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All right, welcome to podcast number 47, the oe original content ensure you Oklahoma podcast where we give you tips on saving money for Home Insurance Tulsa. Today is July, second, Monday, July second, 2018 and today’s podcast is brought to you by allstate insurance company. A effective. Today we are representing allstate insurance, which we’re very excited about. Great. Great Company. Allstate. I’m providing insurance coverage for, you know, a hundred years or so and great company out of Northbrook Illinois. They’ve recently been sowing all state insurance through the independent market and we are fortunate and unfortunate enough and just thrilled that we have been chosen and we are representing all state. So we’re going to talk about Home Insurance Tulsa a different coverages today. Part of what we’re talking about is of course saving money, but you know, we’re not just about saving money because no cheap insurance and the like cheap Sushi, it’s like you might feel good when you’re paying for it, but when you’re using it it’s not so great. So talking about medical, the medical coverage, medical payments to others on your home insurance, Tulsa, there’s two parts. You have liability coverage, which you talked about in the last podcast. We gave the example. If you’re playing golf and you hit a golf ball and hit the car accident and you’re liable for, that’s going to be covered in your Home Insurance Tulsa,

or if you do anything else and it causes damage. So if you don’t just hit the golf on the car. If you hit a golf on enter person covering the liability coverage on your home insurance Tulsa, but they we’re talking about medical payments to other. Why isn’t medical payments to other important? Well the medical payments to others. Basically you don’t have to prove negligence or liability. If someone gets hurt on your property, it’s just going to pay out. And this is meant to pay a coinsurance and deductibles. So if someone, if a kid is running across your lawn on Halloween trips and falls and breaks her leg, then a, the medical payments, the others kick in and they take him to the urgent care and they get a cast. And A, they get the bill and the kids are going to be okay, although he has a broken leg is probably choosing the color red for his cast because he’s a cardinal fan and he wants to read.

So that’s great. You can have a red cast, um, but you know, as his legs and they’ll probably put them in one of those boots to walk around in or hobble around in. And if it’s yellow, if it’s on your left leg, that’s okay. But you know, the problem would be if you have one of those boots are a cast on your right leg now you can’t drive. Have you thought of that? You can’t drive. And this person drives for a living. You know, you might have to come with some lost wages that would be on the liability part. Now they would have to prove that something was wrong in your yard or something was a, you are negligent somehow for them to collect lost wages as. Because he’s an uber driver and you can’t use. Can’t drive because of his right leg. But even if he didn’t, what you could do is just take the bill and if you have $5,000, $10,000, even 1000 of coverage, medical payments to others, it’s just going to pay and it’s going to pay that bill.

Uh, hopefully you can make that, you know, makes her a health insurance primary and secondary. And there was just coordinate benefits to pay the deductible or coinsurance. And the reason for medical payments to others on only goes up and is, uh, usually when you paid someone fills, you know that people are okay and they’re happy and empty. People don’t shoot. It’s when someone would get hurt and you didn’t pay their bills or you didn’t offer me any sort of compensation that they get a red ass and they might show you. And then it gets into all sorts of litigation and crap like that, you know, in the last thing you need is to be sued by your friend because something wasn’t covered or you didn’t offer to pay the medical bills and it’s going to end the good friendship. And uh, you didn’t go to court and they have all the hassle and the BS of trying to deal with all that crap that you are so needed.

We always include medical payments to other home insurance, auto and we hope that the medical payments to others are I left. It prevents people from suing and pay their medical bills. If anything should happen, you know what I’m saying? These stitches and whatever, it’s just going to pay that. There’s no liability a to be determined. It’s just paid medical payments to others. And Home Insurance Tulsa important, uh, your because your professional insurance agent at ensure you Oklahoma. We’ll make sure you have it and it’s going to be a, uh, the, you know, the professionals and ensure you, Oklahoma will tell you what you have and why you have it and why it’s important. So it’s important that you have good professional agents like the guys in home insurance, Tulsa at and ensure you Oklahoma. Talk to mark or Jeff, Virginia and them can help you out with this.

They are well trained with lots of experience and they have multiple companies to shop. Like we said, hey, we’re representing all steak, a Safeco, mercury, progressive, all sorts of company. It’s not easy to get these appointments, but a mark, the founder and owner and president of ensure you, Oklahoma has gotten the appointments, um, without having to join another group which could prevent you from getting the best coverage you need. But this is truly independent agency. And sure, you Oklahoma providing the best insurance coverage for your insurance dollar. We know you don’t want to spend all of your money on insurance. Nobody does, but you cut. I mean, you could, you could definitely, uh, you know, sending every paycheck you get to the insurance company and be covered for everything. But that would be irresponsible. You don’t need to do that. There are certain coverages that you can cover yourself without him any worries and passing on the liability to insurance company.

That gets me to not just Home Insurance Tulsa, but other insurances as well. You can buy an insurance policy to make sure you never run out of money in retirement. It’s called an annuity. We don’t sell annuities, we will never sell annuities. We don’t recommend the of these annuities are a criminal. He pulled well, unless you’re. I mean, if you don’t have a lot of money, but there is nothing that you can’t do in the market, then annuity does a. There would be no such thing and annuities if there weren’t annuity salesman, they make me sick. So you do not need an annuity. Again, if you have a wealth management need, the guys that ensure you, Oklahoma, I can point you in the right direction to good wealth management. It’s not an annuity, but back to home insurance, Tulsa, uh, we want to make sure that you have the right coverage in place for your medical payments as we talked about.

Medical payments are not at bulk payments to someone who gets her at your house and that could be anything. A child falls down the stairs, someone steps on something and need surgery or surgery, stitches, but your home insurance, Tulsa medical payments will cover, you know, the small things and it’s meant to take. It’s meant to pay the deductibles and coinsurance. Seen her speech. She was the last thing you want is to be sued by a friend, so for Home Insurance Call, Huh? Want to talk to your buddies down there and make sure you get the professional advice and coverage that you need. You know, we’re not selling anything. We’re making recommendations and educating new and your making a decision.