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hey, good afternoon or late morning. Welcome to the next installment of the podcast. We talked about home insurance, Tulsa. We’ve talked about auto insurance, how to save money, how to buy what you need, but you don’t need. We were recently talking about a renter’s insurance for college students and how important it is and really how cheap it is. So when we’re at that time of year where we’re sending the kids off to college and uh, you know, we want to make sure that they’re safe and they’re things are safe and everything’s Okay and water wrap them in bubble wrap. You can’t do that. We have to let her make her own decisions and one of those first decision should be renters insurance and they need to know what to look for and what they need. So don’t just buy them renter’s insurance to cover the things they need by them. Maybe have that be part of the process. Have them talk to your independent insurance agent at Home Insurance Tulsa or ensure you Oklahoma. And, uh, you know, show them the value of an independent insurance agent and a half them shop different renters, insurance policies that have no one to cover your time in their lives for their learning and they need to keep learning. And this is just another good learning life experience.

The more they know about things like this, you know, less surprises are going to have of figure out my when they’re completely on their own. So have your college student call the professional agent, didn’t sure you will call them and talk about it. A Renter’s insurance policy is actually a home insurance Tulsa policy. It is just a only covers contents or personal property. It doesn’t cover, uh, the building or the rough or the pool or defense or everything else that someone might need to shut that version of home insurance, soul stuff. And so they have a policy, it just covers their personal property, which again, might not be much fishing. Pole, Kayak, fishing, Kayak, some shoes. A probably a laptop is probably the most valuable thing they’re going to have been without insurance or renter’s insurance policy. It’s just that can be covered if something happens.

Look, quite frankly, mom and dad, that could be money out of your pocket, not the kids because they don’t have any money. All right, so back to home insurance. Also, I’m driving out to our new office today down in Old Bulky Oklahoma where we are proud to serve our clients, provide white glove service like they’ve never had from an insurance and a white glove service in a no frills atmosphere. I mean, usually when you think of white club service, you think of the big law firms with the tables and the big brass glass and ran it a will, all that cost you money and they’re spending that kind of money. You can bet your bottom dollar that they’re getting it from somewhere and it’s probably getting it from you. So our job is to help the averages. So consumer go to, uh, ensure you oklahoma.com and a kit.

The policy that they need for a great reasonable price. You know, I had a mortgage broker told me today as she tries to find insurance coverage for her home buyers. I had her tell me, man, you guys have great rates. Well you know what, not all of our companies have great rates, but we represent so many companies. We can find great rates for the client and that company might not always have great rates, so we might have to train through another company someday, Home Insurance Tulsa but you know, that’s just the way it is. If you’re with the cancer agency or a captive agent with one of the big ones that advertise on tv all the time, they have one place to look. They are putting a square peg in a round hole and that’s all they can do and ensure you Oklahoma. If you go to ensure you Oklahoma.com, you will see that we have multiple carriers that we can shop your rates with and we can make sure that you get the best coverage for the best price.

That’s our job. We’re insurance advisors and as insurance advisors, we are looking out for what’s best for our client. I don’t care if we place you in all state or a Safeco or mercury or even progressive, you know they all have the same condition. Doesn’t matter to me, I just want to make sure you’re getting the best and once you’re with us, you’re going to see the value proposition that we have. Once you have your Home Insurance Tulsa with ensure you Oklahoma, you will never have to leave. Now you might leave because your brother log started selling insurance. Although I’d recommend sticking with us for awhile until he knows what he’s doing because your average insurance agent has no idea what they’re doing. They don’t have the experience that we have and ensure you Oklahoma. Uh, and you might get a home insurance policy that when it comes to claim time, there’s a big surprise.

What are you going to sue your brother in? That’ll piss your wife up. Don’t do it. So when it comes to home insurance, also go with the experience. Our founder and owner, Mark Morley, over 27 years, experience in the insurance and financial services industry knows what he’s talking about when it comes to wealth management. There is no one better. You cannot get a better wealth management plan and you can get from Mark Morley at legacy advisors anyway. Uh, that’s, that’s not home insurance. Also at that ensure you will accommodate the wealth management. So when we’re talking about good home insurance salsa, do you want to go into back in the experience whether you like it or not? All rules do not apply to all insurance. The better agents can get stuff done. They can get underwriters to make exception. They can get things done that your average crampy agent can’t do.

I’m just driving by a state arm and right now I’m telling you at state farm, the one policy to sell you when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, or you could make one call to ensure you Oklahoma.com and let them shop a plus rated company to best serve your needs. Do you really care about being with the name of a company for is the financial strength and the professional advice you get more important? I would argue with you. The professional advice and a professional advice and financial strength of the company that they represent are equally important or more important than a maybe a company that advertises a lot on the radio. Home Insurance Tulsa So go to ensure you will call them a.com. Check us out. We’re running a promotion right now. It’d be a call and let us quote your auto and Home Insurance Tulsa We can’t save your money.

Give you two tickets to go see the Tulsa drillers on the night of your choice. If you become a client of ours, then you leave us a google review and objective who will review. I’ll give you two more. So now you’re taking the whole family to go see. You know what a Tulsa’s best entertainment value. It’s also drillers. They do a great job. They’re on a six game winning streak. They just lost a. What would have been your seven racks? It brought in this guy from the bullpen. He doesn’t want to gain 2016. It’s time to send him down route to Rancho and at tie able for the dodgers in California. Time would get rid of him. He used to take up a spot here. Home Insurance Tulsa I don’t think he’s going to make the 40 man for the dodgers anytime soon. It’s time to move on anyway at. Ensure you Oklahoma.

We try to help out all the Tulsa drillers players with their renter’s insurance as well because they have things that are valued. You know, these aren’t kids, but other kids did, some of us, but you know others are not. These are adults that why you have nice or expensive things and they get stolen, burned up or whatever it might be. They want it to be become so for home insurance or renter’s insurance or renter’s insurance for your college students, call us at [inaudible] dot com or just call us. Check us out and assure you Oklahoma.com. Let us help you eliminate from your life. Make sure you’re covered correctly. I think you’re gonna. Be Glad you did. We’re going to provide you with the coverage you need at a great price. We have one call, one call, does it all and ensure you will remember. That’s ensure you capital you Oklahoma, not insure you. Why? Home Insurance Tulsa Oh you sure you Oklahoma.com. Go to the website, check on, click on the video, click on the get a quote, and we will get back to a surprisingly fast. You’re going to feel the he did and you’re gonna. Enjoy that whole process and enjoy being a client of ours. So until next time, smart Morley signing off of the insure, you will call them a bobcat. So on.