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Alright, we just left the old fogy office. I get there. Our office is on the fifth floors, a suite five 2114 north grand

suite five 27 and Oak Hill. I don’t know why it says, oh, I just, it’s there. But anyway, it is sweet five 27 one 14 north grand. And the elevator’s out. It’s been out for about a week I guess. So anyway, I had to climb five flights of stairs, which is kind of look great on the Apple Iphone, you know that little health meter that’s on there as great. So I look good on that. My legs were getting a little tired, which tells me I need to start doing that more often obviously. So I climb the stairs, I got the rent stuff and I got stuff from all state in our mailbox there. That is a great location for us. Although our, Home Insurance Tulsa, age will we add there isn’t there anymore and we need to hire a new agent. All the officers in Okmulgee, there’s a few captivation and I don’t know what they’re doing.

Why? I mean, why struggle in a small rural area like that, that, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, all you have is one carrier and you know, their appetite are all homes in the area like that. It’s gotta be a big struggle. So, Home Insurance Tulsa, we were going to talk to a couple of these guys about flipping their sign over to us and um, and uh, joining the ranks of independent insurance agencies where, you know, the consumers, the winter, the consumer gets the best product, the best price. And uh, you know, I’m not trying to jam a square peg in a round hole, man. There’s a lot of work. All right. And where was I before? Uh, uh, isis called me with another spam phone call on my cell phone. You know what you’re saying? If you spam people’s phones or are you cold, call them with Robo calls, you will never, ever, ever sell what you’re selling.

No one will ever buy that from. I mean, if I was trying to sell home insurance salsa, whereas Robo, I might as well just set my money. I’m choir and watch it go away because no one, even as great as an agency as ensure you, Oklahoma is no one will ever buy home insurance toss or via a robo call on myself at for it is ridiculous to think otherwise. And you put that, waste their money on it all you’re doing. Believe me, it’s pissing me off. And uh, I will, I have contacted my representative about laws too. It’s an invasion of my privacy. And what we’ve learned from the Supreme Court is they see a right to privacy in the constitution. Home Insurance Tulsa, it’s Kinda like pornography. They know it when they see it, but they can’t put their finger on it, but they pay. It exists. So I have a right to privacy. That includes me not hitting robocalls from Vermont or Montana or, or Arizona or New York. If you’re going to call me with the Robo call and I know who you are, and later I see you on the street, I’m going to punch you in the throat.

And that’s all I say about that back to old Oklahoma, the, the site of our second office.

And, uh, as soon as be expanding a location as we pick up other agents, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, we don’t just write home insurance, Tulsa in Tulsa, we write it in Okmulgee and Obote County and we actually get a lot of phone calls from Okmulgee and we would like to be go obviously our SEO was working down there. That’s search engine optimization for those of you not computer literate people. Um, so, so we’re small enough town there is where we get most of our calls from there for calling and unfortunately there’s some people who can’t help but the majority of people we can because we’re an independent insurance agency representing multiple companies. So whether you have a big warehouse and you need coverage for the building or you have a business, a Bob pops are, you know, those are low hanging fruit. Those are like picking a blow bricks on the street.

That is all we have to do. A BOP is a business owner’s policy and it’s usually someone who rents a location, someone else. And we’re just ensuring the business. We do that all day long. Work comp. We do an all day long and we do it for great prices. So when are you trying to semi town hall work for Champagne metals or have a nice home and um, oh Colby Glenpool Bixby Jenks we can insure your home insurance. Tulsa. We can ensure your business, your auto insurance, your life and longterm care insurance. You know, if you work at a hospital or work at a gas station, you’re the manager of the QT or the manager of the new a hustler adult book store in Tulsa were kind of clips they sell the other day someone drove a car through the window to abscond with some lingerie and novelties.

I wonder what that means now. That’s a funny word. Novelty and wonder what kind of novelties they sell there. Is it like the stuff they sell it stuck is the roadside place. Oh, guess what? I’m in Glen Pool and there’s a cop and the radar. Texas going up. Go figure policing, clump God. If any of you see through Glen [inaudible] and you get a ticket, you deserve it. If you’re around big fee. And you get caught. Who just wants to know? Because I look like someone who stole his lunch money, you’re going to get a ticket. If it’s home insurance, Tulsa. That cop was thinking called farmer’s or state farm or wherever. I don’t want their business. I want the business of good responsible people, not a high price tax collectors that are, the police have these little towns and all they do is get off on writing tickets, especially towards the end of the month.

Anyway, we’ve been talking about our office in Okmulgee areas. There’s the cop, we’ve been talking about our office at Okmulgee. We also have one in south Tulsa at a hundred first street. And um, we’ve been talking about home insurance, salsa. We’ve talked about having home insurance down in old folks do that too. But we’ve auto insurance down there. We don’t have a lot of commercial business, but you know, shook me. I can write almost anyone. So whether you have work comp, you know, don’t go to some of these fly by night companies, don’t go to, you know, if you go to a captain company, here’s what obey most of the people you run into us in five years and ensure you Oklahoma, our agents have combined over 30 years of experience. That’s a lot more experience. So for the best and home insurance, salsa for the best and independent insurance advice, just for the back barrier you want to go to ensure you oklahoma.com click on the watch. I’ll click on the testimonials that you can see videos of some of our happiest clients. You can also go to our Facebook based, ensure you will call me and you as the letter u

and uh, uh, look around on there and see some of our posts and she’s Uber videos and what we’ve done and get a look at who we are. So until then, give us a call at nine one eight three two two seven, one zero zero four oh five three two, two five [inaudible] and we will help you with all of your insurance needs. Home Insurance Tulsa, we will get the best insurance advice. Whether you want to do it over the phone or you want to come in, can we get shamed out as a professional? Insurance agent benefits you the most. But if you don’t have time, you want to do. And we were told when we understand that. So until then, my name is Mark Morley. I’m the President CEO of ensure you Oklahoma. Visit our website and ensure you over [inaudible] dot com.