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All right, thank you Glenn. Anyway, uh, we are on a podcast one. Oh six. We needed to get here when you get your clique or a podcast, one six of the insurer, you, Oklahoma, our original content podcast with her by the rise juice bar, which I don’t understand how to make it or you know, a lot of places. I don’t know. Anyway, I just got done having breakfast with the president of a local bank and owner of a title company and high ranking person at an insurance agency and our monthly a get together. Um, you know, these are important. These are important to get together to let you know what’s new in their business and to um, you know, Home Insurance Tulsa see if we can help each other out. We’re all friends all in different but related businesses somehow. So how can we all work together? That’s what we do anyway.

Getting together once a month, it gives us a mastermind and we can throw anything out there that we want and you know, to ask each other what would we do in a certain situation? How about this? What do you think about this or that? And that’s when we get together. So for you young and up and coming business people, if you do not have a mastermind group or a group of people that get together with regularly to ask advice and that’s helped your friends, that you just say, hey, Home Insurance Tulsa I need some help with Xyz, I need to meet this guy. And that’s what I did. So I had to have these guys that knew the bank president of a bank where I would like to buy their insurance. So I asked these two guys and they reached out to him and now we have a maintenance kit.

So what does that mean? What, what is that worth? It just breakfast once a month, but we all know people that the other person should know or, or, and we can help each other with stuff. And that’s, that’s what makes a mastermind group so great. So anyway, as we build and grow, ensure you Oklahoma with our Tulsa location or multi location, you need to reach out to people and uh, and be able to count on friends. I mean, that’s how business world works and that’s why ensure you Oklahoma, Home Insurance Tulsa it will be more successful than someone else just starting up because we have the ability and the network already in place. So without further ado, I know you’re tuned into talking about home insurance to all set. Well, one of the contacts we made here today was the bank president and we will now be writing all the insurance policies for the bank just closing on this as well.

So if you go through this bank, you are gonna have ensure you Oklahoma for your home insurance, Tulsa, uh, which is good for you. That means you picked the right bank because they know what good looks like and they know what they know who the best insurance agency is and it isn’t. Sure. You all call it muddy, premier, Independent. Well, our premier independent insurance agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mowgli, Oklahoma. So when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, he knows that his clients are going to get the best. They’re going to get the best rates, the best coverage from a white glove service agency right here in South Tulsa. But we can hit, we can handle anything, we could work through anything. And if you have a home, we can ensure we even had code the other day. Do I do share a trailer? It’s a trailer with a, a, you know, a cinderblock foundation just doesn’t matter.

So a trailer a that’s not home insurance also that is a trailer and we could go ahead and quote it with a allstate. The other carriers weren’t too fond of it, but we quoted it with allstate and then um, let me get in here. But we couldn’t get a good grade for it. But we’re not that agency. We don’t try to cram a square peg in a round hole. We actually went outside the agency and found them to coverage that they need it because that’s what white glove services, that’s what it means to take care of people. By the way, I’m writing next Chevy Malibu on one side and Chevy Malibu on the other. And I’m wondering if these people, any of them have ever been to Malibu. I’m catching the heaven but the drive a male. But I wonder if anyone who’s ever driven.

I don’t think so. I don’t think they have. Home Insurance Tulsa A friend of mine drives a Ford F 1:50 raptor. I’m pretty sure a raptor has never driven a f150. So anyway, enough of that ramble. The other person we talked to is that we met with breakfast and vice president of Insurance Agency here and they, he’s getting on a plane to go to London to go and meet with Lloyd’s over there. Um, you know what their commercial carriers, they don’t touch a lot of personal life. Well because of that, the structure of the agency, what do you think? Who Do you think they put in charge of the personalized and latency? Yeah, the brand new people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Our owner and founder, Mark Morley has over 27 years experience with home insurance, Tulsa and he knows what good looks like. He knows how to hire the right people and put it in the processes and the systems in place to make sure that the clients are taken care of the right way. The most important thing is client, customer service and making sure that we have the right people on the bus. Home Insurance Tulsa Now we put them in the right seat on the bus. We’re all going in the same direction.

It’s a big deal. It’s a big deal that we hired the right people. And with that said, we are looking for agents. We are looking for agents to start with the agency and, uh, build something for themselves. Uh, we don’t offer vacation days, sick days or holidays. That’s up to you if you’re a, if you’re a go getter, a self starter or an entrepreneur, we encourage you to take a look at us. You’d be surprised on what we provide. We provide all the Seo and we provide the advertising and we provide the systems and the website and the business cards a laptop. So we will take care of you. If you know what you’re doing, we’d love to talk to you. If you don’t know what you’re doing, Home Insurance Tulsa would you still love to talk to you? If you have an agency now and you would like to start your own agency, you can be under us.

You can write on and get these codes that we have for the companies that we have. You know, there’s a misnomer that you need to have 30 companies. That’s ridiculous. No one quotes with 30 companies you have the top one’s a quote with, but an ensure you Oklahoma. What we’ve done is we’ve found the ones that are the best and those are the only ones we stick with. We don’t go into all the other stuff. Uh, you know, the companies that you’re never going to quote thank you know there’s some of them, if we lose our code with them or appointment and what’s the big deal? They suck. They’re rates are real and they purposely slow down growth in Oklahoma by raising the rates. Home Insurance Tulsa then I’m going to have someone by rep come in and busted my balls about it. Blah, blah, Blah de Blah Blah de Blah.

And um. Oh, wait a minute. I was just find my friends new house to see it. 100 first 90. What am I doing now? I’m at $100. That’s 111. Okay. Oh yeah. So anyway, um, yeah, for the best in home insurance, Tulsa, there’s number six. We are, you are talking to the right people and ensure you will go home and go to the shoe. You, Oklahoma, not come today. If you want, we will pay you $25 to compare your insurance rates. All you have to do is send us your dec sheet and that will set an appointment for you to come in and we review what you have and what we can do for you. You know what, if it’s not as good or if it’s a bad or we can’t help you, you just made 25 bucks for your time. If we can do better, we’re going to show you, and you might say more than 25, might be $250 for your time.

So what’s wrong with that? I don’t think anything wrong with that. I think you’d like it. So if you, to ensure you Oklahoma shot for your personal lines insurance, not only will you probably save more money, but you will get the, ensure you will call them. A white glove service, uh, were better than us cellular and US cellular sucks. If you have us cellular on your cell phone, you’re an idiot. They suck. They’re pulling out of markets. That will be the next, there’ll be the next carrier to go under. Anyway, that’s just my thing about us cellular. I think they suck. Anyway. I’m at the corner of a penis in Maine and we are headed to the office. And so this is podcast one. Oh, six in the books. And uh, we will soon be at one. Oh seven. Which I think gets us to the 25 Winnie. Alright. Home Insurance Tulsa tell them later.