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Yesterday’s blog post, we talked about in sure you oklahoma’s new office. In okmulgee, we talked about home insurance, okmulgee and auto insurance okmulgee. We also talked about home insurance, salsa and auto insurance tulsa, where I was willing and able to help you with any of those call at 918-322-7100. That’s 918-322-7100 for home insurance, tulsa, auto, insurance, tulsa, home insurance, okmulgee or auto insurance okmulgee for today. Well, in my wealth management practice, I see a lot of people that are planning for retirement and they have a nice nest egg and they spent their whole lives planning for this desk. It’s going to happen. It’s going down in 30 minutes for the part of their life, where they have money and you getting close to retirement social security, their 401k and their savings.

They’re going to have a good life place the days and come and live hopefully wealthy to 100, Home Insurance Tulsa so they have enough money to last throughout their retirement. The fact is:if a married couple reaches 65 together a 65 together there is a 70% chance that one brightness 70% chance home insurance insurance okmulgee take care. Are there health insurance because they have medicare? They have everything that can cover them. They may have home insurance, tulsa or auto insurance, tulsa and medicare, but they have one thing:isn’t protected against fatal loss of money and their nest occurs. One thing that their nest egg is not covered for and that’s long-term care in tulsa long-term care insurance can cox upwards of 70 to $100,000 a year. For someone in the average stay in a nursing home, someone stays in nursing home $70,000 a piece that’s going to be $175,000, that’s $400,000, that’s going to be taken out of the nesting and that’s a nest egg that supposed to last both people to retirement.

So, unfortunately, what we have is one person being taken care of in a nursing home and the other person’s nestegg dwindling, so that when the person in the nursing home passes, the surviving spouse spouse is usually left with little or nothing to be on social security, so their life is affected. Long-term care insurance can take care of me for ltc insurance can help mitigate that problem. Without you don’t need a long-term care insurance policy to cover all of the $75,000 a year or $80,000 a year,. It would be a good hedge, just like we don’t have to insure every single thing we own. We also don’t have to insure every single penny, a stay in a nursing home, so we talked about the need for long-term care insurance. We talked about how much it can cost we talked about who needs now who needs it?

Well, it’s especially important for single women. Women make up the majority of residents of a nursing home and a woman is more likely to be in a nursing home, because of so if a woman is a widow, widower or widow and or divorcee, then all of their money can be at rest in a nursing home, and then they might be relying on the government. If it’s gone, they don’t have a spouse to help take care of them. They need assisted living there going to need long-term care insurance. Ideal money for long-term care insurance would probably be between order, million-dollar nest, egg and a two-million-dollar nest egg. Before so much for sure, self insurance might be an option by taking risks. Most people don’t want to pay that money by taking out a small, long-term care insurance policy as a head again losing the next game for the next generation. Just because nick is at 50% of caregiver will die before the person receiving care. Then lot of stress that happens to a spouse when they’re trying for another spouse to be detrimental to your health, and it actually results in 50% of them dying for the person to be able to have it’s not just financially, but it’s also to help with caregiver that a person could be properly taken care of and help in the best way possible. Motorcycle insurance, tulsa all taken care of may have their health insurance taken care of through medicare and humana medicare supplement insurance policy. He may have home insurance okmulgee to have auto insurance okmulgee in my motorcycle, most catastrophic thing that can happen to him and that’s going into a nursing home a home.

That’s worth $200,000 and burns to the ground may be nothing compared to 5 reba more years in a nursing home car is stolen or if, in an accident there might be a might be nothing compared to one year in a nursing home $80,000 for a year in a nursing, home or 40 or $50,000 for the cost to replace the car. One and two people will end up in a nursing home and one in every 2 or 300 cars in a year will be will be destroyed. Home Insurance Tulsa The decision becomes obvious, nursing, home or long-term care. Insurance is most important before there’s an illness or an injury that just allows a person from getting a you can be 65 years old and get home insurance, tulsa or auto insurance tulsa. You can be 80 years old, home insurance, okmulgee or 75 years old, get auto insurance effective to get home insurance or auto insurance. Isn’t that hard, depending on your right, butt to get long-term care insurance? It gets very expensive and it could be not even I could be not even accepted by underwriter, so get your home insurance tulsa does not cover long-term care. Your auto insurance pay, your auto insurance, doesn’t cover long-term care. Your medicare does not cover long-term care in order to have coverage, for you have to separate long-term care insurance. Just policy can range in cost from 2500 a year to five thousand a year on up, depending on how many bells and whistles you want on the policy and how old you are, and your state of health I always recommend getting home covered, so in other words, the long-term care insurance will cover whether you’re receiving care in your home or at a facility.

Of course, if you want to be covered in your home insurance tulsa, then you need to home coverage if you want to be covered, so you can also use your auto insurance also get home health care cover, home, insurance, tulsa or at home insurance okmulgee. You want to have coverage to stay in your home and got insurance does not cover long-term care. It covers your home own, your auto, insurance tulsa, or your auto insurance okmulgee only covers your bf. Doesn’t cover you. So in order to have proper coverage, you need to have a long-term care insurance

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