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Good morning it is 740 green mercury, mercury properties. Every company right, auto, home, insurance tulsa used vehicle also have endorsement for those clients that drive for uber. If you drive for uber good to go, it does not come off your home insurance on your car. We can talk about it quite a bit story on the news about a family in midtown last night I was broken into and they were held hostage by a guy bears suck ransack the place where logan looking for work same app to download who they are looking for. What is covered?

Your love people coming in and vandalizing their house is definitely breaking their item cover. This is all subject to their policy if they stole jewelry in pixel, gun cereal oil people don’t really have been high five 0 units, the damage to the property I’m at the sun, is blood on the floor and it’s a broken anything if they ransacked the places they flooded toilet overflowed. Where is one personal property and damage to see how tall is one?

Tell me one thing too much work, it’s important that you carry as much insurance companies really like when it’s hurt and insured take on some responsibility and and 2004 maxima, baby or even 5000 alaskan log homes $10,000. Those are few and far between. Home Insurance Tulsa But so you want to make sure that you have everything covered the lantern restaurant. What time you think about your insurance coverage is now a call at 918-322-7100 and have them sit down with you and go to a policy review you may have. A motorcycle may have other coverages on the home. Light off of vehicles need another property that you have a lot of things that can be on and there’s a lot of moving parts have a ring and they don’t have anymore.

They give it to their daughter or Home Insurance Tulsa someone else and can make sure you have. The coverage make sure you don’t have covered dump at overlapping coverage, cost a lot of money and that’s why it’s nice to have it all with one company. Today’s date, podcast brought to you by merck mercury insurance. If you have both your auto and tire only current and make sure you have one, unfortunately, home insurance, tulsa, oklahoma and joey got to make sure that you have the right coverage. If you underpay, though, however, yes, that means you’re not paying a lot, you want to make sure you have good insurance for a good price.

That’s what we call value the right item at the right right right of ownership. You keep it nice roof shingles replaced and they need to be or cock around a fireplace or the windows and chevy the window. Panes painted how to make sure you’re up against the house or what jim ward all right, where we write back to the today podcast on for you to take your most recent 538 podcast having value for being cruel, contact for today, we Home Insurance Tulsa talked about to sit down with a professional insurance agent

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