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All right, let’s get started. Let’s go. Let’s get this show on the road with podcast number 94 94 podcasts and we just never did thousand words, five, five. We are at names for vowels and probably more than that. We probably average about 10, 13, 1400, five words on Ken. So anyway, uh, we are building our seo or you’re filling this a valuable a contract contract. You can’t get anywhere else and I’m doing this one as I drive down the highway on the Turner turnpike between the city as her hip people call on the city, the city and Tulsa. I came down here because, uh, we have things going on so great and ensure you have oma mack. Um, there’s other companies that want to do what we’re doing and Home Insurance Tulsa, I don’t know if we want to let them do it. I don’t know if we want to let them hire our founder or owner away. So the agency and does not sure if that’s what we want to do anyway. Um, you know, there, there is a large personalized agency in Oklahoma City that they’re probably going to offer. Hopefully they don’t offer too much money and it’s easy decision to turn down, but if they do, it’s going to be difficult. So we’ll see.

They do write personalized visits including home insurance, salsa. They also write auto insurance, some commercial and I’m obviously umbrella and whatever, but you know, a lot of times they just, so I’m rice and do things the wrong way, but tell you the truth that took most agents leave the captive market wants to do is just so unpriced and uh, as I guess some people like that, but others don’t do that to build a business selling price, embracing and lose on price. Anyway, a nice day. And so Wednesday sometime in August of it was bright sunshine over in the city. Now looks like we’re getting a little overcast, but it’s nice because I forgot my sunglasses for, but I’m headed back to the office and I’ll be healthy, uh, working with our agents there and we’ll be working on our processes and our systems to better serve our clients with these white glove service that we do.

Promise them a white glove service producing a home insurance Tulsa. Just like, just like we tell everyone that we do and we do do it better than everyone else. I think I said, dude, do anyway. We do it better than everyone else. And for great prices, great quotes, great information, Great Service and uh, grace coverages. And so when our clients leave are often, they feel good about it, they feel like they have the coverage that they need and they want and are, and we have solved their problem. That’s what we ourselves are problem solvers. We’re educators. We’re not truck drivers, we don’t work for general cdn or J B hunt. We are a professional insurance agents, our founder and over 27 years experience in the insurance and financial services business. He knows what good looks like. He knows how to sell and service and an independent, uh, atmosphere and independent agency.

And it takes a while to build that and to get up and going and doing the right thing. But, uh, when I was at the some standard business and it’s substandard agency, not providing white club service needs. So when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, you want to make sure you call the best and forget the rest. You know we’ve said it before on this podcast, we can, you can call 19 different insurance agencies to get 19 different quotes or you can call us and we’ll shop your insurance has seven different carrier right there. We just saved you. I’m 18 different phone call. All you have to do is make one call, one call. Does it all. Give us a call, a gift, shop the best. Forget the ride or talking on the business cliches here today. We are a paradigm shift. We have to be proactive.

We have to know how to sell and service our clients. It doesn’t a transaction business. No Sir. This is a relationship business. And when you can build the relationship, you can build your business and your business will be sticky, won’t go anywhere you a, um, a, a good retention, no happier clients, your, you will enjoy the job and the career much more than if you didn’t have that same kind of business now and ensure you Oklahoma. Obviously we, we lead with Home Insurance Tulsa, which someone asked me why we don’t sell a lot of progressive insurance, progressive leads with auto insurance and we lead with home. We’d know all homeowners have autos. Not all auto owners have home. That makes sense. It should, doesn’t take a lot of deep thinking to figure that one out. And you can have a ranger get. And again, uh, so anyway, we’re not firefighters. We’re not police, we’re not truck drivers, an electrician. We are a lot of things and we don’t try to be everything to everyone. We are a personalized insurance agency that specialized in writing a home auto and umbrella policies and small commercial policies for our clients and our clients once they realize.

Yeah, I don’t even know where we were when we were so rudely interrupted by that. A robocall. Do Robo calls work for anything. I mean, that’s ridiculous. I haven’t, I haven’t listened to a robocall. I don’t think ever and people spend money to have an APP and I don’t get it. Uh, I haven’t had one. Not too long ago. There was actually a robo. Colbert didn’t tell him like a robocall sounded real sounding like a real voice and they were responding to what I said and that was kind of scary and that gets me back to, you know, what I can’t stand is like not be able to get through to someone. Home Insurance Tulsa I called the Geek Squad at best buy the other day and I couldn’t get through. I mean I. It took me like 20 minutes to get through and talk to a person in this store that I wanted to talk to you.

Everything else was, how may I direct your call? An ambulance that terrible. I mean just that’s not customer service customer. No service. Why don’t they get it? You know why you don’t have more market share with each squad is because you do shit like that and people don’t want to deal with it. It was awful. You can’t sell home insurance Tulsa by not being a high touch. You keep your high tech and you know what? You’ll never have the business you want to have. It’s high touched. That gives you the business and is going to grow your business. You got to touch people, you know, don’t talk to him though. Tech to them. Don’t record this, you know, you need to be on the phone and talking to people, answering live people answering. I don’t mean dentists in India or in Hong Kong or whoever it is that wherever they are, they get to pick their own name.

That’s crap. One name. When Aipac buck naked, that’d be a great name for foreign stock anyways. Uh, or George Berger. Does anyone listen to this rubber? Who’s George Berger was? George Berger was a character played by treat Williams in the 1978 a movie adaptation of the musical hair, a good movie. Obviously much streaming live if he’s Jeff Jan’s around with no clothes on and they didn’t own home. And so they had no need for Home Insurance Tulsa And like forrest gump said, that’s all I have to say about that. But that said, having that same for podcasts, um, I think it’s 94. So give ensure you Oklahoma. A call at nine. One eight, three, two, two seven. One Zero, zero. Four four. Oh, five, three, two, 2:55. Oh, one. Thank you, God bless and have a great day.