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How exciting this is the latest ensure you Oklahoma podcast where we talk about home insurance, Tulsa and with the goal of saving you time and money and effort because when you call ensure you Oklahoma, we’re going to shop two or three different home companies for you and make sure you get the best policy for the price because home insurance, Oklahoma or home insurance pulse, it can be expensive. He will usually spend a lot of money on it and they want to make sure they’re getting the best bang for the buck. I just got off the phone with a brand new client. We were able to save him money on his auto and his home. He just bought the whole say congratulations to Ryan. He is thrilled. Home Insurance Tulsa He got a new home. You bought it from a family member and he, uh, we got um, a great price with mercury insurance on his auto and home together.

His auto insurance was with state farm. He, Hey, no home insurance. And we were able to put them together and save them quite a bit of money over the money. You over the quotes he was getting from the farm and the other captain. Sure. Important to talk to you. A good independent insurance agent when it comes to home insurance, all stuff. Make sure you’re getting the best policy for the buck. A added. But the benefit of being independent is that we can figure it out again here at work at. Okay. So anyway, that’s our latest. When a new client, cow or thrills the heavier board, welcome to the ensure you Oklahoma team and because we were able to place them with mercury insurance, mercury insurance, and sponsoring this podcast today. Now this was an older home, mostly stone exterior. The roof is more than 10 years old, so we did not get replacement cost and kyle did not have any, a need for additional, uh, item like additional jewelry covers your first or guns or collectible.

He is a web designer. So we did have a nice computer coding. Dad was all covered under his, uh, Home Insurance Tulsa the normal limits of the policy. We insured the home for less than replacement golf. They didn’t have, he doesn’t have a mortgage on the house. He doesn’t care, so we were able to give him the coverage. You needed a in the coverage you wanted and for a good price. He, he’s not paying a lot of money. He knows the three good size to Dr. Bolt and save the money. So I’m happy to help him out. We also ensured heres Nissan pickup truck and a, as the package. We’ve really helping the guy out back. This wasn’t home insurance, home insurance, Bartlesville. He actually lives up in Bartlesville and uh, we have great rates up there in Washington county that is, he didn’t, there was about 25 years old and I think he knows he’s living on borrowed time. Home Insurance Tulsa

And of course Ed and air conditioning HPAC system that 25 years old, you know, quite frankly, it’s just not a, that’s not gonna last long and you are living on borrowed time but he’s okay with that. I keep finding more and Ge and from a conference, but we didn’t give him everything else he needed and he just wanted something to get by in case something happened to the house. He does need a new roof and roof is covered. Actual cash value replacement cost. Because of that, if it’s $10,000 to replace this roof, you might get a three or $5,000 on it though. So he’s got a couple of websites or to make up that money, Home Insurance Tulsa but as long as people know what they have on their home insurance hosted and we’re happy. And we also talked to betty today. That is a nice Buick. Uh, we’re going to help her out with her auto insurance.

It looks like she’s got everything that insurance companies want. Decent rates. The nice car takes care of it. She’s a good driver as the granite and she’s worth farmer insurance and we don’t know farmers insurance costs can be. So Betty called it the right thing called sure you Oklahoma. Make sure that we can ensure we’re gonna cover. We’re going to call and look at three or four different companies for bay. Make sure she is right now even though she called for home insurance or Auto Insurance Oregon, also quarter home, or if not at least renter’s insurance. Because if we have two insurance policies, she’s had enough of it, just come to make it worth their time. Also, there are insurance companies don’t know like a policy, so they don’t want your daughter. They want auto and home together. If she was oriented to look at progressive, progressive is a good company.

Hello, got your back betty. Flow and take care of me. So we’re going to get better and call a little later after we do a little work for it. Amazing. Betty is going to be thrilled that we’ve taken care of her. How are. And the good news is at her, she must’ve just gotten her renewal because it doesn’t renew until next month. So she’s going to give us some time to really search and get the best policy for her. Um, she’s a nice lady and a responsible. And when you think about insurance a month in advance, you’re a good responsible person. And insurance companies love working with people like you. So Betty, uh, when I get out of this car and stopped with this podcast, I’m going to give you another call and we will see what you have. And what you need it take me a little time to get the best quotes she can.

Best quote I can give her and I think she’s going to be real happy with the results. Even if it’s just auto shirt. I think ready as the good job and doesn’t try to flagship car flashy cars, make her fleshy home or auto insurance premium so we’re not gonna have to worry about that. Uh, I looked at some cars the other day. I had a young man called and he was only 22 years old and he went from a board, Usda to a dodge charger and wondering why his race more than doubled. Well, a Georgie, I’m here to tell Ya, you’re 22 buddy and you get a high power performance vehicle like that charger and you’re going to pay for it. You’re going to pay through the teeth. Whereas if you had the little pokey for fiesta, it’s not going to cost this much. You can’t go fast.

Get in as much trouble. Caused so much damage because of that dive charger. Really Georgie, he the reason why the police, Dr. Dodge chargers, they’re fast, bold thing, asked American vehicles that can run down a bank robber can come to the ground and put him in jail and that guy wanted to worry about home insurance to us anymore. But home insurance is what we specialize in and ensure you, Oklahoma. Unfortunately it got some leads today to referrals for people who never home insurance. Salsa is. I mean there’s some of them in a crappy little, um, you know, we don’t want to insure those. So I got to change those parameters and getting those leads, I want a minimum of $150,000. I’m not looking to insure people who just had an 89 or $90,000 zero. That’s just not what I’m looking for. Even though I own a home insurance Tulsa that is only worth about $85,000.

I don’t want to have a bunch of those clients. I mean, quite frankly, they could be paying that caught eye listening to them play anyway. A home insurance, all the professionals that ensure you Oklahoma can take care of what you need for closing, just like we did for Carlo Cowboy in there and we just closed out his home because he doesn’t have a mortgage, didn’t need insurance for her for closing that he recognizes that he needs insurance to live there. He’s just a web designer is probably a little hermit. Living in this home probably never leaves. It probably doesn’t make much money, but anyway, everyone deserves a shot at some good insurance, but we’ll see the. I don’t know if the company’s going to take this one, but anyway, if we insurance auto home together, the company is more likely to take them and make the home insurance Tulsa a priority for him because we’ll get his auto insurance and that’s what we do at ensure you Oklahoma, to ensure you oklahoma.com and give us a call at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. Or really make sure you get the best coverage for the best price. That’s company because we are the best insurance agency in Oklahoma for home insurance. Don’t have a great day. Y’All will talk to you next time again, the podcast was brought to you by mercury insurance.