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All right, good morning. Let’s jump right into today’s ensure you won’t come home. A podcast brought to you from the ensure you Oklahoma studios. Well, he well appointed with plaques from Mercury Insurance, safe go aggressive in all states. Uh, we had an interesting situation yesterday and a brand new client. We were able to make happy, uh, really excited she had called in because she was trying to buy a new home and all the quotes she was getting were too high and it was actually high enough where it was disqualifying her from getting her more. So yeah, her Home Insurance Tulsa also was so high that it would kick her monthly mortgage payment up too high. And the underwriters were disqualifying her mortgage, which is a shame because here’s a, an insurance product actually preventing someone from acquiring the American dream. So she’s able to call. We were able to vote and look around and exit came in about $400 cheaper.

There was needed. Now you know, she has a little higher deductible. She’s just going to have to assume that risk until she can afford to buy it down a little bit. But that’s all it is, just buying down the risk. So we’ve taken care of her for Home Insurance Tulsa we submitted it to the mortgage company and they’re happy as can be able to close. So everyone’s happy. We’ve helped someone who made our day, we’re also going to ensure their two autos. And um, because if you’re going to insure your home insurance called, so you want to ensure your auto with the same place, it’s a considerable discount. You wouldn’t believe how high it can be. Actually, this one, the home insurance difference with the auto was $345 a year. Started to considerable difference with the auto insurance. And so we wanted to make sure we had the auto insurance in place when we did the home insurance policy.

She was, she happy, everyone’s happy now. Apparently this woman was driving her lawn tractor not too long ago and they’re renters today. They don’t own. But uh, she had like a good, a responsible person would. She had renter’s insurance. She was driving her lawnmower and she didn’t stop when a car was driving by and a lot more hit a rock. And shot out and just shattered the passenger side window of this car. Uh, that person inside the car was scared to death. Our client was devastated, didn’t know what she had done and she was worried about how it was covered or if it was covered or was she up to come out of pocket to pay for it? Well, it turns out she called her agent and she had her auto insurance or Home Insurance Tulsaterminations. I don’t know why. Don’t know why you want to do something like that.

But anyway, she did. And uh, told her auto insurance agent because she, David’s Denato. Maybe that’s what she was taking, but he said no, not covered that. Covered on your auto insurance, your Home Insurance Tulsa agent, your renter’s insurance agent. So she did and it was covered. Now what part of the insurance policies that covered on under, covered under the liability part with no. Did I suppose she was liable for damage to someone else. And it’s covered under the liability part of the, a renter’s insurance policy, which is great. You know, that’s what you have insurance for is to pay the insurance company to take risk off your plate and have them assume that consume it themselves. Same thing would have happened if her dog had bitten someone and uh, she would have been liable. They would’ve paid for the medical payments and if need be in liability coverage from a dog bite. Um, what if a tree on our client’s property gets hit by lightning or there’s a tornado and the tree falls and it falls in ruins. The neighbor’s fence to question, what if it falls and lands on the neighbor’s house? Well, it’s your tree. Should that be covered on your policy? Huh? Well, and insurance, there’s a lot of fine lines. And this one is no, it is not. The insurance is covered. Unknown persons, Homeowner’s insurance that the tree fell on. Not the owner of.

Alright, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted by Matt. Matt at quote wizard, aHome Insurance Tulsa. Matt is, he sells leads for Home Insurance Tulsa. So if you ever google home insurance also, then you know that lead might go to anyone. What you want to do is make sure when you’re shopping for home insurance, salsa that you’re going to an independent insurance agency. Now, an independent insurance agency is nice and independent insurance professional is better, the better the agent, the better coverage and for the price and more knowledge and experience are going to be a you’re going to have. And would you have knowledge and experience. Your whole experience is going to be better with these insurance companies, insurance agency and ensure you Oklahoma. We talk about white glove service and that’s what we want to provide our clients. White Glove Service. So when it comes to home insurance call and your liability coverage, be sure you talk to professionals.

That omens doll set. Uh, we’re going to have a brand new agent starting soon with Jamie and it’s going to be tremendous, but Jane was able to do a. let me tell you a little about Jamie. She likes steak Nachos in a box from a Taco bell. I think she likes simply sells storage. And that reminds me, if you are a client and you have stuff in a storage unit, how is it cover? How is something is in a storage unit covered well, you have 10 percent of your personal property coverage away from. So if you have $100,000 personal property coverage on your Home Insurance Tulsa then have $10,000 worth of coverage in your storage unit. I probably wouldn’t recommend putting more than $10,000 at a storage unit because you never know when it could be stolen, you know, broken, do whatever. But anyway, we’re over here looking at the new come and go and great friend of mine that come and go the other day, he had questions about the home insurance policy, um, and I assured him that he was covered properly because he was with ensure you Oklahoma, a professional insurance agents that know a thing or two about home insurance health that newer home.

You’re in Tulsa or Oklahoma City area, man, we’re gonna be able to give you a great price, great freemiums for your coverage. So what you want to do is call us at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. If you’re in the city or the five area code, we are four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero, one 5,565. Oh one. Give us a call. I think you’ll like it as much as you like barbecued rib crib or, uh, the father’s house church or the fire department. I know we all like all of those things, but really what you want to do is make sure that things are covered properly so that when you drop your dog off at river trail place that you are covered and you’re going to be covered for anything you want on your own insurance. Also, talking to a buddy of mine over at Ricoh Construction Reed, the odor, if you need any construction work done, go to Jerry Reed and Rico construction.

He is the best. They can build out whatever you need to specialize in medical practices and now we can’t write home insurance, Tulsa for medical practice, but we can write commercial insurance. Nice commercial policy for Home Insurance Tulsa That reminds me, I need to get ahold of Brent Anderson to get him into a. We sometimes made it Mcdonald’s. Sometimes they’re just going to coffee, a security and stop by and say hi, but anyway, for home insurance stuff, next time you stopped at qt. This is subliminal messaging, cutie, cutie subliminal. Go to home insurance, Tulsa, and so you want to talk to about Home Insurance Tulsa call ensure you Oklahoma. Please visit our website and ensure you oklahoma.com. Click on the link and I’ll show a video of our, our agency and how we got started and who we are, and then you can take a look at who we are and what we do. So until next time, this is Mark Morris for home insurance, Tulsa and ensure you Oklahoma. Signing off. Thank you. Goodbye. This is the end of the podcast. Fifty eight.