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All right good morning company, so if you give us a call, we can quote give you a quote on your insurance and your number one auto insurance and homeowners insurancesomething that you probably didn’t even think about when you thought about you. Yeah real funny incident there yesterday in tulsa park in the park in winter night and during the game, show contact for people and their dog, and this lady had a german shepherd and northwest. Natural players were taking the field and the catcher and pitcher, throwing the ball back and forth. First dogs like to hear a concert to the side and the dog chases dog, but why people probably work.

what happened if they ran out there and hit indemnify you just make them all again a job in a professional baseball player, but luckily you have home insurance tulsa. Even if you have liability coverage on that policy call me. I had to have surgery or missing chances are you’re going to drop by the insurance carrier. Let you put the dogs, out. I will talk to the person and also with a dog bite it’s going to get paid because you don’t want to go to go to court and going to load and these girls coming over.

So what they do is they just pay just going to happen and they’re going to pay it app for different dog breeds and if you have a pitbull or rottweiler or doberman pinscher fighting dog now I know what I really like to say. Oh, my pimple is just an angel and it’s not the breed of people, don’t yell or have the liability exposure up to your home and turned salsa if your dog gets out and bite them or if you have it on your phone, the biting that you probably won’t be written at all. Miami doberman and our government would never buy any or not.

If you have a doberman with sickle cell liability coverage would cover and what, if you have a horse, send gifts out of the pastor and is out in the road and it’s dark at night and someone hit the floor, lol. So your home insurance not cover it is auto insurance for your own health insurance. Because what about, if you have horses-and you have what’s called in the state-and they are referred to as that and then put the offer on yeah-they were trespassing. Yet it could have been there on the horse, but you could also be a swimming pool and trampoline and to the liability, because you need to take steps to make sure that you will cover that no personal responsibility, I guess on the the people that are being stupid, call insure you oklahoma and case something happens. If your dog is they offer we all recovered from safeco, progressive, mercury and allstate.

Home Insurance Tulsa So we can get the cover, isn’t when your dog’s going across the infield it when there’s nothing happening, and you make sure you have the coverage you need 100 to the coverage. Give me a call today, someone away from your home. That’s not at all

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