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All right. Hi, welcome to podcast 66. All original, ensure you Oklahoma. All regional content podcasts we have we put on this podcast to tell you, keep you informed and tell you the secret to the insurance industry. No one else can tell you about. On the last podcast we talked about white glove service and the service that you can expect from your professional agent at ensure you Oklahoma. Well, today we made a, a client of ours very happy or excited that, uh, we got his home insurance tolson plates for the closing out his house. You know the address on this issue of the insure you Oklahoma podcast or blog is discuss what coverage I have. Your home insurance, your Home Insurance Tulsa dwelling coverage. This person is buying a house for $70,000 less than what it costs to build the house. Well then you wonder why he has to higher insurance.

Well, we don’t insure a vehicle for value of that vehicle or that we don’t insure a Home Insurance Tulsa for the value of the home, of what we insure homes for what it would take to rebuild that home. If it were destroyed and a total loss. So we are always looking at replacement cost coverage for a home insurance tall shot and in this case the home, he was buying it for about $198,000 and it’s worth about $270,000 a door ensuring it forward, sharing it for the replacement cost coverage, not the market value. And some times you will get hung up on that because you’re buying maybe a 1500 square foot house for a $145,000, but it cost $199,000 to rebuild that house if there were a total loss. So we’re going to, we’re going to insure it for $199,000. I hope that makes sense everyone.

The last thing you want is just to get with the house’s worth rather than what it cost to rebuild it. And that’d be the difference between replacement cost, actual cash value, right? So we insured things for the replacement cost coverage. Now there is a few things we can play with your Home Insurance Tulsa. It makes assumptions about the quality of your bathrooms and your kitchens. You know, those are the big ticket item. So if it’s just builders, great instead of custom and that’s fine. You’re going to have, there’ll be a little cheaper to it. The last thing we want to do is undervalue them, the home in your home insurance policy, so sure you. We will run what’s called an RCC and that will get us replacement cost coverage for insurance company. As long as you insure your house for what the insurance company says, they’ll replace it for their happy to insure the house for that, which is great news because we want replacement cost coverage on our home insurance policy.

So when it comes to our white glove service, the ultimate insurance service you can get from an insurance agency, that doesn’t mean cheap insurance. White gloves service does not mean cheap. White glove means the back and someone who will answer the phone, someone will call you back and someone who will be there when you need them. That’s what we do and ensure you Oklahoma when we provide you a home insurance policy. We’re getting you the best coverage for the price and we’re always gonna ensure that home for what it costs to replace the home, not what it’s worth today because unfortunately if you build a home about a year or two later, it’s probably going to be worth less than what you paid to build it and that just because it costs more to build a home and someone might have a choice between your home and someone else says where they’re going to buy it and they can, uh, uh, two you down on the price a little bit and get it for a cheaper price.

But that’s not what it costs to rebuild it. So the rebuilding it could be, you know, there’s a hurricane at all of a sudden a shingles are a lot more expensive, so it costs more to ensure that home or to rebuild that home. Then with home is worth, it might also be building materials may have gone up because the restrike and the uh, in the housing industry. And uh, so anyway, all of those things contribute to the cost of rebuilding the house but don’t affect the actual cash value or the market value of a good clients understand this. Unfortunately you will get some unscrupulous insurance agents who are going to insure the house for what you pay for it and then you’re not going to be happy with them at claim time because you’re not going to have what it cost to rebuild the house.

Matter of fact, if you insure a house for 60 percent of the replacement cost coverage and you have a claim, you’re only getting paid 60 percent of that claim anyway. So it doesn’t have to be a total loss. It can be a partial loss and you’re still only getting part of it. I hope that makes sense. That’s the last thing you want. But I’m driving by a assisted living center right now and I can see that they have a roof that’s in need of repair. They shouldn’t have put in false shingles on the roof. They should’ve gone with the metal rough. I don’t know why a commercial building would go with anything but a metal rough in Oklahoma when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, we might be seeing more and more metal roofs in the future anyway just to, just to get a better rate on your home insurance toaster, because you know, we do have hail storms and we do have pretty severe weather here, but when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa, that’s what makes your rates go up and makes it higher.

So if you want a cheaper insurance, pay a little more for your building materials and those building materials that will last you longer than just some crappy materials and some builder might put on. So we want good building materials, hail resistant, rough fire resistant, a home and that’s gonna get you a better discount on your Home Insurance Tulsa. So when it comes to all the guys in ensure you Oklahoma for our clients that we help today, we were able to get them great coverage, shot them with four different companies to make sure we got him what he needed. And uh, and we ended up with it all state policy, which was great for them. We were between all dot mercury and also came in with a little better prior to lower deductible. So that’s what we’re talking about. Not Cheap, not pulling into a gas station right now. If I want cheap Sushi, I can just go in here and, and gets achieved Sushi. Otherwise what I’m going to do is go over to, in the Ra and get it made and make a fresh, less likely to get sick to Sushi is not what I want. I want good Sushi at a good price. Same thing with insurance, good insurance at a good price.

That’s what we provide. And ensure you Oklahoma. The other thing is for all of our Home Insurance Tulsa policies that we write, we only write with a plus rated company. That means these companies are going to be there when you need them at claim time. They’re going to be there if they have a season. And that’s what you want because why buy insurance if they’re not gonna be able to pay. We definitely want to make sure we have good home insurance to also from a strong rated company and their, uh, their underwriters are actually underwriting the policies and that’s just giving some cheap. You want the underwriters to be strict, you don’t want to get insurance with the company and then have underwriters just starting to let anyone get their home insurance, Tulsa through that company. You want them to be good solid company who actually picky about who they insure.

It might be a little more work on your end, but when it comes to it, you’re going to be happier because you have a company that’s not going to raise the rates as much. They’re going to be better at claim time. They’re just a better solid company. So for the best in Home Insurance Tulsa contact the guys that ensure you oklahoma.com or go to a. We have a new age starting with us here next week. His name is Jeff. Give Jeff a call. We’d love to help you out with your home insurance. Also need. So until next time I’m signing off the ensure you Oklahoma, all original content podcasts. And 10 minutes for your home insurance also needs. Give us call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. Have a great day.