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All right, here’s a podcast number one slash 17. We are rolling in Oklahoma is rolling down the road, rolling all original content podcast and today is September Twentieth Year of our Lord Two thousand and 18. Today on the Home Insurance Tulsa original content podcast. We’re here to talk about, Home Insurance Tulsa, I will obviously be talking about home insurance, Tulsa and I want to make sure I’m headed to meet Marshall and where it made sure that the old blogs have been corrected because I would say the key word more than six times and that wouldn’t be considered. Stop saying, I don’t want to stop something that thanksgiving. Oh my God. Is it the Turkey that put you to sleep or the stuffing, the roles, the potatoes and the car.

If you just had green beans and Turkey, Turkey outcome for you to sleep, it’s going to make you feel okay. You’re going to get full faster and you’re not going to get the sugar spike and then have the sugar dump that. And that’s what happens with all the carbs. Home Insurance Tulsa that’s what kills you, man. That’s what kills you. So anyway, back to what we were talking about, we talked to a nice guy yesterday and Edmond, we’re able to save them some money on his home insurance, Tulsa and not so much on us auto because he has an at fault accident. He’s got a big truck. I’m still going to check to see what we can do commercially form only paying $146 a month. We were at about $200 is what it is. That’s what it is. So, um, but anyway, we’ll take the, the other policies and the auto.

Maybe we can help them out with this commercial work complex. We get that situated enrolling Home Insurance Tulsa Yeah, ensure you Oklahoma is diving into the commercial space. Even said we weren’t going to, but you know, I guess you never know the direction of a company where you’re taking it. What we’re going and a, a business partner who has 160 people to refer to us. I got to get my life license too because there’s going to be plenty of life too. Right? Um, I should probably talk to talk to a manual, but he wants to basically be kept if I can talk to andy and see what all state can offer on that. I’m just talking about your term insurance policies. The older I’ve gotten and the more I dive into the wealth management part of my business. Uh, I’m, I’m just the termite. No, I don’t see a big reason for prone insurance even though my hammock it up kind of turned into a turn lane.

And I just think I always think that there’s something better you can do with the money that you’re putting into permanent insurance like investing for your future and, you know, I know the old buy term and invest the rest and no one ever does. But what about if you want me to get a business started or what if you don’t know. Anyway, um, so we’re looking at that. We need more life when life contracts. I’ve got to go get my life life and Home Insurance Tulsa, we’re also gonna look at the cost of acquisition for leads and see where we are in that. I’ll need to honestly, if I could afford to coopt leads for my agents, I’m already getting them for half price. Is that enough or should I figure out something else or do they just need to get up? I need to rebuild the easiest pie system.

I can’t do it tonight. I have to go to Mcdonald, the gala for the Ronald Mcdonald House here in Tulsa and I need to rebuild easiest pipe and put the aces throughout. I also need to come up with an accepted minimum and I don’t know if this is policies in force or if it’s new households, new clients to the firm. I liked the idea of new clients to the firm. Heavily cow as cbd is popping up everywhere. Candidates shops, so I. What was I saying? I need to find a happy medium. I liked doing household because household could mean future business for the cross selling and pearls policies enforced. You know, we could have agents to just find one household with three policies. Radical household. I think five a month is reasonable. Home Insurance Tulsa

Should be. Are you kidding me? No. 10 a month to a week would be the bare minimum that we’re willing to, and that’s so that’s for the agents that were hired in, for those of you who want the best career out there to be an insurance agent and you just need to call the true. You won’t come home at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And get us started down the career path. Uh, we’re building out the employee handbook. We have the recruiting materials and uh, we are growing and we need more agents, especially if we sign this commercial deal with this center of influence. We don’t have producers. We’re not going to be able to keep up with the demand with the number of referrals. I will literally have a stack of referrals and not be able to get to them unless Home Insurance Tulsa

interest or one of these other commercial ones is going to give me some sort of help. But I doubt they will. That’s what we are. We’re independent agency. You know the old analogy of hot dog, hot dog buns and hamburger buns. And white bread, Home Insurance Tulsa, you can’t promise a kid a hotdog bun and given white bread yet for Fred, but I’m trying to force it down your throat. You’re not gonna like it. And that’s sort of captive agency does and driven by an allstate agency right now. Why would you go to a cancer agency? I don’t get it. Anyway, we also reached out yesterday to foremost and we have to see what foremost is willing to do for us. We do need some substandard markets. We do need sometimes to write a home insurance policy that is not preferred. They don’t actually offer o how they offer a fire policy, but we also sent one down the road the other day.

That was a, uh, it was the trailer on cinder blocks. I don’t know how they got that mortgage through, but anyway, they did. And I did send that to a foremost and foremost auto substandard auto. I guess we could always use some of that know. In fact, we use it with that. Doug Graham. Doug Graham would be a good one for most. Oh, I need to really get a hold of them. And see what, you know, we’re not writing a lot with progressive because progressive didn’t want to give us their home code in a whatever and you’re trying to compete in the preferred market. Hey, I got news for you. Progressive. We have preferred carriers. Home Insurance Tulsa if you don’t want to give us yours then fine. We’ll get the business somewhere else. I’ll place it all with mercury. All state SAFECO and a encompass. Yeah, I’ll, I’ll play somewhere else.

I don’t care. You don’t, you don’t get under my skin. So when it to the Home Insurance Tulsa uh, you need to call, ensure you, Oklahoma or go to ensure you will call them a Dotcom even better. And Click on the click on the get a quote button or watch this video of our owner and founder. Do you have a video? A little about the agency. And uh, I think you’ll see our value proposition and how we’re different and how we’re better than other insurance agencies. What is going on there? So anyway, that’s it today for the insurer, you, Oklahoma, all original content podcasts and oh, that’s the guy with long blonde hair. Anyway, so for home insurance, salsa, you know who to call, call the best, forget the rest, and we will look forward to talking to you soon. I don’t know what I’m going to name this podcast. Let me think. New commercial opportunities maybe.