You lost a bunch of people’s phone numbers. I don’t know if I want that hassle, but I was that you keep playing because it’s a hassle for them to leave. Anyway, forrest gump said. That’s all I to say about that. Okay, so I’m the podcast that we lost because apple suck A. I was talking about Keith and Keith Moon was the prolific drummer of the WHO until he died. That next overdoses, I think 76, 19, 77. Accidental overdose. I don’t know what the difference is, but it was an accidental overdose and so my point there was

if you own a hotel or you lend out your home and Brbo or you have been breakfast and you invite Paul Mccartney and he stays at your house when he going to do a show somewhere like the bok center and he goes ahead and check out and it’s Paul Mccartney. So you’d probably actually makes the bed before he leaves and everything’s Nice. But what happened if you invited a Keith Moon to stay at your house and he destroyed your house? Well that would be covered under vandalism. Now what would probably happen is the insurance company, whoever it is, would probably go after Keith Moon for the damages and they would subrogate the word is subrogate and what that means is they would pay you what it costs to fix your home, but they would also reserve the right to go after Keith Moon or destroying the house and they would have an here fixing your house would be substituted deductible, a thousand dollars deductible.

They needed $10,000 a day, which you would get a $9,000 a month to prepare you to $1,000 until the company subrogated again, Keith Moon. And what would happen then is when they get the whole 10,000 back, they will actually give you your thousand dollars back. It does go as a claim on your home insurance Tulsa, which is fine because they’re going to, well not your home insurance. That will be hopefully a commercial insurance, but now let’s say you had Keith Moon over for a drink one night and he wasn’t renting, so there wasn’t that relationship where he is renting and you decide to, uh, serve him ginger and right. And I understand that was his favorite drink and he drank too much and you of certainly them. And then he decided to, I dunno, this inner flower pot and smash up everything in the living room. What about that claim? Well, that would be covered to and probably covered the same way. Probably be covered and they will go and be able to subrogate against him again. But that would be on your home insurance. Tulsa policy still covered.

But you know, if you have a party and you’re invited, uh, no. Oh, the old band and you know, maybe someone else and know they were crazy and decide to drive a Jaguar through your front door. I don’t know whose fault is that. You know, a lot of times in auto accidents they tried to assign a percentage of fault. Everyone. And it doesn’t always make people happy but everyone’s fault. But in that case, it would be the who that was at fault. I’m not sure Roger Daltrey would be doing much damage, but Keith Moon and Pete Townsend might be drawn into a practice standard. Watch these faces. That’s what they do. Sophia claim on your home insurance salsa regardless. So what else, what else could happen? Well, let’s say Keith Moon was so out of control that night. He found your son’s Roman candles and he decided to go outside and shoot them off and shooting them at people and he accidentally shot your neighbor’s house, caught on fire. And the fire department had come. But there was $80,000 worth of damage. Yep. It happened at. From your house,

one of your guests. Do you have a liability in that situation on your home insurance policy? I doubt it. Home Insurance Tulsa I doubt that the person’s house home insurance policy would cover it and then they would definitely go for that. But now let’s say that, um, um, you had keys dropped the Roman candles and your German shepherd picked it up and ran over to the neighbor’s house and dropped into the bushes. And the Bush has caught on fire and then the bushes caught the house on fire. Then who’s liable for. Home Insurance Tulsa That’s a tricky one. I’m guessing you would be liable on your home insurance policy because you can’t go up to the dogs and at the point of dog picked up the Roman candle, Keith and already put it down or dropped it. And you are responsible for your dog. So yeah, I think your policy would cover it.

You’d have liability coverage, although they would try to have your policy pay for it. I think you might be liable just like if your dog went over into someone’s chart to fit them, it would be. You’d be liable for that. I think if your dogs carried a Roman candle over after Keith Moon dropped it after drinking too much ginger and ride that, you would be liable for that. And that’s what you have insurance for her. And you may, you may think that, uh, you know, that that story could never happen and you might be right. Well, couldn’t happen because Keith Moon is dead. But I’m in debt. You definitely want to make sure that you have good liability coverage. Now you know, attorneys like to give every sort of what if scenario there is, I guess that’s her job and all they do is make people nervous and I don’t really go for that and any sort of way, but that’s they do and it’s really annoying Home Insurance Tulsa.

I’ve seen people really get mad about it. Um, so anyway, uh, that’s how you cover yourself for liability. If you have Keith Moon over and you’re feeding him ginger and ride and he drops the Roman candle and your German shepherd named lucky picks it up and carries it over your neighbor’s house. Home Insurance Tulsa for some reason the neighbor had a bush that was dead and they removed it and that’s where lucky took the Roman candle and dropped it in the bushes and that puts just went up like a fireball and then caught the house on fire. It was just a part of the House that was frame and not break it start to go up anyway. So far the best insurance coverage or visit [inaudible] dot com. That’s www insurer. You Okla Oma.com. Until next time. This was podcast 1:31, I believe.