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All right. Good morning. Welcome to the insurer, you, Oklahoma, all original content blog posts and I cast a, this morning I’m headed to Okmulgee, Oklahoma to our McGee office. Home Insurance Tulsa, where we service clients down here. Oh, you have been, uh, uh, what office and off Morgan with of course like to extend to others but right now or spending more and more A’s and so forgiven. Right now we just have one but of course we do the same. We sell and service a home insurance, Tulsa clients in Oklahoma and home insurance, Okmulgee clients. You know, it doesn’t matter if you live in Tulsa or Okmulgee or Tulsa county or Moby county when you’re going to buy a house at closing is you need one month of paid insurance and our one month, one year of paid insurance and we need a certificate of insurance for you, a Coi.

And we provide these all the time because we work hand in hand with mortgage brokers all across the area. And mortgage brokers know if they call in. Sure you Oklahoma, that we have a, we can shop their insurance with a five or six different companies. And get their clients the best rate and we can get them right where they need to be for, Home Insurance Tulsa, they’re closing. Now, when a mortgage broker figures out what your monthly payment can be, you know, this is, this is determined by your income and how much you’re buying and, and everything else. But what is your monthly nut? What are you going to spend on your piti principal interest, taxes and insurance? Well, principal and interest is, uh, well, principals x interest is fluid but can be locked in. Taxes aren’t going to change. We know that. So it’s the insurance part that needs to fit and we need to fit the home insurance.

Tulsa premium into a box that was estimated and maybe by your income or how much you’re putting down in Dallas. So the insurance part needs, and that’s why it’s beneficial to work with a good independent insurance agency. And the last thing you want is to be a banker. And you make, you don’t make enough money. The reason why you don’t have your home is because your home insurance halsa premium was too high and you couldn’t get it. So when we’re looking, when we’re working with clients and mortgage, we are always looking out for the best deal that means the best coverage at the best price, which is insurance value. Now, cheap insurance policy is not always value. A good insurance policy at a good price is good value. And we have to ask people, are you a coverage person or are you a price person because of price person?

Well, never be happy unless you have the lowest price. And look, quite frankly, we’re going to shop your insurance with four or five different companies and um, Home Insurance Tulsa, well we can, you know, see what’s companies and Lois there. Beyond that, we lower price by taking away coverage and that the only way to do it, we either raise deductible or take away personal property replacement cost and lower the personal property coverage or lower liability or lower medical payments. You know, there’s any ways you can do it and basically what it is, um, to get your just dirt cheap policy, uh, you’re just dirt cheap. Home Insurance, Tulsa premium. You have to decide what he wants, the insurance company covering and what you’re going to cover. And that’s the basis of all insurance. You pay a premium and the insurance company says for this amount of money, we will cover this.

And what isn’t covered is up to you. If you want more covered, you pay a little more. If you want less premium but are going to cover a little less. Home Insurance Tulsa, so just the trade off now and ensure you Oklahoma. We just like to represent a plus companies, good companies. And we do that by, you know, who we contract with, but also who we insure. So when we’re looking at home insurance, Tulsa, we’re looking at just good companies and, uh, we don’t care about if your house is off to beeline or off to VA or you know, the beeline, not very many people call it the beeline anymore. I wonder why, wonder how that got us to make the beeline? I wonder. That’s a funny name to penalize anyway. Uh, but down here in a Moby, they may still call it Vila. Mogi is a neat town.

It’s home of the Muskogee Creek nation. The creek nation is the Muskogee tribe. And what happened was when the settlers got here too, Oklahoma, you know, the whole trail of tears. I’m President Johnson slaughtering, uh, American Indians and forcing them here to Oklahoma. When they would ask, where, when people would come and ask where the Muskogee people were, the tribe, the people around here would say, oh, they’re down there by the creek because they can’t by the creek. I’ve seen good source of water and a good place to camp. So that’s how they got the name creek or the Muskogee tribe, but they’re called the creek nation. Interesting fact. And I actually learned this off of the show about the Muskogee people, which is called Oco on Rsw TV, Roger State University, Public Access TV, Home Insurance Tulsa, on Sunday morning. It’s a great show because it highlights the creek and Cherokee Cherokee is the way you say Oco is how you say hello or goodbye in Cherokee, beautiful language.

If you’ve never heard anyone speak it. And they also highlight great things that those native people are doing. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about the Muskogee Creek nation, back to home insurance, salsa or down here in Okmulgee. And we aren’t talking to agents about becoming ensure you Oklahoma agents so they can spread the word and they’ll mobi that home insurance Tulsa or ensure you Oklahoma does the best job of ensuring homes in Okmulgee as well. Monique County and Tulsa County. So, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, Mogi is great because we have quite a lot of great restaurants down here. Just some, a nondescript hole in the wall, like pizza joints are fantastic. Couple of good breakfast places. Um, down on the square there’s a couple good restaurants that are good and just kind of fun to sit out for awhile. Maybe in summertime when you could sit outside and it’s not too hot, you know, carpet king, great place to carpet, you know, t and d fashions.

I’ve never been in there, but I imagine they have nice fashion Massey’s barbecue, highly recommended, great barbecue and frame prices. You know, it seems that people down Harold, Yay. No, they’re no, they’re barbecue and that’s great. I bought a Polaris mule down here at a great price and we use it every day. It’s just an essential thing to have around at farm or a ranch, a little place like that. No. You know, you get down to sixth street, the [inaudible] six or [inaudible] seven, five and sixth street, and you got all your chain restaurant. She got KFC, subway, dairy, queen, Arby’s, Mcdonald’s will further down certain ones. Dot. Stockade. I got very into steak, sirloin stock, Kate, you know, never eat there again. God. So anyway, here I am, and uh, Okmulgee and we are looking for new insurance agents here to represent, ensure you will call them a. So if you know anyone, maybe someone from Dick Bailey motors that wants to branch out and be an assurance that you let us know and we’d be happy to talk to him. That’s it for this podcast.