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Alright, podcast 118, one, one eight a ensure you Oklahoma all original content podcast. Um, we are, we have a lot of great, announced a lot of fun things happening in the agency. Uh, we are about to start offering life insurance. Oh, by the way, this, today’s podcast is brought to you by encompass insurance and compass as a unique proposition in the marketplace when we’re looking for a little better than average homes and preferred auto. They are definitely a preferred carrier. They like auto home umbrella together. And we do do for our clients to those preferred clients. We all offer. We also offer second to none wealth management planning for our flights. Home Insurance Tulsa for that we will actually, uh, for our insurance clients, we will actually offer a discount on the wealth management planning. So anyway, back to encompass insurance now encompasses insurance, like others. We are a home insurance costs the carrier, they’re just one of our carriers.

Uh, we, uh, we recently rejected one just because they weren’t, they did not match who we are or what we do and our profile too bad for them. They have auto only with us and we will write some auto only, but that’s about it. Um, it’s a matter of fact, our, one of our best agents, Shin and Harris, killing it with auto only and you may want to reach out to him. Shannon Harris called him at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. So, Home Insurance Tulsa, when it comes to the best in home insurance, Tulsa, you can call us and usher you, Oklahoma. And let’s say you have your first home and you’re very proud of it. You want to make sure it’s insured correctly. You can call some fly by night company.

You can call some captive. They’ll try to force a square peg in a round hole and make you take what they have or you can call in. Sure you Oklahoma and get the right home insurance, Tulsa for you. Now you might also have a home with some acreage and, or beautiful ornamental longhorn cattle on the property. And that’s fine. We have carriers for that as well. We are happy to ensure those homes a little hobby farms with, and we’ll leave that offer mortality insurance on the longhorn cattle or sheep or the goats or an anything but not sick. We won’t offer it on chickens. So if your home insurance policy requires chicken insurance, we can’t help you, but if you call us, we might be able to send you in the right direction. Now, if you’re a large chicken farm, if you’re doing this for a business, Home Insurance Tulsa then we can help you with the commercial insurance policy.

But you know, no hobby farm chickens, for instance, uh, Home Insurance Tulsa, John Michael Morley and six chickens, he gets five to six eggs a day and, uh, we will not insure those chickens, uh, his, uh, pretty much free range, which means like friendly buffets or coyotes, so that just wouldn’t make sense. And chickens are cheap. So when I can, um, if you have a small Porta potty business, we can help you with that. Now, that wouldn’t be through encompass. That would be through amtrust. We got a great company for that, which reminds me, I need to talk to Steve Holloway about joining, ensure you Oklahoma at. It’s also a good time to pause and talk about the opportunity. Ensure you will call them up. We do have insurance commissions. We pay higher than anyone else. We offer trips as incentives and we’re a great place for those captive agents who are trying to tired of being captive and losing eight times out of 10 and hopefully to make to make it a little bit of a difference and increase their income and build a, an agency with us.

She might lose six or seven times so we don’t lose that when we quote it were a lot higher. We’re about 35, 40 percent close ratio. Uh, the problem comes with getting older people and if we can get a hold of the people, then we went. We take care of the people we insure. So for home insurance, salsa, come to the best and forget the rest. If you live in Bixby, Oklahoma, or as the people in bixby say bigsby Oklahoma, you can’t get better than ensure you will go home. We know what we’re doing. We do well. We do it over and, and over and consistently. We do one thing. We sell insurance. We don’t do qualified plans, we don’t do a bunch of other, Home Insurance Tulsa, investment products. Now our owner as a wealth management from that, he does that. But, um, in our firm we are an insurance company and that’s it. That’s what we do. We sell insurance and we’re good at and we make sure our clients are insured correctly, is that boy, it feels good to get out of the house sometimes, doesn’t it? But anyway, when I say out of the House, I mean my house that’s insured correctly.

I have a high deductible. So if something happens, you know, I’m, I’m out of pocket a little, but I don’t think a lot of things are gonna happen and whatever does happen, I think I can fix that myself, most of it. And Home Insurance Tulsa, so I’m only insurance of the big things once I have good liability coverage because, uh, I had what’s called an attractive nuisance newest and that is a swimming pool and I have horses and that was, it’s called an attractive nuisance because when you get some water, head idiot teenager who’s a hopped up on, you know, methamphetamine or drinking cans, beers all night, and they think it’s okay to come over and try to ride one of my horses because that’d be funny, right? Or getting my pool. Well, because we have something on our land that would attract someone. We need to make sure we have enough liability coverage on.

We do on our home insurance, Tulsa, we have a $300,000 liability coverage and above that we have $1,000,000 umbrella policy. So when that idiot teenager comes over and gets kicked in the head and Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, is in a coma or whatever. I’m covered for one point $3,000,000 and above that screw up, he can do it, you know, he was so stupid. He came on my land and did that. Uh, we do have gates and fences and we try to mitigate the situation as much as we can and um, but you can only mitigate a something so much and the rest is has to be covered by insurance because I’m not willing to make that myself and that willing to take on that liability myself. So what I do is I pay the insurance company a little bit of money and they now liable for it. That’s always yours works.

They will take on the liability if you pay them a little bit of money and an umbrella policy. You know, I paid $300 a year, $300 a year for $1,000,000 of coverage and that’s a million dollars of coverage over anything that I do, whether it’s driving, voting my home, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, whenever my ability I could cause and we. So we have an extra million dollars of coverage. That’s an umbrella policy. You know, if you’re somewhat of just a little bit of means and you don’t have an umbrella policy, that means you have an agent that doesn’t know what he’s doing and didn’t recommend what you need. A. If you need to ensure chickens, we can do it. If you need an umbrella policy, we can edit, edit towards your head. You know, that just means you’re a better, more responsible citizen taking care of what’s needed. So that next time is podcasts. One, one, nine.