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Hi, you’ve doing into the ensure you Oklahoma daily podcast where we give you valuable information to save you money and giving you the right coverage on your Home Insurance Tulsa Today’s podcast is brought to you by allstate insurance company out of Northbrook Illinois. You’re in good hands with allstate for when mayhem arrives and rears its ugly head. So what are we talking about today? Well, yesterday we talked about the process of buying a new home and you’re working with a realtor, getting preapproved from a good mortgage lender and then getting the right home insurance policy in place so you can close on the house. And, uh, you know, you have your most valuable asset covered and you don’t have to worry about that tech storm coming because in Oklahoma we’re only one hot afternoon away from a big storm. Popping up was straight line winds, hail or Tornado’s.

So today we’re going to talk about the other pair of professionals that we met with last night. Uh, in addition to a couple of good realtors and a couple good mortgage brokers and she just one good mortgage broker. But anyway, you, there was some pair of professionals there and these are all people that have quote unquote jobs or a port unquote companies and you know, they’re, they’re nothing, oh my God, they work out of their house and they sell annuities or they work out of their house and they sell water or a job, whatever it is, all these people that don’t have real jobs and they want you to think that they do. So the ones you really got to be careful on are the ones that can affect your life. And these would be, you know, an insurance agent who works out of their house and they’re not really a, uh, agents are not professionals.

They might be part time, they just work out of their house to make a little extra money. They don’t care about the coverage. You have a, they care about closing the deal and getting the commissions. And these are the last people that you want to deal with. People who work out of their homes and go in between changing a diaper and vacuuming the living room. They are, uh, you know, your insurance agent. But how professional are they? What are they doing? How are they doing? What’s their experience? They just pass the test and now they’re selling insurance. You know? So many people have quote unquote sold insurance or been in that game or done this or that, but they’re not professionals and they haven’t been professional and it’s just like anything else. Mortgage brokers or realtors, he got to make sure that you have the professional that you’re working with a so why?

To talk to a good professional, independent insurance agent like the guys that ensure you Oklahoma, they’ll make sure your Home Insurance Tulsa tall says the bigcommerce that you need at the right price after shopping three or four different companies for you. This is a company of professional insurance agents with more than a quarter of a century of experience. That’s what you want. Experience guys that know what they’re doing and they’re going to advise you on what’s best for you, not what she has for you. The last thing you want is cheaper insurance. Cheap insurance is a Sushi. It’s, it’s bad. It’s bad for you and the longterm effects, the cheap insurance or cheap Sushi, the cost savings will long be gone, but you’ll still be feeling the effects of the cheap product down the road. So the last thing you want is cheap insurance or some fly by night, part time person selling you an insurance policy who’s not an insurance professional who will advise you on insurance policy.

You know, you could ask if you have a good real occur and I mean a good full time realtor or a good mortgage brokers, a good full time mortgage broker has experience in the business. You can ask them for referrals and it’s come for one or two referrals and make sure you’re have the parameters of I want insurance agency that is professional and as experience, I want an independent Sharon tate’s. You can shop multiple companies and I want a, an insurance agency that is easy to get a hold up, has a lot of good google reviews, um, other people and use this agency and they liked them and they say they do a good job. So when looking for Home Insurance Tulsa independent insurance agency is your best friend, that’s going to be where you’re going to get the best rates and the best coverages from a professional insurance agent I talked to last night to this guy and he was trying to tell me what he did without telling me what he did.

Basically sells annuities and you know there’ll be no such thing as an annuity since there was no such thing as annuity sales. There is nothing that an annuity can do that you can’t do in the market and all you’re doing by having annuities is paying fees. People preying on your worst fears when it comes to your money and you’re paying through the nose. And these guys get huge commissions when you’ve talked to anyone about your money. Don’t ever work with anyone who works on commission. That’s the last thing you want to do when it comes to your mind because then you’ll have someone who’s just looking to sell you a product that pays them a high commission.

So work with a professional insurance agent or a professional wealth manager when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa your wall or thank you. In the end it might not be the cheapest, but then again it might, but it shouldn’t be the best. It should be a policy thing. Has replacement cost coverage as much as possible from an a plus rated company and you’ve been advised and been able to make decisions so you know a good agent is going to make recommendations and you’re going to make decisions. A good agent isn’t trying to sell you anything. If they do leave, go find someone else calling. Sure you Oklahoma at nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero and see what they can do for you, how much they can help you and I’m, I’m pretty sure they’re going to be able to help a lot. When an insurance agency can shop three or four companies instead of just one, you’re more likely to get a better price and a better product to insure your home insurance.

That doesn’t it just make sense to work with the best. Forget the rest. Walk away from that captive company you’ve been with for 10 or 20 years and made sure you have the best coverage you can get a. that’s it. That’s my advice. I’m the owner and president of ensure you, Oklahoma. I’ve been doing this since 1991. I know what’s good. I know what looks good. I know what good looks like and I know I will pay for good people. Don’t pay for goods who always want something cheap. Believe me, they’re always going to regret it. You’ll regret it in the long run because cheap insurance is cheap. Sushi. You don’t want anything to do with it. So we have two more minutes of this podcast. So I’m going to talk to you about, um, I’m talking to you about the home insurance policy and I’m right downtown. Makes me Oklahoma and there’s a lot of stuff going on here now. Stuff that wasn’t going on before. You know, we have some shops in town, so nice little stores, uh, all of these named Bob Policies, business owner policies. Um, it looks like they’re out of business. So anyway,

there was a lot of good stuff going on down here, a lot of shops that need insurance, the right insurance, the last thing you want to do is go to an insurance company who can’t write commercial insurance and shop a bunch of different companies because if they can’t, you’re likely to get cheap or and no coverage or very expensive was covered. You don’t need. So be sure you have the right Home Insurance Tulsa all set with a good independent insurance agent like the guys that ensure you Oklahoma Nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. Or look them up on the web, ensure you. That’s the letter you ensure you Oklahoma.com. While you’re there, click on the testimonials page. You’ll see that we have people who like love and respect us. A likewise the opposite. We also have a lot of people that we work with that we recommend. So we want to sign off this podcast by reminding you to have Home Insurance Tulsa Get a look at your home shirt at your, uh, ensure you won’t call them at Home Insurance Tulsa Also taking a look at your coverage and make sure you have the right coverage on the right policy for the right price.