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Alright west welcome to the next episode of the until you oklahoma podcast or the oklahoma home insurance coverage for your dog that always cheapest cheapest values the best when it comes to the right price, I’m driving by a bunch of neighborhood right now in south county, a brand new beautiful homes in some of these maybe tell her own some of them, people that are downsizingbrand new rug. They look great people are excited and happy to do in the party this weekend and man was it nice to see this house so much fun to see them excited about? Finally, moving into their new home, if you have home insurance or if you’re getting a mortgage, your lender requires that you and home insurance tulsa before you close on the loan and the other thing you need to do-is wait for your finger.

What happened to the people that just get home until they want people who are going to have insurance or home insurance tulsa coverage at least 7 days in advance? So, while you’re thinking about your mortgage, good, independent nation of oklahoma have plenty of time before the closing and have your home insurance calls her wrapped up and in place at least 7 or 8 days before the closing discount on the hall, we’re always looking out for discounts in the coverage we can get for the price. So we can get a quote and policy in place and see if we can ensure both at the same time, give you a nice discount on your auto and home insurance.

I know that these qualities people have to have home insurance before they close on their house before they moved, and hopefully they chop your own country boy,. Did they want it or need it,? Is this the right home insurance policy policy in play? If you have the right home insurance called her policy in place, you can sleep well at night when the storms come like last night and then the boy. That’s the wrong time to be worried about your only friend salsa. You need to ask your insurance agent, special independence oklahoma, the app, and what kind do you need insurance agent cancel and let us take care of some of that red tape for you and make sure you have the right home insurance tulsa, make sure you and the right insurance program using a program but as I drive by these new home it would be if they got damaged and there was a leak in the house.

Holly home, insurance tulsa, so the personal property on the inside of the cover furniture can i, have replacement, cost coverage and then you’re getting old. You know what to give a 5 year old tv, it’s worth what it’s worth. It’s worth:50 bucks and that’s what you’re going to get from the insurance company. If you don’t replace the two car garage, so I see two cars parked out there tonight and they are two cars in the garage. So these are homes that people need to withdraw toes and all these are a hard-working people and they need good coverage trailer home today. What they’ve done is it called their insurance agent at interview, oklahoma and then god is good. That’s good, but cheap, the cheapest and she covered me. She playing in the last thing you want is a little bit. You went to a captive agent at krogers, 4 cylinder what they had all the guys, I’m sure you will go home at 918-322-7100 and I try and go in and sit down and have it explained you don’t want any surprises when it comes to the same time.

I have the money in the bag. I would rather keep myself and paid if I ever claim, rather than pay every time I pay, my insurance premium pay higher and higher for the price when you buy it into your good insurance in for when claim time, what are you a new home buyers escrow their insurance and that’s when the claim that one claim time from interest rate when it comes to home insurance, home insurance together, it’s turtles have a life insurance policy to cover the mortgage. Have the right coverage for almost a nice discount on your home insurance tulsa, no reason to pay too much money for insurance? That’s why good independent, insurance agent and shot multiple companies with you and give you the best for your insurance. So, I’m sure you won’t come home on and come to home insurance called and checked the best insurance for the price. What’s good, for you might not be good for your neighbor company, for you isn’t a certain that your neighbor to call fake one phone call to insure oklahoma at 918-322-7100 number for obamacare software call

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