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All right. Um, this is the insurer you will call my orange row podcast number 171 on January 31st our day of the Lord 19 No, 2019 years after death. That’s after Jesus died apparently about age 31. Um, when we talk on home insurance salsa, we don’t really talk a lot about, um, the kind of home that people lived in when Jesus was around because a lot of those were just mud huts and caves and you know, things with like Straw for a rough personally because, you know, they were in Jerusalem or you know, different places around Israel. Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, there’s the story of the people when Jesus was talking and they lower the blind man through the roof and as Jesus to heal him and they did this cutting in front of the whole crowd. And of course Jesus healed him. And, but then a montage, the people about what they wanted.

I mean, did they just want to power trek or did, were they doubting him or what? What was it? And they’re putting their focus on the wrong thing. They’re putting their focus on Jesus’s ability to heal and not that he was the son of God and bringing forth the good news about a second Jesus coming to earth being sort of gotten starting of Christianity. So when we talk about home insurance also, that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about a modern day homes. It could be older but they’re modern day, right? I mean they have asphalt roofs and a good installation and um, they have a lot of things, you know, deadbolt locks and alarm systems and the other comfortable and they make our lives comfortable. Make us probably a little soft, but you know, it is what it is. That’s, that’s modern name, woman insurance, salsa and that’s great. We love living in that way.

The uh, today I’m the Inter you Oklahoma, Home Insurance Tulsa, homeless or install some podcasts. We’re going to talk about personal property because when you have a home insurance policy, you don’t just have a, the house insurance, you have a lot of different things. Sure. The dwelling is the main thing because we can’t, if we can replace the dwelling, then you lease your employees live. But I’m, there is also what’s called schedule E or B and that is your personal property and your personal property is everything you own from lamps and rugs to nail clippers and your vodka bottle and your artwork and your saddle and whatever it might be that uh, you know, I mean you couldn’t even, it could be anything. It could be a your wife’s vibrator. And that is covered under the personal property. Now some companies start right at 70% of coverage and some start at 30%.

I actually prefer the ones, the companies that start at 30 to 50% because they allow us to customize the ones that you should have. 70% are forcing you to have a lot of coverage. If you have a $300,000 house, then they’re forcing you to have $210,000 of personal property and you might not have that much. And that is a lot of furniture. That is a lot of things. Um, but if you had 30% that would start at 90,000 of coverage and maybe you say that’s not enough. What’s funded to 50%, that’s $150,000 worth of personal property coverage. And what you also have to think about is all the personal property you have in the attic and the basement that you haven’t used it in years and you’re not going to because it’s not, there are things you don’t need, but you just can’t bring yourself to throw them away.

So, uh, do you really need that stuff covered? So what the important thing about this part of your home insurance, Tulsa colicy is that you are, you know what you have and you have the right coverage. This starts with sitting down with your professional, independent insurance agents and asking for advice and going through things and, and have them customize your policy to you. And if they customize the right policy to you, then you’re gonna have, there’s gonna be no surprises that claim to the last thing you want is a surprise at claim time. Home Insurance Tulsa, because that is the worst time to have a surprise because that means something’s not covered and you’re not happy. Uh, so the best thing to do and you know this isn’t your ensure you Oklahoma Rep’s fault or responsibility. It’s yours and have a home inventory. And what does that home inventory mean?

Well that means maybe taking video of everything you have opening up closet. It doesn’t have to be each individual piece, but you, you show a claims adjuster, you had three, four closets full of clothes. You had some guns, you had nice furniture. Yes I did dishes. You have nice things. Then um, Home Insurance Tulsa, it’ll be easier at claim time quite fine. Frankly, if you have a $300,000 house and you have $210,000 personal property coverage on your home insurance, Tulsa, then the claims adjuster was probably just going to write you a check for the 90,000 because they know you have nine worth of stuff in a $300,000 house and then you’ve got to go replace everything for that amount of money, which you might like. It might not be bad, but hopefully it’s enough. If it’s not, then you have the rest comes out of your pocket.

I mean your stuff, you took the risk. So having the right coverage at the right time means a lot. And if you choose only 30% coverage or 50% coverage, then at least you know, you have an idea of how much coverage you have. And so you don’t, you’re not surprised at claim time and you say, well that’s all I need. A couple of new couches and a bed, a couple beds, three beds, you know, some nice things and you are good to go. Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, in a fire, chances are your silverware and plates just have to be run through the dishwasher and there’ll be okay. Fire restoration companies do an amazing job to give them a call. Um, you know, for a restoration company, we really, really like a home. Again, a restoration home. Ommegang home respiration, great company in Tulsa. They do a good job.

Paul Davis does a good job. A lot of companies do a pretty good job of this. And Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, that’s one of the first things you’ll have to get out. And unless it’s a total loss and burned to the ground, then you know, a lot of stuff can be salvaged and stuff that you may not even think it could be solid. It’s like little humble figures or you know, little porcelain things. Those can be, you know, don’t clean those up and those can be salvaged and you don’t have to, you know, the insurance company of course pays for all this as part of the restoration process. Um, and if it saves money because you don’t, and time because you’re on for placings. That’s great. I think I’ve said in a previous podcast I had a friend who had a total home loss because of a fire and there was two years of doing stuff every day to get them back to where they needed to be.

What a pain in the ass that was. I mean, it got to, you know, for this counter you had to pick marble and for this one you had to pick courts and which kind do you like? And what about this picture and that fixture and whatever, you know, and it just gets to be overwhelming and people get tired of it. And when you get tired of it, this one, the insurance company could just offer you a check in and maybe you just take it. You don’t want to do that. You want to be diligent and your rebuilding of your house or you know, after a claim, claims aren’t fun. If not, you might be getting a new house. But believe me, there’s two years of disruption of your life. So I hope this helped with replacement, explaining personal property costs on your policy. It says Mark Morley from ensure you oklahoma.com or ensure you america.com give us a call at (918) 322-7100 (405) 322-5501.