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All right, welcome to, uh, ensure you Oklahoma number, 48, all original content insurance, home insurance. Uh, we have a lot of exciting things happening on an insurer, you, Oklahoma, where he just picked up the all state contract, so we’re going to be referencing all paid as of tomorrow, which will just give us one more option to help her clients with their Home Insurance Tulsa center. We also have a new agent starting with, uh, Jeff Loud. We’re thrilled to have Jeff, Jeff, and comes to us from the, uh, union school district where he is a jerk. He’s also a musician, plays the trumpet, a very talented man and it’s going to be specializing in home insurance. Also with ensure you Oklahoma, Oklahoma, where we ensure you Oklahoma. And now that we ingest, coming on, we’re expanding, we’re getting bigger. We’re hoping to get Jamie on zoom, get her into thing a and we’re just doing this to help more and more people.

Jeff will soon be taking this test and passing it and becoming a licensed agent. It will be covered under our coverage and everything and then it will be on Adrian and networking and helping mortgage brokers and real curve, but definitely with mortgage brokers, helping her new home buyers and home buyers to get home insurance. Uh, and that’s what we specialize in. We specialize in home insurance call center and getting the, getting the right people, getting the best coverage for them. And that’s what Jeff’s gonna do. He’s gonna make a lot of people happy. He’s gonna. Enjoy doing it. I’m really looking forward to working with jeff on this project. So anyway, please welcome Jeff to ensure you all call my agency. He’s going to do a fantastic job. He knows a lot of people and they’ll soon be up and running with ensure you Oklahoma doing, telling a lot of Home Insurance Tulsa, of course. Where’s home insurance also goes, uh, the auto insurance. We always have auto and home insurance together because it just makes the most sense when we’re writing a coverage because you had discounts for having both together. A pretty big discount doesn’t make sense to have auto insurance and all the shirts together.

And, uh, because if you don’t have them together, you could have two completely different levels of liability and if, if that’s the case, then um, you know, he might be over insured or under insured on the other, so you want to make sure you have all of your insurance or the grange and just and just knows where he’s going and he will take care of it. So that’s great. We’re looking forward to bringing them on to little training here soon and uh, it’ll be up and ready to help people. Help people with their coverages. We’re excited, excited. And you will go home is growing in Tulsa. If you know someone who’s looking for a career or just some extra income and they have what it takes to sell Home Insurance Tulsa, everything. Give us a call and ensure you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero.

The more agents we have, the more people we can help. So much you want to do is come in, we’ll just have a little discussion. You can be licensed now or you can get your license. The great thing about insurance as your working toward and you’re working toward a goal and that goal is renewal rate, renewable income, because when you write a policy or insurance, you don’t just get paid on. Once you get paid every time your clients pay their insurance pill, whether you’re on the golf course or in the office. So instead of like selling mortgages or real estate that you get, you get a paid for a one, you’re telling something that has renewing and renewal income can add up quickly and build a nice book of business. Imagine if you had a thousand households, a thousand families insured the thousand Homo Home Insurance Tulsa tosser and uh, you were getting paid $90, $90 a piece for every home or $100 each room.

That’d be $100,000 of renewal income. Not to mention all the auto is probably another $100 that she made about $200,000 of renewing a thousand auto and home policy together. And that doesn’t even include all the other stuff like boats or whatever. So it’s very attractive. Ensure you, Oklahoma has great incentives for you to build a business. We even have trips as incentives that when agents just doing their regular job, they’re going to be rewarded with a trip to Cancun or part of my art or somewhere nice for two people. So it’s, it’s a great career. A home insurance. Tulsa is a great place, great way to grow a business. You know, one of the great things about a Home Insurance Tulsa is that in Tulsa we have a low cost of living and we have high ohm insurance. Tulsa a premium because the high, because the premiums for home insurance costs are high, our agents actually make a lot more money than agents in other states or other cities and with a higher cost of living.

So it’s harder for them to make money and make a living doing it. Whereas here, agents are able to build a nice business with Home Insurance Tulsa center and working at ensure you, Oklahoma. Like I said, we have four good contracts right now. All States, safe code, Mercury and progressive. Uh, we’re hoping to pick up progressive home real fast, real quick. And, uh, once we do well, we’re going to have even more options for our clients and more reasons to go into an independent insurance agency like ensure you, Oklahoma, because all you need to do is make one call for all your insurance needs and they will shop the coverage for you and find you the best company you can even go call for him, for insurance agents, giving them all your information, go give him everything over and over and over again, or make one call and give it one.

And then those agents, uh, your ensure your call my agent, or can give you all the quotes that you need a for different company. It just makes sense. No, the captive agent, I think that’s a dying business model. And the smart people want to have an independent insurance agent because they’re not stuck with one company or independent insurance agent. Like Jeff will will represent you instead of the company. So that will do what’s best for you, not what’s best for the company. There’s a big difference. And ensure you Oklahoma when we insure home insurance Tulsa, or looking at a bunch of different companies. Some companies may have an appetite for one kind of coverage or one kind of home and others might have an appetite for a different. So for instance, just last week, recorded one and there was literally a $4,000 difference between the two different companies for the exact same home.

And then the one company is just higher and doesn’t, uh, oh, honor all their homework or I didn’t know just because that wasn’t kind of risks they want. And then the other one is not because they’re always cheaper, just the fact that they’re more comfortable. So it just makes sense that day would be cheaper. So again, a Home Insurance Tulsa and ensure will call them out where we ensure you, Oklahoma. I think you’ll be pleased with the white glove service that we promised to all of our clients and the opportunity for us to shop for different insurance companies to meet your needs. If you’re a first time home buyer and you’re looking at, uh, uh, insurance because you’re closing on your house, you know, you want to go, you want to be sure you go with someone who is knowledgeable and professional in our agency. We have over 27 years of experience now and, uh, we, you know, we’ve seen in finger to, we know how to ensure things because we’ve been around the block and we know what it takes to ensure. I mean, if you’re getting a mortgage and a bank of Oklahoma and they’re going to require your coverage before you close, you want to give us the least two weeks notice. And if you give us some weeks notice, we can even get you another discount. So for Home Insurance Tulsa call us and ensure you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero.