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All right, here we are, we’re closing on 199, turning into blog 99 99 insurance policies on the wall. You drop one down, pass it around. 90 eight insurance policies on the wall. We had a great day today. We were able to help a couple of different clients. One that’s moving here from Idaho, a auto and home insurance, Tulsa. We hoped another woman and we literally saved her about eight or $900 between her home insurance or auto insurance. She was just thrilled. Home Insurance Tulsa We also saved someone else and his reaction was, okay, well let me talk to my wife about it. We’ll see.

I really think that we’re to the point where ensure you Oklahoma, we’re saving people too much money and they just don’t believe it for the dig is too good to be true. It we just need to start putting higher insurance premium. I know it goes against what we say we want, but if you’re just buying a house, maybe an extra thousand dollars comes in handy. You know, you could be leasing an apartment for 500 bucks in your home insurance for 500 bucks. You could save it, put it into a Roth Ira. We actually had a client say that we had to hire coverage. They just don’t have anything to lose. Usually we have to talk people into higher coverage because they’re exposed, but not that guy. These people were so not exposed to. They’re getting ripped off on insurance because insurance agent convinced otherwise. So this guy would make more money, never have a claim like that. And uh, this insurance status just convinced to spend more money.

Anyway, it’s Friday the 31st and the Tulsa growers can clinch a playoff spot tonight with the wind over northwest Arkansas and I really hope they do it here in Tulsa and home instead of on the road against the cardinals and springfield. And it’s just nice to clench here at home when you have your hometown fans that are willing to be there and celebrate with you. And it was just good for the city as a whole. Such thing as civic pride. And there’s such thing as wanting to get things done altogether and you know, that kind of goes back to what we do at ensure you, Oklahoma. We work together, we’re together, Home Insurance Tulsa we’re building something big and I’m glad we have Shannon along with us to take the ride and Jeff along with us and going to join us. Get on the bus early.

You never know who might join us. But yeah, that’s what we’re doing. We’re building, we’re building and we’re growing everyday. Everyday we get better at it, better coverages, better prices, save money, live better. Walmart job a car lot or have a lot of cars on their own or what’s going on there. But a swim on a hot day like today. And cool off a little or maybe a white WCA favorite pool. I don’t know if they do. Anyway, um, I bought my wife a ring at Israel diamond company and we haven’t covered on our home insurance policy. It says zero deductible against anything that could happen to it. Although I didn’t know how much you, Home Insurance Tulsa where’s it or where it is. Hope she doesn’t lose it. We can’t really afford another claim. Mine jewelry claim. I mean my gut is a couple of years ago anyway, that’s how that works.

Now we’re starting to pick, maybe it was stolen or misplaced tractor with some moisture or something like that. Because what happens is you have all those blades going, you’re not going to be uneven and that’s what you want and you’re doing something like that. Anyhow, I see my son John, he thinks it’s too hot to play golf. I guess maybe we’ll just go into a club and workout bixby, Oklahoma. I just crossed over the bridge and here is some advice for those of, you know, amateur mistake would be to speed over that bridge. I’m here to tell you, you go over the bridge from the bixby bridge over the Arkansas River. Do not speak, be spot on 45 miles an hour because otherwise you’re gonna get nailed and you know, she doesn’t have a lot of tech space. So what they do is they nail the hell out for speeding. So speed trap is all unsafe. So if your Home Insurance Tulsa is down here, south of the river, man, be cool. Yo get home. You’ll get there. You can stop at Carmichael’s. It gets a sweet corn or some jams and jellies or squash or peaches or you can stop by the. Get it right auto.com. And look at a used car. Always know those little independent used car lots.

But we always stop at country mart and get something out there this morning. Got some cream and some coffee. I like my coffee dark or the little bit of green. Just lightened it up a little cream left enough. I like to taste the coffee and the creamer the edge off. And that’s this way I like to look at here at quick trip and then southern’s. And this guy’s gonna pull right out in front of me. And Barry goes jerky kind of. No. Alright. So I’m Pat Sutherland’s coming up on the new dollar general. It’s a nice dollar general family dollar general though. I think they’re great. I think they, they. I mean it’s amazing what you can get for the price. Home Insurance Tulsa They’re paying tax. Anything you could need for your home insurance, Tulsa, you can get at the dollar general. Anyway. When I get to my house, I’m going to.

I got some hot dog buns. I’m going to give you the chicken and I’m going to take a lot of the chickens or whatever. We got to get out there and get him some more water problem. But anyway, they had been laying everyday. They’re doing a great job. They have their own little chicken coop. Actually they don’t have a chicken coop. What they have is the big Hay barn and they treat it like to in and out and try to lay all the race. So I’m grateful for that and for them they’re nice chicken. All the let’s not tonight. She likes my toes. Home Insurance Tulsa For some reason she doesn’t like me. Anyway. The good news is that our older son is driving back from the University of Arkansas this weekend for mp about that he wants to play a little golf, but I don’t know. Mama might have other ideas.

John is a play Monday and then he can go back on Monday. So. And I bought him coffee. He likes to take back first, you know, like that don’t make it. Makes me happy to make my son happy. That’s where I worked as hard as we do and earn the money that we do to give to our kids. I mean, it’s only money. What do you do with money? Give it away and take care of kids and family can’t take your with. You can’t take it with you. They are the richest man or Donald Trump. Can’t take his money with him. I can take mine with me. Might be a little different. Spin his in mind, but you know, it is sort of why the way I think I did well today because I wore a Donald Trump clone called success. I wore that today, the office and a 10 and 11. We already closed one. Two, you know, so we’re happy with that. I got, I did some training today with the new rep. Home Insurance Tulsa he got to see how I do things. And uh, you know what? I never going to start a Monday morning huddle, next Monday, Labor Day Monday, huddle on what we want to accomplish or get done. How, if you want to talk to. So that’s it for podcast 99. I think we’re going to entitle this one. I’m a hot dog buns right.