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Hey, there’s lots of different kinds of pain there is. So let’s just start off with home insurance, Tulsa. But there’s all different kinds of pain. Everybody deals with different kinds of pain all the time and they have different tolerance to the pain. For example, last week I got a hernia operation around my, I had a hernia around my involvement for, um, the pain itself was not, there was none to me. And if there was, I was intolerant to it and I was still wanting to 10, it was maybe to we can, I kept playing with it, but, um, as for the tolerant. And then once after then surgery, I, my 10 pain tolerance is now I want to 10. My pain is like a seven probably consistently. But I dealt with him my whole life. I suffer physical pain. Um, I mean you take, there’s meditation tape for that. The medication I’m taking is a narcotic tiger core grown and I’m taking a muscle relaxer, um, Melad Datsun and the does it bring, it meets you where you’re able to tolerate the pain. Um, there’s this one has paint also, like for example, home insurance. Tulsa if I’m,

you want to deal with the pain and then you’re done with your house and there’s the whole pain of someone calling you names and that aspect, it hurts your mental, adds to your mental pain. And I mean, how much tolerance do you have to, that means some people name calling doesn’t hurt at all. I mean there is no, nope. Pain to zero, one to 10. It’s a, it’s a zero. One doesn’t bother people. And there’s some people that bothers him all the way up to a nine and 10 are lots of affecting regularly. Um, and there’s what was talking about how to manage pain. I cause my surgery after my surgery and my hernia, um, I deal with my pain. With medication. You can deal with your mental pain. I’m spiritual or a psychologist. Um, you can definitely find different avenues and ways to deal with pain management. So let’s talk about other kinds of pains out. There’s insurance exactly how it worked, falls at. But I say if the year odd OER house as he’s talking about your house for a second since we’re talking about home insurance, Tulsa, um,


I say between a notation house out.


And your pain levels for one zero Lieuten it’s going to be a 10. I don’t care who you are as this, you just can’t brush that off. But let’s use insurance as a way to deal with your pain and pain management. Choose insurance is being management. Um, is if you had good insurance


the insurance company, the policy performs well. Home Insurance Tulsa, his shed European management, we’ll go down to a bearable, you know, whatever is contained so that just like my surgery, I can get my eye, he’s only up to a seven and take my pain medicine and brings it down to two or three. It’s bearable, it still hurts, but it’s bearable.

Home Insurance Salsa better than where they said bearable so that I’m able, it still hurts. I know it’s still there, but I’m able to function just like a home insurance and he didn’t have the home insurance and pain. There’s no way down with it. But once you have that insurance with pain management on that aspect will be even make it tolerable. It’s going to be a two or three. It’s still going to be, you’re still going to be inconvenient to have to live somewhere else. To have the houses we built. You’re going to have to get new items. Usually I didn’t seen you’ve just lost in American, I remember to replace physically, but monetarily they should be able to replace him somewhat.


Home Insurance tosses a good place to search for insurance and they share that, you know, these pain problems that we’re talking about. Um, and we’ll just call it pain management. This is figure out what kind of pain management that you need as a preventative pain management that because you know what kind of insurance you’re going to get user find out from your independent insurance agent, what kind of insurance that you have, how’s it should perform, how much is it going to cost? And once I was all taken care of. So if you ever get inflicted with a major pain, like a busted pipe, tornado of fire, you know how these things are going to perform and it’s going to be like an instant shot of pain management. You to have someone in there and taking care of it and making sure these better. That’s why we, that’s what we’re trying to do. And then Hands Hill is sure that your pain is intolerable. Right? Home Insurance. Tulsa is a good place to search for, um,

great insurance to make sure it happens the way you wanted it to happen. So then with your own insurance, some people think that they have enough insurance. It’s a state. My mom was just like a bandaid on a bullet loan. Yeah. Mentally it’s you are taking care of the problem, but is the way, you know, so having a bill, whoa. And you saw the bullet in there. That’s why we want to make sure that you have enough coverage or enough coverage in most vehicles coming off the watts, the brand new, the brand new trucks that therefore the fifties, um, the price ranges or at least you know, greater than the state Menomonee Steven, the one this $25,000 in property damage. You want to make sure you have more than that. You want to make sure you, if you hit a Mercedes or um, that’s just an a property, no less.

If you, it was your fault, you are somehow extracted and you ran a stop sign or a red light and you hit somebody and they are full of souls. People, you want to make sure that their medical bills are taken care of. You don’t want to be saved for future income. You don’t, I’m to take all your four okays and want them to disappear, deplete. Um, so that’s what we want to make sure that you don’t have a bandaid on a bullet wound. We want to make sure you have the proper coverage or in this case the proper medical

advice or skill, the take care of the bullet room and this case if you have enough coverage, you did have had a, um, a brand new f three 50 Ford truck full of five people and you ran the stop sign. I mean the people of are probably not going to hurt as bad, but you don’t know what their conditions were before they got in the wreck. And who was an old lady and she had a broken hip or you, Home Insurance Tulsa, they wanted to call my hospital bills. They rack up fast. So you want to make sure that you have enough coverage to make sure that you don’t have to worry about your future income or your phone case or your house and you currently live in. If you have children, get ready to go home, college. I wanna make sure our college funds not affected either way.

So that’s why you want to make sure that you have enough coverage, if you will, between the home and auto. And we have what’s called an umbrella. So we can make sure that the coverage is much greater and that you would definitely take, make sure that you are the pain management part of this is definitely care of. Um, so do you ever thinking about insurance? Definitely. Look up. Um, ensure you Oklahoma. Um, get a good three quotes. Um, that’s why we, Home Insurance Tulsa, we’re open all the time. We answered the phone. We’re like, we’re not like a typical insurance agent where we answered the phone between the hours of nine and three. We answered whenever we, Home Insurance Tulsa, the phone rings. That’s when we take care of our clients. We tried to get this white glove service and make sure everything’s taken care of. Unexplained well. Um, if you don’t use me, if you buy this, explain everything and just you understanding when you walk away. I felt better. I felt like I’ve accomplished something. So just give us a call. We’ll explain it to you. We’ll make sure that, Home Insurance Tulsa, your pain management is definitely a, a controlled, um, item.