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Right, it’s a Saturday afternoon at 2:50, 2:00 PM. My name is Mark Morley. I am the owner and president of ensure you, Oklahoma in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Mogi, Oklahoma. You want to see us for any of your insurance needs. We are a fully independent insurance agency. We represent mercury, safe, Co, progressive, and allstate insurance, but we’re always editing other carrier with one call. You get on, you get quotes from all four and we can make sure we get you the best price and the best coverage with over a quarter of a century experience. We can get you what you need at the right price. I didn’t say cheap. I said at the right price. You don’t want cheap insurance. Insurance is like cheap Sushi and I recommend against it. Okay. Today I was out at the country club and they’re in Creek County, Oklahoma and there’s a house on the sixth hole.

Uh, I’m playing golf with my buddy Mr Michael Trujillo and uh, there’s a new house built just over the fence and it’s an awful looking out. It’s black and I can’t imagine how hot it gets in the summer. But anyway, uh, we were talking about Home Insurance Tulsa and they’re going to have problems with the house being right there and no privacy fence. There’s just a chain link fence and either balls hitting the house and it’s not going to be enough to claim on their home insurance also because might be a broken window or broken citing. It’s just not enough to claim because surely it’s a big nice house. The deductible I hopefully 2,500 or so, uh, and they parked their cars right there in the driveway and they’re going to get broken. Windshields are going in cars now. Those would be comp claims which would not raise the rate, but actually we were talking about liability coverage on home insurance poster.

And if you hit a golf ball and it hits a person, a house, a car, causes an accident, breaks the window, whatever it might be, you are actually covered on your Home Insurance Tulsa policy. Even if you are at the golf course, your home insurance, the liability part of that cover sheet. So people always dismissed liability insurance, coverage on a home policy and thinks that that’s a good place to save money. But actually it’s not a good place to save money. It’s not very expensive. So you want to carry a good amount of insurance because it covers you or things that you’re doing. So let’s say a Mr Droopy. I hit a ball and it went over the fence and smash it, the hood, the Ferrari in the driveway and then hit the window and put a big dent in the hood and broke the window.

He can eat and intense false. And the responsible person when of course admit that it was their fault and take responsibility for it so he can either pay out of pocket to have the hood of a Ferrari replaced or fixed and replaced a Ferrari window or it’s covered on his Home Insurance Tulsa. And all he has to do is file a claim once, taking a step further. What if he was playing golf? And uh, he was playing number 18 at sand springs that hill up there and it goes over the road and he swinging and he hit the car that’s driving and causes that car into the other lane and caused the head on collision with another car and kills one of the occupants of that car and prevents the other occupant who happened to be a doctor from working for a year where there’s a lot of liability there.

You’re going to be sued for killing someone who can be sued for the medical bills and you’re going to be sued for the lost wages. The doctor who can’t work that is all covered on your home insurance policy under the liability part. Now you don’t have enough coverage if you just have $100,000 worth of coverage and you’re calling liable for a million dollars. In that case, that other $900,000 comes out of your pocket. And that case, hopefully your agent, your professional insurance agent, like the guys didn’t insure you Oklahoma and talked to you about your liability exposure. Uh, you maybe you may expose yourself to liability, but different things you do or you may expose yourself because you have a lot of assets, you know, why losing in that case, in addition to the Home Insurance Tulsa we want to make sure you have a, um, a, an umbrella policy, umbrella policies start at $1,000,000 of coverage.

And so it’s an umbrella of coverage over your underlying limits of your auto and home insurance. So in this case, if you had $300,000 liability coverage and you cause an accident and someone is killed and someone is unable to do their job anymore, you wouldn’t be underlying limits. Liability of $300,000 and then an additional $1,000,000 of coverage above that, your legal fees, they have to hire an attorney. Commodity that affect the insurance company will be your attorney nowhere to work for you. So liability coverage isn’t just for something that should happen at home. Someone comes on your land and they get kicked in the head by your horse. Yeah, that, that home and that’s liability covers it. Oh, but it’s also covering things when you’re not at home, like the golf course, the golf ball across the table, or what if you’re just a jerk in your head, a drive and you’re headed into someone who hits them in the back of the head and yeah, now they can play violin, but they can’t be an architect anymore and they’re going to sue you for a lost wages and not being able to work in being the table.

You need the coverage policy with a million dollars above the underlying limit. You could also get 2 million up to $5 million of coverage if needed. We have additional coverage that we might have to go to some surplus lines companies, so when we do, you have to realize the more liability coverage is funny. Home Insurance Tulsa The more you have the less than cost. That makes sense. If the first umbrella policy, first million cars, $200, the second million might be only $140, so total for 2 million instead of being double the 230 $340 liability coverage for anyone who has a couple of cars, two or three drivers at home as an umbrella policy is a necessity. You just need to have and if you don’t believe me asking attorney, ask your attorney if you should have an umbrella policy. If you should have an aunt and an umbrella policy to your Home Insurance Tulsa and they’re going to tell you, of course you do.

It’s cheap. It’s cheap coverage. Just get it. You won’t miss the money and if anything ever happened, you’ll be glad you had to call the guy who’s gonna insure you Oklahoma. Mark Jeff for Jamie, and they’ll be able to help you out immediately. I’m getting your underlying coverage of your auto or home coverage up to where it needs to be when we get to add the umbrella policy to it. Uh, usually a $300,000 liability on the Home Insurance Tulsa. And it’s a, a to 5,500 on the auto insurance, but just make sure on your home insurance, have the right amount of liability coverage and then add the umbrella above it. You will be, uh, you know, have all these policies, it will be cheaper because you have multiple policies and you’re going to be well covered because you have a right now I’m about to drive through the carwash and Glenpool Oklahoma.

And uh, you might think your car got damaged in a car wash, the carwash would cover it, well, textbooks, their insurance might. But every time you get a carwash, you actually have a waiver that says that they’re now responsible so they rip off a mirror or do something else. They’re actually not responsible for the damage. Uh, so that would be comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. There’s some idiot girl up in front of me. He can’t work a carwash machine. Okay, there she goes regardless. So Taylor talked about liability coverage on home insurance to also make sure you have enough. Hopefully your agent’s asking you the right question and you have the right amount of liability coverage on the home insurance Tulsa and asked if any number Ola policy. Don’t go cheap insurance. I’ve said many times cheap insurance was like cheap Sushi. You don’t want it. Get the right home insurance coverage and policy from a professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma Nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. Or go to our website and ensure you Oklahoma.com and the u, the letter u and not rely on you so sure you Oklahoma where they want to ensure you. Oklahoma.