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All right, good morning, beautiful morning in Oklahoma, 82 degrees and sunny and I’m welcoming you to the newest, latest and greatest all original content and ensure you Oklahoma podcast. I’m Mark Morley on the owner and president of ensure you, Oklahoma. Um, today topic in addition to Home Insurance Tulsa is about, uh, other insurance agencies, what makes us different than other insurance agencies. So, uh, welcome to the podcast today, uh, for bringing this to you from all state. Even though all state I gotta tell Ya, you’re kind of late to the party. You’re took forever to get the code and get it all done and up and running. And um, you know, the. But this week we will be writing all state insurance. So we’re excited about that. So welcome to the family. Allstate, you know, with ensure you Oklahoma, you are going to have a lot of business thrown your way because that’s what we do.

We work hard to help people with Home Insurance Tulsa and their auto insurance and their umbrella insurance in their boat. And there are B or recreational vehicle, their four wheelers, a, their motorcycles. Anything they might have, we are and we will insure it. If you can crash it, burn it, lose what we’re going to take care of me. So, uh, and ensuring you all call them. It’s not just home insurance also, it’s whether it’s a new car or used car, new home, a home for home insurance policy. So we’re going to take care of you. And uh, what sets us apart from other insurance agencies as well? Good question. I’m glad you asked. The first thing is we are truly an independent agency and the independent agency model is one that benefits the client because you’re not just calling a insurance company that just sells their own products.

Of course they would only sell their own, but you’re calling an independent agency that has the knowledge and the experience to be appointed with many different companies. In our case, we’re all a plus rated companies, but so when you call and sure you Oklahoma for your Home Insurance Tulsa we are going to shop your home insurance with four different companies for a plus rated company. Note, you could make one call to Home Insurance Tulsa or to ensure you Oklahoma, or you could call your allstate agent, your farmers agent, your state farm agent, country financial agent. You call for those and spend time and regurgitate all your information to all of them, uh, over and over and over. Wait for them to call you back. Write down who has the best quotes while you’re doing blah, blah, blah. Or for home insurance policy call ensure you Oklahoma, and we automatically shopped for different companies.

For you, it’s a lot easier. There are a plus rated companies. These are all good company. Now, why does that matter? Why do you want to shop for different companies when looking for your Home Insurance Tulsa? Well, I’m here to tell Ya, we quoted a 4,000 square foot house yesterday, a value of over $700,000. And the low price that we got was from mercury insurance. Thank you. Mercury. There are about $4,900 for the year. And if you’re listening to this podcast from somewhere else in the country, you can’t believe what I just said, but insert insurance cost here. And then the high was another company at $12,000. That’s a lot of clams, a lot of donal hairs. That is a lot of Moolah, Moolah Moolah. So anyway, we’ve shopped them with four. Got the best rate. They’re both a plus rating. The companies are both gonna pay their claims when a storm happens.

But, uh, we’re able to get this client and broken Arrow a great policy at a great price. He’s happy and he knows, he knows a professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma, to, uh, to take care of his business. We took care of that Home Insurance Tulsa We also took care of his auto insurance and an umbrella policy. Um, and he doesn’t have any choice, uh, although my wife might, I don’t know. But anyway. Um, so that’s part of the benefits of being with a professional independent insurance agent. One of the other benefits is annual reviews taken an hour of your time once a year and sit down with your professional insurance agent, ensure you Oklahoma, and have that agent review your policy point. That agent might also look at your policy and see that you have a hole in your program. You may be something should be covered better that’s not or that you have some overlapping coverage covers that don’t need well, that agents also going to look at your premium and your coverage and once a year be able to shop it with another company.

If you are wanting captive insurance agency, all you’re gonna do is I’m going to do is maybe if you have a review, but captive insurance agents don’t like to have reviews because when rates go up, people aren’t happy in a shock and stress, but at ensure you Oklahoma. When rates go up, we a weed shop insurance for you. You come in and we take care of it. Your captive agent can’t do that for you. He has one company he represents and that’s the one that you’re going to get poked. So professional, professional agents taking care of your Home Insurance Tulsa and reviewing your coverage and a sharpener coverage once a year where we don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole, you know, if you want more information on the differences between ensure you Oklahoma and, and that’s a, you will not, not why.

Oh, you just let her, you ensure you, Oklahoma, where we insure you, Oklahoma and we insure your Home Insurance Tulsa. If you give us a call or drop us an email@Infoandensureyouwillcallthema.com. We request our, uh, our one page information sheet about the agency and our company and how we differ from others that it may sound like small differences, but when it comes to your insurance program, differences matter and you want to make sure you went the right agency. And that’s us. That’s some independent, a captive agent who just sells for one company. We are good enough. We have enough experience that we actually have an all state contracts that are there. All state captivate. We are not one of them. We are an independent agency who also quotes also and we can write all the statements and I think also has some great package coverages right now and a fantastic on motorcycle insurance.

So you want to make sure you give us a call and sure you Oklahoma Nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And, um, ask about our home insurance Tulsa rates. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Uh, possibly amused, but definitely happy about the coverage that we can provide for you. Now we don’t, right? We don’t write insurance in Alabama yet. We are strictly home insurance. Tulsa. We are strictly ensure you Oklahoma. We are expanding to other states soon. We have ensure you Arkansas. We have a street in Kansas and we assure you Missouri. Um, and hopefully eventually ensure you, Illinois. We’re excited about growing this, our agents, our agency force and our agency to help more people. So when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa and a solid professional, knowledgeable, good looking agency force you want to call and sure you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. Or check our website. Ensure you Oklahoma.com and give us a price. Click on the get a quote button, or you may see us on your facebook page or around the internet somewhere, and those don’t even tell you. If you just for getting a quote, we’ll give you two tickets to the Tulsa drillers. So come on and see us enjoying the drillers game on us. And this is Mark Morley. Signing off until next time, podcasts, 52. We’re wrapping up podcast if you want right now.