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All right, uh, just seeing sure, you Oklahoma, 115 podcasts, we’re going to talk about variety and depth and strength. You know, if you have a single strand of wire and you try to lift something with that, it’ll break, but if you take four or five in the same wires, we wrap them together and to make wire rope, now you have the strength of numbers. It’s just like baseball in September and October, no October baseball you can lump into October, baseball, Home Insurance Tulsa you are going to, your flaws will be found out and you might have a bullpen that’s been a little beaten up or a little weak like the cubs are right now and madison doesn’t have the horses to go to. You have to go to one player or two players and he asked to take what they give them because that’s all they can do. They don’t have the luxury of dept and that is what. It’s the same thing. An insurance majorly baseball and insurance is very similar way. Phase podcast is brought to you by the Hartford for all of your commercial needs. The Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut used to be like the insurance capital of the world, but it definitely is not know to Bloomington, Illinois. Anyway.

If you have a. If you are working with the captive agent, that’s like having a single strand of wire.

If you’re working with a captive agent, Kevin, one bullpen or to bullpen guys you can go to because you have to accept what they give you and over the long term it’s not what’s best. Now, if you call it good independent insurance agency, you’d like to share you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One Zero, zero, four, four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One. That’s like going into a bullpen and you have all the options. Who Do you go to? You actually have a deepened a bullpen where you can go and you could have a picture come in for one or two batteries. Have you ever left air pressure? You are in a face left. He left and I have two left handed batter and then you can just sit him down because you have a deep full pin. Home Insurance Tulsa That’s sort of like having a good independent insurance agency. They can go to their bullpen when they need to and pull out the right coverage in the right policies for you. Isn’t that refreshing having the right policies for you? Now, it could be a home insurance policy. It could be auto insurance, could be commercial, could be work comp, could be a lot of things,

but the fact is the more options you have in your whole pen slash independent insurance agency, the better off you are because you have more options for better coverage enterpreneur price,

and what will happen is when you’re with one carrier, those slowly seek up to race and sneak up the rates. You got to keep them honest and have another picture to pull out of the bullpen. When the time comes to your. A clients don’t always have to just accept what the insurance because you’ve got a big deep bull pen and you can have a September call off or August call off for home insurance to all set to get a different. To get a different option in there rather than just the renewal that the insurance companies offering. No, Home Insurance Tulsa do I think that all insurance companies have great products. You know what, most insurance companies have great products. It comes down to the agent providing you with the best coverage for what you need and knowing where to go to get it. Which company. So when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, they’re not just looking at allstate or safe code.

They have mercury progressive and compass and whatever to go to see. They’re not single bullpen, you know, teams that don’t have deep pitching or insurance agencies that don’t have deep carriers who suffers the fans do and the clients and we don’t want that to happen. So we are a good independent insurance agency that has multiple carriers and we will shop the best for you and get what you need. It’s like having John Smoltz in the bullpen and small seed could come in and shut them down. Informatics or Glavin set him up or, or a small city when he was hot, you know, and younger. He was good. Home Insurance Tulsa having a good independent insurance agency is like being in the Atlanta braves in the night. You got three great pictures to go to and you have others that you can also rely on to get you through.

So if you want to be the braves in the nineties who won the division every year, then go to a good independent insurance agency like you. Sure you Oklahoma or visit [inaudible] dot com. If you want to be like, I’m the cubs in the nineties, then go to a captive agency. That’s fine. Those guys, you know what the cups go play baseball. Those camps guys will still get your policy. It just won’t be the best policy for you. Isn’t that interesting? So when it comes to home insurance, Home Insurance Tulsa, do you want to be the Atlanta braves or do you want to be as credible cups of the night? Do you want to play baseball or do you want to have a winning team? Do you want insurance or do you want the best coverage for the best price? I submit to you. You want the best coverage for the best price and anything less will not do because people of means and people who have things to ensure know what good looks like and what good looks like.

Is it for an independent insurance agent, uh, that is, that is, that is looking out for the client’s best interest and not just thrown, trying to win a trip to Hawaii or somewhere else or you know, qualified for the next big bonus that the independent or the captive space during independent agency that’s willing to give you the best coverage for the best price. So again, Home Insurance Tulsa when it comes to home insurance, you want to trust Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, Greg Maddux, a cy young winning pitcher who was with the cubs and the cubs traded them away, isn’t that would have happened all the time with captivate. They build someone up and they have something good going, and then they leave the captive side and they go over and become independent. Pragmatics left the cubs and went over to the braves and became a phenomenal pitch to barely hit 90 miles an hour, but he knew what to throw where and when, and Petra and banners could never catch up.

That’s the same thing with good independent agency. We’re able to zig and zag when the, when the market ask them to as the market zig zag with another carrier and they will be able to meet your needs at the right price. And the last thing we want to do is a horse, a square peg in a round hole. But that’s what a lot of carriers are. A lot of captive carriers do. It is not ideal is not what you want to do when it comes to home insurance. Tulsa, you do not want to be with Chicago cubs. Home Insurance Tulsa You want to be with the Atlanta braves and the Atlanta braves are the Atlanta braves in the nineties or as close as you’ll get to a baseball dynasty. Um, you know, even, you know, the cardinals of the fifties and sixties and the Yankees of the fifties and sixties and the Yankees have, they’re just, they just didn’t compare. Uh, when you have a good deep pitching rotation, you can do whatever you want and it gives you lots of options to go to. I mean Bobby Cox as a hall of fame manager, but come on, I could have managed that team. I did, I managed, I managed a captive and you know what, that allowed a lot of options. So we didn’t grow much. Now I manage an independent agency and we are booming. So that’s it for this podcast. Tune in next time for podcast 1:16.